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The Watchnest Hall series describes Amelia s erotic journey from being a gentlewoman to a sex slave in her own home These descriptive books are hot, dirty and exciting The punishment for misbehaving can be harsh at times, but you can t wait to see what happens next @Free Ebook ⚝ Amelia 2 - Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall ⚡ Still A Prisoner, Used And Abused By Victor, His Lawyer, And By Judith Her Former Companion, Amelia Struggles To Come To Terms With Her Body S Arousal To Pain And To Her Captors Overwhelming Mastery Of Her And Of The Other Slave Girls Threats Of Forcing Her To Endure Lesbian Sex Terrify Her Part Of Her Is Desperate To Escape, And Yet Another Part Is Begging For Torment, Pain And Sex Brutal, descriptive story of a girl kept as a slave in her own home Every sort of punishment, funishment, and sex act is encountered in this book It was hard for me to read, at times, because the captors were very strict and quite mean to Amelia They pushed her to her limit and beyond, with piercings, enemas, multiple partners, flogging and watersports Something for everyone There are also suspenseful monents, as the reader wonders when Amelia s hero, Jonathan, will return I won t spoil the fun, suffice it to say that things happen that I never saw coming I gave this 4 stars out of 5 because it was hard to read at times, with all the constant pain and torture going on Brooks finds new ways to make the reader squirm, as the bunnies in the story endure discipline and beatings in every way imaginable What a wonderfully twisted and evil mind the author has Amelia s story was a departure from my normal erotic romances However, I love capture fantasies, and greatly enjoy the writing style, rich characterization, emotional depth, and last, but definitely not least the imaginative erotic content Lindsey Brooks brings to his books Holy smokes his writing is hot So, with eyes wide open, I read Captive of Watchnest Hall and Amelia 2 Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall, despite the lack of a love story That said, there is absolutely nothing lacking in the satisfying resolution for Amelia and her friends, or the required comeuppance at least for me given the villains of the story There are many scenes depicting humiliation and pain which are not always easy to read There are also moments of sweet friendship and humor that lend balance to the harsher moments.Amelia is a rather timid young woman, fearful of the world outside her beloved Watchnest Hall, but with a rich fantasy life through reading and her own vivid imagination At the beginning Amelia has lost her fight with a distant cousin Victor to maintain control of Watchnest Hall and is prepared to leave Through manipulation and betrayal, Amelia ends up being a captive slave in her own home.Amelia is deeply humiliated, not only by Victor and someone she considered to be a good friend, but by her body s reaction to the pain and degradation she suffers It is Amelia s internal struggle to control her body that causes much of the tension in the story Through her friendship with the other slaves brought by Victor, she learns she isn t as unique as she fears and finds her own strength This process was both fascinating and frustrating to read There were times I wanted to slap Amelia as much as root for her happy ending Luckily, just as I was about to lose patience with her, the story changes and takes turns I never saw coming The resolution for Amelia was wonderful, surprising, humorous in ways I found delightful no said there or I ll spoil things , and, yes, very satisfying even for a diehard romantic like me.I highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys erotic capture fantasies with a very clever homage to gothic mysteries I loved it Wicked Just wicked Decadently fun Picks up where the first one leaves off debauchery for Amelia Not a romance very hot and dirty I loved it Picking up where Captive of Watchnest Hall left off, this book was equally as good if not better Amelia and her fellow bunnies continue to suffer at the hands of Victor, Charles, and most especially the sadistic Judith Some very creative bondage as well as humiliation degradation scenarios come into play in the second book a bit than the first That being said, the punishments are significantly brutal there were a few scenes that had me flashing back to when I read de Sade in college I read book 2 pretty quickly as well, all the while hoping that Amelia s captors would some how have found that the tables had turned Awesome book Sequel to Amelia It is necessary to read the first book. Why did I wait so long to read this book Right now, my favourite one by Mr Brooks I did read these out of order so I was a bit confused Now I have to go back and read the first one What isn t in this story Bestiality, branding, pet play and fisting come to mine Otherwise, pretty much everything else was fair game for poor little Amelia.Amelia continues on her journey of sexual depravity She s finally forced for some unwanted f f The strap on and pussy licking is quite a delight Amelia is receiving the training she doesn t want but her body says otherwise Amelia is a masochistic slut who thrives on humiliation whether she admits it or not The punishments she receives at the hands of Victor, Judith and Charlie are harsh and brutal Personally, I enjoyed her degradation quite a bit This story definitely made it into my spank bank.Mr Brooks does an excellent job of showing each graphic violation He also adds the emotional turmoil from Amelia s perspective This is nicely done and quite enjoyable There is quite a bit of sex in here as well as sexual torment which keeps a reader s arousal constant It is a lovely book to induce a little me time I m a bit surprised at the ending It did turn out to be nicely tied up Recommended for those who enjoy the BDSM fantasy This is a good one After Amelia s parents died she was invited to live with a distant relative Jonathan she never met By the time she makes it to this misterious relatives home he is gone on some adventure Amelia then took over running the house hold for the next 4 years when another distant cousin claims Jonathan is dead and that she must leave her home so he can move in As amelia is looking around her home for the last time Charles and Victor arive early to find Amelia still there and accuse her of stealing Charles and Victor devise a plan to keep Amelia there as a sex slave for 3 months in exchange they will not report her and send her to jail.Amelia s training as a sex slave continues here in book two Amelia is still conflicted her body loves their attention but in her mind she is starting to except and even want it Amelia s together with her three companions continue to grow into their own Mr Brooks gives us a very detailed look into the training of sex slaves Amelia is made a prisoner and forced to endure some severe punishments and she eventually excepts her body s response to their attentions This book is very harsh so anyone looking for romance and love this is not the book for you This is book two of a two part series and this book starts right up where book one leaves off This book ends with a very interesting twist you don t want to miss.provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review