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!EBOOK ♵ Houdini ♨ Harry Houdini Never Met A Lock He Didn T Like Handcuffs, Leg Irons, And Thumbscrews Were Child S Play For The World S Greatest Escape Artist During His Stunning Career He Invented Some Of The Most Mind Boggling Escapes Of All Time Join Houdini As He Attempts His Most Dangerous Stunts And Unlock The Secrets Of The Illusionist S Lasting Legacy Title Biskup, A., Kinsella, P 2011 Houdini the life of the great escape artist Mankato, Minn Capstone Press.Name Brittany HerreraType of Reference Biographical ReferenceCall Number 92Description This is one book in the American Graphic series This book allows readers to come be a part of Houdini s audience as they describe his famous escapes but do not reveal any of the secrets The readers learn about Houdini s start in the circus to his fame as a stage performer to his death This book is geared toward 3 5 grade students Review This review was a pdf format Please use the information provided below to find review.Citation Review Kan, K 2011 Houdini The Life of the Great Escape Artist Review of the book Houdini the life of the great escape artist Booklist, 107 14 , 39. By Kristin EdwardsAPA Biskup, A., Kinsella, P 2011 Houdini the life of the great escape artist Mankato, Minn Capstone Press.Cost 8.00the type of reference Biographical ReferenceCall Numbercontent scope This is a biography of Harry Houdini, who s the worlds greatest escape artist During his stunning career he invented some of the most mind boggling escapes of all time accuracy Agnieszka Biskup, the author is a science writer and editor based in Chicago She is a former editor for the science section of the Boston Globe as well as the children s science magazine Musepresentation Read about Houdini as he attempts his most dangerous stunts and unlock the secrets of the illusionists lasting legacy.relation to similar works There are other biographies that tell stories of the life of Houdini timeliness This is a biography that is up to date diversity This book is made for students in higher elementary grade level the citation of a review of the item Kan, K 2011 Houdini The Life of the Great Escape Artist Review of the book Houdini the life of the great escape artist Booklist, 107 14 , 39. I ve had this on my bedside table for some time I love the cover it draws you right in and you want to know Why is he handcuffed With 7 pairs of handcuffs Who is this guy Why is his face in shadow Great visual to pique interest.Unfortunately, the rest is so so It definitely covers all the high points of Harry Houdini But the graphics fall flat and carry none of the intent of the cover The monotone colour scheme although I m sure done to ensure the reader knows that these stunts and this man were of the past only lends to the flatness and boring art presentation For being such a visionary man with the art of slight of hand and magic, this book lends nothing to his genius One hopes that the kiddies will try out the other books about Houdini that are listed in the back and not be so put off that they don t bother I know I will. This graphic novel details the life of Ehrich Weiss, aka Harry Houdini, the world s greatest magician and escape artist of ALL times Using black, white and tan illustrations, the reader is transported back to the early 1900 s, when Houdini s career began Houdini performed some of the most famous escapes the strait jacket, under water box escape and the metamorphosis illusion A quick and interesting read for those eight and up Contains index, glossary, original pictures and listing of additional internet sites. I just read a fascinating non fiction book, Houdini The Life of the Great Escape Artist by Agnieszka Biskup This book tells about the life of the man who became the great magician and escape artist Harry Houdini This book is a graphic biography so it has great words and pictures like a graphic novel and was fun to read Some interesting facts and skills I read are the amazing locks that Houdini was able to get out of and the water chamber escape I liked this book because I learned a lot about his life I didn t know before.If you like books about magicians or biographies then I recommend you read this book. Agnieszka Biskup has done a wonderful job writing about Harry Houdini The illustrations by Pat Kinsella really add to novel How Biskup built up the image of Houdini by describing his escapes and how he worked hard in developing his skills truly comes across. I liked how this book reviewed Houdini s life in some ways through flashbacks It was focused on one event in the present and then told what led up to him being there Biskup is good at the GN nonfic biography thing. Nearly 100 years after his death, Harry Houdini s legend remains very much alive The graphic format will appeal to most readers, as well as high low audiences, though some may object to the bland coloring, used perhaps, to create a sepia effect Flashback is used effectively to provide connection between topics focusing on various aspects of Houdini s life Included is how Ehrich Weiss evolved into a professional entertainer and why he selected the stage name of Harry Houdini Eventually Houdini became the highest paid performer in vaudeville Biskup admits that people still don t know exactly how Houdini performed some of his stunts, and that many of these were death defying and genuinely dangerous The writer also points out that Houdini never claimed to use real magic, and preferred to be admired for his creativity, courage, and strength Houdini went out of his way to expose swindlers and cheats Nineteen terms are included in the glossary, which does not use a standard pronunciation guide for example spiritualist, is SPIHR uh choo uhl ist This does not reinforce standard dictionary skills However, aside from this small failing, the volume s overall appeal, attractive format, and informative text will see this book flying off the shelves. I guess it was an okay book I enjoy reading about Houdini and his secrets, but I didn t like this book that much I learned one new thing about Houdini in the back of the book, but that was it A good book for younger kids.