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The Stasis Powerless Book 3 Jason Letts May 12 13, 2018 18 chapters Note I read this book as a part of the 5 book set and am giving the book review here For the overall series review, see my Powerless Complete 5 book Set review Which will happen after I read all five books, of course The third book in the series picks up where the second book left off.It s actually a lot better reading than the second book, and I enjoyed it a lot Mira is still fighting through her issues, which started to make itself known at the very end of book two.I m not going to re hash the plot here, I m sure many others have can do a much better job than me This review is about general feeling of plot and advancement of story.There is a point in the story where I begin to feel that everyone worth anything will be gone by the end There are deaths in this story, but I see it as the thinning of characters advancement of plot or offers growth to the core characters There are love interests revealed in the story Some are obvious to some but not all Sometimes it is hard to remember that these are teen characters in this story I am not going to make comparisons to other stories books, that would do this book series an injustice, only to say there are similarities Arm chair editors This is a mostly clean revision There were one or two instances where I had to go back and re read a passage, but afterwards, I realized that it was written correctly Maybe the sentences could be clearer clarified for better understanding At the end of the book, my heart was breaking I was planning on waiting a day to start book four, but the cliffhanger like ending makes me want to start now.Overall, a much better book than the second one However, the second one was really needed to lay the groundwork for this one Four stars. This was actually a set of three books an there are two in the story It left you hanging at the end but I did like it Bad things seem to happen a lot in this story and I can only hope by the time I finish the last two there will be some redemption I have a feeling there will be but not completely sure It s a story about kids that go to school to learn about their abilities and when the finish they get a mentor to learn from them and then they go to war You learn that right away in book one so I m not giving anything away. Since I read this series back to back I am going to review it as one entry The first thing you have to know about this series is that it s set in an imagery world where they have absolutely NO IDEA how to educate children If this is going to bother you then don t read the Powerless Series, because it will be a big deal in the first few books and really set the underlying tone for the world building.The next thing you need to know is that because of the education system the military is run by power hungry dunder heads If an completely incompetent military will drive you nuts that you probably shouldn t read this series.Those things aside, this is one of the most unique worlds I ve ever visited in a book The author s idea for the world is so outrageous that I just had to read through all the books to find out where he was planning on taking it.The back drop is a world where everyone has some sort of power, everyone that is except for Mira These powers range from useful controlling the weather to bizarre sweating oil or giving birth to random animals Basically instead of relying on scientific understanding to get things done they reply on finding someone who has the power to do it.We being the story with Mira, who has been kept from the outside world by her fathers ability to control the weather who has created a cloud wall around their home Her mother who has the power to put you to sleep with a touch and father are afraid that a powerless person would be a freak and wouldn t be able to make it in the outside world So they ve kept her at home teaching her from a series of scientific manuals.Teenage Mira finally gets to join her peers in school and tries her best to fit in The problem is that her peers do think shes a freak, and the education system is set up to pit power against power to see whose power can win in a fight really, I warned you that their system was the worst It becomes a story about overcoming the odds, coming of age and learning to work together.Like any series some books are better than others, but over all I enjoyed the journey. I have recently read a book called The Stasis by Jason Letts This was about a girl in a world where everyone had a power, but her This girl had turned cold because her idol was very demented, and decides to go to war She realizes how wrong she was and becomes nice again in the middle of a war THis is a good book to read, after you read the first and second book.The point of this story was to entertain the readers and tell us that you shouldn t be stuck on the past, and to just keep on going That is a lesson of this book because possibly, if she hadn t been so hard, she could have handled things a lot better This means that you should be focused on the future, not the past This is a good lesson because if you stick to the past, you will not have any fun.I felt this was a good book because it may have been a bit sad, but it made me want to read I think this book is cool because it still kept my interest throughout the 607 pages, which means I had to have been pretty interested I wouldn t change anything because it was a little long, but it was worth it.I would recommend this to people who would commit to reading a 5 book series in the fantasy genre, which, I will be reading the last two Some things you would need to know is what happened in the other two books before it. I love this series.The Stasis picked up where book 2 left off and at a break neck pace It s a very dark and suspensful book in comparison to the first two, and I liked the continued development of the secondary characters.In short, I m not good at reviews, so I ll just say that I m a big fan of this series and the author I m so glad there are two books to go First off, I am glad Mira stopped being such a jerk I just want to see if the Shade Fighters win Commander Carmichael was a jerk, and I am glad he bought the farm It was sad to see characters you followed from book one not make it to upcoming book 4 It is also sad so see the kids have to fight their own parents, after seeing their homes and city destroyed And I am glad that in leiu of all the fighting and bad things, Vern Aoi finally realize their own hearts |EBOOK ♍ The Stasis (Powerless #3) ♩ In Book Three Of The Powerless Series, The Stasis, Mira And Her Friends Are Assimilated Into Their Nation S Military As They Endeavor To Defend Their Homeland From A Ruthless Tyrant And His Ravenous Followers, Mira Hopes To Find What She Has Sacrificed So Much To Reclaim Their Mission Becomes That Much Difficult When They Encounter Their Military Leader, A Man Obsessed With The Power Of His Position Who Proves Just As Life Threatening As Their Enemies To Mira And Her FriendsDanger Surrounding Them On All Sides, This Small Group Of Teens Is Forced To Depend Upon Each Other For Survival They Ve Known Each Other Their Entire Lives, But Under These Harsh And Desperate Circumstances Their Bonds Will Be Tested As Never Before Whether Struggling To Cope With Trauma Or Turning Affections Into Fledgling Romances, They Will All Learn Something Different About Living In The World When Every Breath Could Be Their LastOn UK i loved it i can t wait for book 4 the end of book 3 was so abrupt and heartbreaking need please Good book Clean, not really romantic, adventure based. This series has gotten slightly better with every book Or I ve just gotten used to the style.