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Good story plot Of redemption and missing children my first from this author.Before staring the novel I thought this was going to be a horror novel ,due to being awarded the Bram Stroker award,but the story was in genre of psychological thriller. 4 AND 1 2 STARS Tom Piccirilli has been on quite a role over the last few years and he deserves all the accolades he s been getting The quality of his writing is stellar both original and deeply moving I had some minor problems with a drawn out fight sequence towards the end, but other than that, I very much enjoyed this thriller mystery Although this is still in the genre family of horror, I would love to see him delve into straight horror one of these days While he doesn t write with a typical, conventional style, this is where he separates himself from the average published novelist His words have deeper meanings than what is just on the surface, and it s always a pleasure to begin to figure them out This book is a dark, rich, and disturbingly psychological ride one you won t forget for a long time. Terrific thriller from Piccirilli about a father s obsession with catching a serial killer who murdered his daughter and then tries to make up for his crime The main character Whitt is well developed and the supporting cast, including Whitt s mentally ill wife, are nicely drawn as well The mystery of the killer s identity keeps you intrigued throughout and the revelation is surprising and satisfying, as is the ultimate ending and fate of Whitt The only drawback is a bit too much humor thrown in at inappropriate times which served to inadvertently take a needed edge off of some tense scenes Otherwise, this is a wonderful tale that Piccirilli fans should love Highly recommended. What is the quote Ah yes, An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind And that is exactly what happens to Eddie Whitt And that, in a really sick, sordid way, is why I loved him In most movies and books you read, the parent becomes a vigilante with the powers and knowledge even the most skilled agents or soldiers don t possess Eddie Whitt plays out exactly how one would in reality he doesn t know it all, doesn t always have those clever one liners, and rarely has a plan And that three dimensional, creative, but honest to the point of brutal development is why I loved these characters Piccirilli delivers a cast that is real, characters that could be anyone a neighbor, a family member, maybe even a spouse Even swallowed in their own insanity, their own cruelty, it s no shocking than what you see played out every day on the news This, readers, is life And like life, the scenery is constantly changing, morphing, darkening Though light barely exists in the beginning, what little shine there is slowly dwindles, leaving you surrounded and stirring in your panic You feel the characters pain, you smell the madness wafting off of them in constant currents, and the paranoia that began to settle in the first chapter slowly colonizes until it s made you it s home What has been in your house so many times it has its own shelf is this storyline Though not new, it still manages to capture you Now, maybe it s the desire to explore, to understand Maybe it s to temporarily wear the hat of the victim and act out what you would be hoping to be your actions Or maybe it s simply that the plot may be an oldie, but a goodie Whatever your reasoning, I guarantee you will be mesmerized As posted on Horror Web.com Review pending Whew this is a compelling horror novel I couldn t put it down The author writes in the literary horror genre not the blood n guts shock em til you drop style, but a subtle, thematic, and lyrical type of horror Eddie Whitt is on a mission to find his daughter s killer Five years ago, his little girl was the first victim of a serial child murderer Since then, his one true obsession has been to find the man who obliterated his life and kill him Killjoy, the murderer, has stopped smothering children and is now kidnapping abused infants and delivering them into the arms of the parents whose children he murdered years before.Highly recommended for those who enjoy the genre. |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚓ The Dead Letters ☤ Five Years Ago, Eddie Whitt S Daughter Sarah Became The Victim Of A Serial Killer Known As Killjoy, And Whitt Vowed To Hunt Him Down No Matter What The Cost But The Police Have Given Up And Killjoy Has Stopped Killing And In Some Bizarre Act Of Repentance Has Begun Kidnapping Abused Infants And Leaving Them With The Parents Of His Original VictimsThe Only Clues To Killjoy S Identity Lie In A Trail Of Taunting Letters And Even As They Lead Whitt To A Deadly Cult And Closer To His Prey He Begins To Suspect That, Like His Wife, He S Losing His Grip On Reality Sarah S Dollhouse Is Filled With Eerie Activity, As If Her Murder Never Occurred As Dark Forces Rise Around Him, Whitt Must Choose Between Believing That Evil Can Repent And Stepping Into A Trap Set By A Killer Who May Know The Only Way To Save Whitt S Soul Mr Piccirilli was one of the most underrated writers of his time Amongst his peers he was extremely well respected Nobody can deny the influence he s had on the horror and crime genres You might be surprised to learn that he won the Bram Stoker award 4 times But it is a shame that this would come as a surprise to anybody since Piccirilli deserved so much attention from the mainstream His influence is undeniable It is said that Koontz and King wrote fan letters to him.I never understood why he didn t break into the mainstream He had everything to succeed His writing was so sharp His plots are excellent and build tension extremely well Dare I even say his thrillers are unmatched The first book that I have read by him was The Cold Spot a perfect thriller Back then it reminded me of the movie Drive for some reason Drive is a movie that does not waste your time with stupid dialogue When the characters talk, they have something to say It was the same in Piccirilli s The Cold Spot Both the movie and the book appealed to the little boy I used to be as well They were just so badass But despite being excellent on the surface they both had depth to them You can watch Drive casually and it s going to be awesome But you can also focus and notice all the little details that make your heart jump with sadness or joy and lose yourself in the story This is a rare quality that s hard to find.And this generally applies to the books by Piccirilli His books are excellent on the surface because they are exciting They can entertain you But you can also focus on them and you will find depths of emotions way deeper than you could expect from a thriller I got the impression that Piccirilli went to incredibly dark places emotionally in order to give his books something special Many of his characters go through so much pain, both mentally and physically It is not unusual for them to suffer so much that they start to question their own humanity shoutout to No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai In this story a father loses his daughter to a serial killer His grief is nearly tangible It destroys his marriage, his social life and himself His only aim is to find and to punish his daughter s killer Throughout the book it is pointed out multiple times how he starts to mirror the behavioural patterns of the serial killer What s is that the villain is a complex character himself, capable of remorse and change This is not common in your usual thrillers, a rare and underappreciated quality It s hard to imagine how tough it must have been for Piccirilli to flesh these dark characters out the way that he did Maybe one day larger audiences will realise what they have been missing for all these years.From deadendfollies.com INTERVIEWER What would you say to a young soul who wants to write for a living TOM PICCIRILLI I would tell him that it s a harder job than he could ever fathom It takes you to places inside yourself you might not ever be able to get back from It hurts, digging that deep. Whomever stumbles unsuspectingly onto this book I tell you now to prepare yourself Steel your emotions Close off the inner studios of your mind Keep this story at arm s length, lest you lose yourself to its madness. I rarely stumble into such deep disappointing books, since I use to chose them after reading a great deal of reviews, but this time, it is what it is, boring as hell.Skip it.