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If a person loves something above all else, if he values the work of his heart and hands, then he should naturally, without hesitation, pour into it his whole soul, undivided and pure Great art demands nothing less Artemisia Gentileschi, 17th century Italian Baroque painter, was passionate about her life s work Author Susan Vreeland presents a compelling glimpse at one of the most fascinating and progressive artists of her time Artemisia is raped by her father s colleague, scrutinized and tortured by the courts, treated as a wrongdoer rather than a victim, and scorned by the people of Rome Yet despite the turmoil of her young life, she overcomes all this and goes on to paint what are considered some of the most brilliant paintings of all time She becomes the first woman ever accepted into the prestigious Accademia di Arte del Disegno in Florence The story of Artemisia s life is one of betrayal, the meaning of forgiveness, and the relationships between fathers and daughters and mothers and daughters It s about the role of women in a male dominated society and profession, as well as the powerful influence of the Vatican in matters outside the boundaries of religion alone There are some gorgeous descriptions of not just Artemisia s work, but of the art produced by other accomplished masters of Italy as well Having no talent for art whatsoever, I still get caught up in the expressive language and descriptions of paintings and sculptures and did so once again As Artemisia s name becomes known and her creativity sought after, she moves within Italy as patrons summon and commission her to paint for them The cities of Florence, Genoa, Naples, Venice and Rome come alive for the reader, as they did for ArtemisiaEvery shade of yellow ochre, sienna, orange, cinnamon, and dull green powders spilled out of large muslin bags onto the street The colors of my new city In every piazza a sculpture, in every niche the patron saint of some guild Everywhere I looked, art A new life was opening for me Yet, despite all this, Artemisia is followed throughout her life by the shadow of the monstrous crime committed against her, by the bitterness towards the perpetrator and towards her father whose actions surrounding the trial trouble her spirit She struggles to make sense of a daughter who would choose love over painting An engaging and enjoyable piece of historical fiction, The Passion of Artemisia lacked a bit of a connection to its characters I admired Artemisia, but felt a bit distanced from her Perhaps simply because I lack the passion for making art myself although I marvel at the beauty of works of art The narrative was a bit rushed at certain times, squeezing in a large portion of her life into a fairly short book, considering I have to say that the ending was moving and splendidly written I would recommend this book to anyone interested in reading about the life of an artist and perhaps historical fiction lovers in general 3.5 stars rounded up Finished I feel like I was a bit harsh in all my previous criticism However what I said IS what I felt at those particular points in the book I am giving this 4 stars the ending was superbly done What can I say other than that I forgive all the previous faults that irritated me Still, one can be almost proud to NOT be religious The title is perfect The Passion of Artemesia is the passion that moves an artist Now at the end, I simply have deep respect for this woman, artist, mother and daughter.Through page 275 The lecturing has stopped, and I like the way the author is tying up the strings I also really like how the relationship between Artemisia and her daughter Palmira is described by the author I guess it is imagined, but it is a very true to life relationship There is love and there is acceptance even of traits that are so very different between the mother and daughter.Through page 237 OK, maybe this is what is bothering me First of all the paintings do not move me Secondly, I don t like it when books analyzing art to tell you what you should be feeling, tell you why you should feel this or that or tell you what a particular paining MEANS The analysis seems quite feasible, but I don t enjoy being fed this spoon by spoon.Through page 225 Nope I just do not like this It is putting me to sleep.Through page 194 Religion played a vital role in people s lives I have a very had time relating to this Religious beliefs did not bother me in Chevalier s Girl with a Pearl Earring, but in this book it does Religion influences the subject matter of Artemisia s paintings, and I end up feeling just sort of numb Another thing that bothers me is that because Artemisia is so strong I have little sympathy for her Think of Michelangelo s David, we love him b c he is fighting a battle where his opponent is so much stronger than he is This thought is not mine, but stated in the book I agree Knowing this, Vreeland should have realized herself that it is hard to side with Artemisia She doesn t need my help she is so strong herself She consistently manages to do the right thing even when she is treated unfairly She seems a bit too good to be true..Through page 109 I am liking this and It IS about the soul of artist too Inclinazione a painting commissioned by Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger may have been beautiful It may have looked real, but it was missing something For me the pleasure had been visual, in creating shape and applying the color, and tactile, in smearing the thick creamy paint on my palette, but the pleasure was not of the mind The painting did not have invenzione It did not tell a story I had been paid for craft, not for art Hmm, maybe this is how Artemisia felt, but this canvas was commissioned for a particular purpose, a particular place Artists must sell their pieces and not all can be