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This is the first book I read by Jamie Hill I love the mystery in the story I loved how Crystal cared for Devon Mark like they were her kids I loved how Jack saved gave Crystal, Mark, Devon the family they deserved after all they been through This book is definitely worth every penny I will definitely read books by this author. It takes a lot for me to give any book 5 stars Especially a book by an author I ve never read before This was a freebie on my Kindle so I decided to give it a shot What a great book I m not going to go into what the book is about as that s already been done But I will say this this author took a idea that did not seem like much in my opinion and turned it into one of the better books I ve read this year It has children two little boys , an almost burnt out police detective, a woman barely making ends meet, a dog, a couple of homeless people, and a dad who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, murder, kidnapping, fairly decent sex and a love story I fell in love with all of the characters The story was written very well It never seemed bogged down with unnecessary details I have read tons and TONS of books Normally if there is a so called mystery involved, I can usually figure out the mystery of who the bad guy is early on In this book, I had no clue until the end I kept trying to figure out how certain aspects would be resolved The surprise at the end tied it all up in a nice, neat bow.As I mentioned, this is my first by this author It most definitely will not be my last. [Read Kindle] ♐ Family Secrets ⚒ As If Stumbling Over A Dead Body Isn T Enough, Crystal Cartwright Finds Herself Playing Surrogate Mother To Two Small Boys When Their Father Her Neighbor Doesn T Come Home The Kids Aren T Much Trouble, But The Thieves, Drug Dealers And Kidnappers They Re About To Encounter Are Detective Jack Dunlevy, A Cop Down On His Luck, Draws The Cases No One Else Wants A Simple Investigation Involving A Dead Homeless Man Quickly Changes As Crystal Enlists Jack S Help With The Children Drawn Into A Mystery That None Of Them Could Have Anticipated, They Re Faced With A Situation That Will Change Their Lives Forever Crystal Cartwright is going into her apartment building with two small boys she is looking after when they see that they can t get through because there is a dead man in their path The boys father doesn t come home so Crystal continues to look after them Detective Jack Dunlevy is investigating the death and questions Crystal about the body since she had known him Crystal calls Jack for help tracking down Dave the boys father when he doesn t come home for several days Jack investigates and find out that Dave has been killed which leaves Crystal with the two boys.Hill did a remarkable job with character description I could easily picture all the characters Jack was humorous, smart and loved the kids The boys were adorable and well mannered I appreciated that I liked that Crystal wasn t absolutely perfect She was terrific with the boys, encouraging them to feel good about themselves but she had low self esteem That seemed to be the reason she worked as a waitress and lived in shabby apartment building.I was disappointed with Crystal s smoking I can only imagine that smoking was OK at the time this book was written And then Jack starts smoking after he had quit years earlier Not good I must admit that I wondered several times how Jack could kiss Crystal with the smell and taste of smoke on her The story line was well thought out and suspenseful The ending was a complete surprise and I loved it. There were good to great aspects in this book but there were also as many ridiculous ones The drama of the story was good, although I m not quite sure of how many people were killed why was it necessary to kill the last homeless guy who clearly wasn t talking The brains behind the whole operation was a great twist The tension, the danger, all bits of drama were very well developed and jumped off the page Devon and Mark wee great, although sometimes very far in the background almost like props instead of characters But when they were drawn out, they were vivid Jack was pretty well developed too There was a lot of baggage with both his and Crystal s characters I think it was a little much to have so much serious baggage in ALL of the main characters And yet, somehow, they all managed to overcome that baggage early on to form a family of their own even before anyone had thought it through The attraction relationship between Jack and Crystal seemed forced at the beginning, or just not natural given the situation However, as the relationship went on, it became and like a real relationship, with each party getting irritated and taking it out on one another. Ms Hill is a genius Family Secrets is the first book in the series followed by Family Ties I had reviewed Family Ties outstanding book , so I wanted to go back and read the first book in the series