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Very inspiring A young woman with so much love for children that she wanted to adopt after hearing she could not have children After that, her life was changed, she became bold and worked hard to become the oerson she was meant to be this is one of the books I had to leave behind when I moved out of my parents house and it was a childhood favoritemy bb found it for me on ebay for Christmas bc she is perfect @READ EBOOK ⚸ Ready-Made Family ì When Hedwig, Peter And Mary Rose Kowalski Are Told At The State Home And School That They Are Being Fostered With A Kind Druggist And His Wife Mary Rose Goes Smilingly Because She Is Only Six, Peter Goes Sourly Because At Ten He Has Had Enough Mistreatment To Learn How To Lie, And Twelve Year Old Hedwig With Resignation For The Bad Things She Ll Probably Encounter But After The Initial Strangeness Of A New Life Is Over, Life With The Kennedys Gets Better And Better The Kowalskis Make Their Own Young Friends Grandmother Kennedy Gradually Warms To The Newcomers And When Hedy S Aunt Returns To Try To Claim Her, New Love And Security Keep Hedy Where She Is Such a touching, charming, wonderful story Several times I had to stop reading to wipe the tears from my eyes The love these children long for, and ultimately receive from their new parents is palpable. This book had such an impact on me as a child Love those orphan books We do a book exchange at my family reunion and as older books are appreciated among us, I almost always find a good, old fashioned book to read Besides the exciting fact that the main character s name is Hedwig, I liked this story as it centers on how people can be loving families by adoption I also like how it reflects a time that was muchsimple with human interaction picnics and treehouses instead of tablets and video games Unfortunately, many children today would not pick up a cover that looks old My ten year old self never had a problem with that in fact, the older andyellow paged the better but I was different than most I hope somehow Scholastic reintroduces the book with a modern cover so today s kids can enjoy yesterday s good stories. One of my childhood favorites A story of three orphans two sisters and a brother trying to find a home After being shuffled from relative to relative then finally into a State Home and School, they get one last chance to be together and hopefully adopted.There s adorable little Mary Rose who know how to use her cuteness to get her own way Ten year old Peter is sully and doesn t like women or to be touched And big sister 12 Hedwig, or Hedy, who worries about how to keep the three together and not be split up to different homes Footnote 1 unfortunately my copy of this book is missing the last few pages, Oh no but what I do have ends at a good place.Fave scenes swimming at the lake and finding the two scarves. I remember loving this book when I was growing up I d love to find it now read it again. An excellent depiction of adoption Specifically of the adoption of school age children Three siblings of Polish ancestry have been passed around in the city ghetto by relatives who abused and devalued them following their mother s death The oldest girl has learned to be a household slave, the littlest, very pretty girl has learned to flirt and tattle, and the middle child, a boy, has learned that he is no good and developed problems with temper tantrums, nightmares and stealing They are placed with a couple with a nice old house in a small town, and slowly they unfold and begin to blossom, winning over a few skeptics in their family and community as they go I enjoyed this as a child and still enjoy it today The Fifties seems to be the time frame, but the situation of good sized kids with nowhere to go is always timely.