completely a result of the artist s own feelings and motivations and wishes Further, doesn t a good piece of art move the observer in many different ways A masterpiece doesn t mean just that one thing, but will affect different people in different ways Each will see a different story perhaps What is important is that it moves us, NOT that it moves us along one set path Just my views And the book is about people and our human emotions of anger, jealousy, revenge and our inability to change It is about the artist and the model, husband and wife, parents and children all of these both rewarding and conflicting relationships You just have to stop and think about them in the context of how the story plays out Through page 67 Artemisia is now in Florence, the city of artists Vreeland s writing makes the city come alive with all its smells and sounds and views I am a sucker for good descriptive writing In the afternoon two days later, the clouds broke apart and sunlight brushed with a light sienna the stone arches and crenelations of Porta Romana, the southern entrance to the city of Florence Ocher buildings with red tiled roofs and shutters the color of cinnamon or basil lined the road The street of the cheese shops, though pungent, wasn t so bad, and by the time we passed the spice shops, I was breathing normally again Every shade of yellow ocher, sienna, orange, cinnamon, and dull green powders spilled out of large muslin bags onto the street The colors of my new city In every piazza a sculpture, in every niche the patron saint of some guild Palazzo Pitti, the Duomo of Santa Mariadel Fiore, the Brunelleschi Dome, the Arno and much, much are described Hmmm this I like Through page 56 Perhaps I shouldn t but it is impossible not to compare this historical fiction about an artist with Girl with a Pearl Earring which I just finished Both are about artists, both occur in the mid 1600s, the latter in Holland and the one I am currently reading taking place in Italy Their tone is so very different There was a calmness in Chevalier s book while this book pulses with urgency Maybe this is not surprising in that Vreeland s book begins with a rape trial and the last book was about a humble maid with artistic talents It was her master, Vermeer, who was the acclaimed artist in Chevalier s novel Chevalier s book seems to be about character study and what makes an artist an artist while Vreeland s is about betrayal, so far at least How does one deal with betrayal In Vreeland s book the characters act in a manner or with a determination that seems modern To me it seems a bit like a message is being given and that makes me uncomfortable But hey it is a good story and maybe my initial worries are completely off track Each book should be judged on its own merits I am so happy to be home reading again I love love love this book It had been sitting on my shelves for years before I read it, and though I could be sorry I waited so long, somehow I m glad for the hidden treasure it became I found the book very interesting and well written I already knew about Artemisia from a movie I saw, but as usual, the book left a far bigger impression.The only thing that could improve this book, or at least the cheap Dutch edition I read, is a list of Italian words used and color prints of the paintings described I looked them up on the internet now while reading That said, I feel privileged that apparently my Dutch edition is the only edition I can find on here that has the painting that the writer hints at on the last page on its cover When I finished the book and realised that I had just read about what was to become this painting, it felt very satisfying, as the book had come full circle somehow.Highly recommended Se vero che da ogni libro impariamo posso dire di aver imparato a conoscere meglio questa donna e questa pittrice che risponde al nome di Artemisia Gentileschi, che fino a poco fa ignoravo I miei occhi sono ancora pregni di a, di fascino, di bellezza, di arte, di sublime di fronte a una donna, una pittrice come Artemisia che non si mai arresa, anche quando le circostanze giocavano a suo sfavore Una pittrice, una donna che, in un mondo ostile alle donne siamo nel 1612 , ha continuato, nonostante tutto, a credere in s stessa, nei suoi sogni, nella sua vita e nel suo a per l arte. [ Kindle ] ♱ The Passion of Artemisia ☩ From Extraordinary Highs Patronage By The Medicis, Friendship With Galileo And, Most Importantly Of All, Beautiful And Outstandingly Original Paintings To Rape By Her Father S Colleague, Torture By The Inquisition, Life Long Struggles For Acceptance By The Artistic Establishment, And Betrayal By The Men She Loved, Artemisia Was A Bold And Brilliant Woman Who Lived As She Wanted, And Paid A High Price Ex Bookworm group review It took me rather a long time to read this book Despite the fact the life of a female painter in what was pretty much a man s world was a great subject, the book failed to engage me somehow I felt unmoved by Artemisia s suffering in the same way she suspected her daughter Palmira was, and for the same reason, I suspect It was too far removed from the world I know to have any real meaning for me.My progress through the book was a series of highs and lows I liked the descriptions of Florence and some of the great works of art to be found there I was fascinated by Artemisia s thought processes when she was creating a new painting, and by the details about proportions, light and shade and the mixing of pigments the colours had wonderful names , how she looked at things and tried to paint truth I was immensely irritated by the Italian words scattered needlessly and, on the whole, meaninglessly throughout the book In italics, too my pet hate I couldn t be bothered to look them up and find out what they meant, sometimes I guessed, sometimes I didn t care But I didn t see the point of