This book is truly one of the best I ve read in 2010 Crystal s character was less than perfect and I fell in love with her immediately Sassy and brassy, this lady could hold her own Jack s character was the kind of gentleman every reader wants as their hero He was fiercely protective of Crystal and her unplanned little family He won my heart right away The plot line was AMAZING It was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time It amazes me how Ms Hill can fit in so much action, romance and just about every emotion under the sun, into a book that is only 138 pages long Ms Hill has become a favorite author of mine and I consider her to be an automatic add to my to be read list If you are a serious suspense loving reader who loves to form bonds with the characters, this is definitely the book for you I loved it and can t wait to read of Ms Hill s books, she has the gift of knowing what the reader wants and then hitting you with an ending you certainly don t expect Two thumbs up romantic suspense, 302pgs, spicy, a cop in the family bk 1302p As if stumbling over a dead body isn t enough, Crystal Cartwright finds herself playing surrogate mother to two small boys when their father her neighbor doesn t come home The kids aren t much trouble, but the thieves, drug dealers and kidnappers they re about to encounter are Detective Jack Dunlevy, a cop down on his luck, draws the cases no one else wants A simple investigation involving a dead homeless man quickly changes as Crystal enlists Jack s help with the children Drawn into a mystery that none of them could have anticipated, they re faced with a situation that will change their lives forever Don t miss Family Ties, Book Two and Family Honor, Book Three of A Cop In The Family The fact that the characters smoked in this novel really put me off Perhaps this book was written when smoking was fashionable, but I do wish the author or publishers would had have it overhauled before posting it onto the site.I felt that credibility was strained over the boys, though the overall plot was okay The boys were a little too well adjusted under the circumstances which took their admittedly rather horrible father, but one would have expected them to be at least bewildered.I feel ambivalent about the story, though many sections of it were good. I liked this book it was well written and a joy to read but in saying that there was something that wouldn t let me give it 4 stars Crystal Cartwright considers herself to be white trash which she isn t She looks after the neighbors two kids, Mark and Devon to earn some extra money as well as being a waitress at the diner On their way home the three of them find a dead body, the neighborhood homeless guy Manny Enter the cop who is down on his luck Jack Dunlevy Throughout the story they can t fight their attraction Along with the kidnapping, drugs, multiple murders this was a good book I liked that the author showed that people still smoke in books The ending was not to my liking as in will Crystal do something with her life apart from having a ton of babies I have Family Ties to read on my list soon as well and I can t wait as I did enjoy this read but for me it was a filler than anything else. Crystal Cartwright nudged the two little boys away from the dead body that blocked their entrance inside the decrepit apartment building and sat them on the bus stop bench that was on the side Crystal lit a cigarette and as she blew smoke from her mouth, a man in a leather jacket and worn jeans hurried to her and started asking questions Crystal blew smoke and then and asked him who he was Poor Manny Who would want to kill a sweet and homeless person like him Crystal worked at Moe s diner as a waitress and she had always given him food to eat and now he was dead just what two little boys needed to see Detective Jack Dunlevy talked to the gorgeous redhead with the two little boys, and as he talked, he said the wrong thing about the victim because the woman knew that the body had been a person and although he was homeless that he deserved some respect Jack was two years away from retirement and in the eighteen years he had been on the Wichita, Kansas police department he had seen in all Twice divorced, Jack had no intention to marry again but the redhead stirred something in his heart that he never felt before, and seeing that she wore no wedding ring, Jack chased fantasies of her being in his bed.Janie Hill writes a suspence filled book that leaves you on the edge of your seat in her first novel Family Secrets, the book was very well written, full of twists and uncertainty that it would make an excellent movie Crystal springs from a drunk mother and an endless line of step fathers, she thinks of herself as unworthy of Jack s love because she is white trash while Jack is a harden detective who just wants to catch bad guys This is my first novel by Ms Hill and it will certainly not be my last A must read for all suspense lovers and definitely a keeper