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The thirteenth installment of Enid Blyton s Five Find Outers and Dog series, in which a group of British schoolchildren spend their holidays playing detective, The Mystery of the Missing Man sees Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, and Bets on the hunt for a dangerous escaped convict, believed to be in the Peterswood area As the children race to find the man before their nemesis, local police bobby PC Goon, they must also contend with the unexpected and unwelcome guests staying at Fatty s house How will the Find Outers ever get anything done, when their leader is expected to entertain the annoying Eunice, and her coleopterist father I found this entry in the series mildly amusing, mostly because I thought the character of Eunice was an excellent reflection of Fatty She is essentially his female counterpart accomplished in everything she does, very competent, somewhat managing and full of herself The fact that she is seen as horrid, while Fattty is not, provided a source of unintentional humor, even as it highlighted Blyton s double standards, as it concerns gender roles The mystery itself held little interest, as I was able to guess the identity of the convict from his very first appearance I was interested to note, after having had two separate discussions of the nickname Fatty, that weight actually does enter into the story here Fatty, an accomplished tennis player, is slimming throughout this book, hoping to make the first tennis team at school Although I stand by my position that Blyton isn t ridiculing heavy children, there is definitely the sense here that the nickname Fatty is an in joke, only really acceptable when used by the Find Outers. unexpected as always. There is a beetle conference in Peterswood and coleopterists from all over the world are in attendance Fatty s father invites his beetle loving friend and her daughter, the latter of whom Fatty is supposed to entertain Eunice proves to be a nuisance and when Fatty is saddled with the unwanted guest, he disguises himself to get some peace And discovers a mystery.This time, it s an escaped convict who is believed to be hiding out at the local fairgrounds He is known to be interested in animals and insects, so of course, that ties in with our beetle conference nicely No Ern in this one, and Eunice is not as good a character But Fatty s attempts at slimming are fun The mystery is also interesting, though the powers of disguise are a little far fetched in this one.There wasn t enough fun element to this book, and there appeared to be fewer discussions among the children Not as many confrontations with Goon either, so I enjoyed what I got Overall, I enjoyed it but it s not superlative. A juvenile mystery featuring the Five Find outers and a dog This one has an impossible crime element, which together with The mystery of the disappearing cat makes it the second impossible mystery in this series The mystery of the secret room also has an impossible element, but it is not an impossible crime We really should not like these children because of the way they treat mr Goon, a policeman But he really is such a ridiculous figure that we forgive them And children are very good at seeing the weaknesses of other people At least they have respect for Inspector Jenks, another policeman A fun read. I was a voracious reader as a child having entire series of The Baby Sitter s Club , Sweet Valley Kids , and Sweet Valley High School , but nothing sparked my imagination like Enid Blyton There were a few books of hers in circulation in the 1980 s Pakistan, and I was probably the only girl or maybe there was another who knew about her I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who liked reading and asked what I was reading The way her short stories sparked my imagination impacted me than I let on They were parables like Disney animated movies in printed words and I would get lost in them for hours until my mother would call me for dinner I would put Enid Blyton to the level of Roald Dahl and Dr Suess Check her out It was a thumbs up story. I always love Enid Blyton books, and this series, as usual, did not let me down However, I managed to workout the mystery in about half the time the Find Outers took, so while I was reading I was just waiting for them to realise The ending was abrupt and dramatic than usual, and it seemed none of the other children helped with the mystery Despite this, I still loved the book, and would recommend to anyone who likes mysteries and Enid Blyton. &DOWNLOAD PDF ⇔ The Mystery of the Missing Man ☋ A Children S Whodunnit Featuring The Five Find Outers, Who Think They Are In For A Boring Time In The Village That Is Until A Convict Escapes And A Mystery That Needs Solving Presents Itself, Thanks To A Travelling Fair And A Conference Of Beetle Lovers the best of detective stories