putting cassone when trunk would do just as well if I guessed right Perhaps I shouldn t object to Italian words and Italics in a book about Italy, but I did.Artemisia was a bit too much of a victim for my liking, and often, she was a victim of herself She wanted to be loved but she wasn t very loving She was supposedly betrayed by her husband, but she was not exactly a bundle of warmth and love herself She wanted everyone to accept her for what she was, but she didn t do that She was determined Palmira would be a painter despite her having no interest in painting I m sure she felt betrayed by Palmira too, but she betrayed little understanding that her daughter might have different aspirations In many senses, Artemisia was as wooden as Palmira s Bathsheba Painting was her only passion and when she wasn t painting, she was not particularly interesting But even painting didn t seem a source of joy to Artemisia, just an essential part of her being She was rather lacking in joy overall, though there were some funny moments, they were unintentional, such as her rather carnal use of Michelangelo s paintbrush and her statement to Galileo that she would try to feel the earth move.To my own surprise I was moved by the ending of the book, which brought quite a lump to my throat Looking back on what I had read I decided Artemisia was a very interesting person despite what I thought of her along the way. I found this to be a nice easy read with characters that held my attention, and a story that was interesting enough to make me want to find out about Artemisia and her life I would have liked a in depth look at Artemisia and her husband, their relationship, and his relationship with his daughter Although this was not a page turner, it held my attention, and I cared about the people in the story I enjoyed the descriptions and the interpretations of Artemisia s paintings, Italy, and the art of the times. What a fabulous read From the first I was enthralled and through out remained encompassed by Artemisia Specifically the complete fight within herself between the want need for a personal life and her over whelming necessity to channel her art within painting And the time period and associations for access to the finest and most innovative of her time on top of all that It truly became a book I could not put down.Having read others of Susan Vreeland, I know how she can grab the depth of a character and an era And I will return to try others of hers now But this one Superb.This became a study of not only her painting onus, conceptions and biography but much in depth the horrendous betrayal tale and if forgiveness or revenge triumphs in eventuality That particular tale is seldom done as well as it was here There are myriads of stories and personal tales of triumph, failure, opening of awareness to fact education or change in growth or travel but very few that dare to jump the stockade of forgiving a vile and treacherous attack of duplicity And especially from a blood family or marriage partner This one does that to its plummets.Thank you, my GR friends, for this recommendation Every aspect of this one was sublime As bright as the Italian colors of this era When she was going up the Thames and noted the bleached world in comparison, I knew exactly what she missed That golden light, that marvelous contrast of Italia s afternoon And the book also became a travelogue of all those marvelous cities and places of art innovation, seen through the eyes of the artists and philosophers of that era Galileo in conflict and yet completely sure Magnificent.I seem to be on a path to a line of books in a row that conceive as core examples of women wanting and achieving non feminine roles or aspirations This is one of the best of those I can only imagine the courage it took in that court and under that torture We may at other times have been tortured in less severe methods, but still the barricades of culture and acceptance to learning have existed In this Artemisia was a champion, far beyond her artistic accomplishments and abilities. Questo romanzo mi stato regalato da un amica grazie Lu , altrimenti chiss se l avrei mai letto o se mai avrebbe attirato la mia attenzione Devo ammettere che l arte non era la mia materia preferita a scuola, e che la mia coscienza non arriva nemmeno ad livello sufficiente da avermi fatto riconoscere il nome di Artemisia Gentileschi.Perch leggere un romanzo sulla sua vita allora A parte il fatto che si trattava di un regalo, leggendo la trama dalla quarta di copertina si pu dire cos anche di un ebook ho provato subito un certo interesseEd infatti, da subito, la Vreeland trova il modo per tenere il lettore incollato alle pagine Nonostante la scrittura in prima persona, che sempre mi fa storcere il naso, tutta la narrazione scorre leggera, toccante, interessante Non so quanto l Artemisia Gentileschi della Vreeland somigli a quella reale, forse un po troppo moderna per essere una donna vissuta nel seicento Che importa Non importa perch quello che conta ci che l autrice vuole raccontare, la passione per l arte, la nostra gloriosa arte italiana che viene progressivamente ricordata Tutto ci mi ha appassionata moltissimo Ho letto il romanzo facendo continue ricerche su Googleosservando le immagini dei quadri citati, seguendo le parole con cui la Vreeland riusciva a ridipingerli stata un esperienza davvero piacevole e quindi la mia conclusione se la Vreeland riuscita a farmi piacere una materia che credevo di non amare, cosa pu riuscire a fare con altro Cercher di scoprirlo Personally, Artemisia is my favorite female artist Enduring personal strife and showing the power of a woman, she is definitely a role model Vreeland s novel provides a power insight into the life of the painter and yet smoothly and dramatically moves the story in an easy to read way Powerful and yet entertaining A must read