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!Download Pdf ♖ Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl ♭ Are You The Fallback Girl If You Ve Ever Found Yourself In A Relationship That Feels And Seemingly Looks Like One But You Re Struggling With Commitment Or You Ve Been In The Ambiguous Territory Of A Casual Relationship , You Ve Likely Tried To Change Them, Wondered What You Did To Cause This, What You Can Do To Win Their Love And Commitment, Or Even Whether You Re Going CrazyMr Unavailable And The Fallback Girl Is The Definitive Guide To Understanding The Relationship Between Emotionally Unavailable Men And The Women That Love Them From Explaining How And Why They Blow Hot And Cold, To Where That Future They Promised Went To, How You Ve Ended Up Being A Booty Call, Why You Ve Been Together For A Gazillion Years But Aren T Going Anywhere, And Importantly How And Why You Re Involved With Them In The First Place, All Of The Answers Are Here Don t be confused by the title this book is a must read for men and women who find themselves in the same types of relationships with different people. I d give it 5 stars if it wasn t such a slap in the face If I had a daughter, I d one day make her read this It s an important book. Literally Changed My Life And my future That is all That s just all that needs to be said Natalie needs to be awarded with some kind of Nobel prize, and I m not even joking 3 Here s another fantastic example of a wolf in sheep s clothing as it pertains to self help books as well as authors.If you are looking for an author that hides her abusiveness towards the reader behind a tough love aporoach and brutal but allegrdly well meant honesty, look no further, because this author is providing you with the complete shitshow of her own envy, bitterness and near sociopathic projection Because she herself was unavailable, she concludes that every single victim of cluster B personalities narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, antisocial is just as unavailable There are no exceptions No individual stories If it didn t happen her way you re basically lying Yes, in fact, the victims of these unavailable and often abusive men WANT to be hurt, otherwise they wouldn t be in such a relationship This is classic gaslighting So shut your abuser mouth, Natalie Lue, sit down and shame on you It becomes apparent that Lue has marginal knowledge and understanding of anything relating to the subject or study of psychology, especially in the interpersonal relationships and communication department.What authors such as Halpern in his How To Break Your Addiction To A Personname and dissect, attachment hunger due to childhood trauma and consequentially limerence, other authors have at least insinuated or rather addressed without using clinical terms, and in order to help their readers heal See Susan Forward s Men Who Hate Women And The Women Who Love Them or Robin Norwood s Women Who Love Too Much These authors did so in an encouraging way that invited the reader to observe and change some of their own behavioral patterns without casting blame, mocking and basically insulting them as abusers who love to be abused in turn This isn t Fifty Shades Of Grey for fuck s sake I regret having had to buy this book as no library in this entire country carried it Now I understand why. Empowering,intense and No bullshit guide to get over unavailable guys.This is a very heavy book that took me too long to finish because it is about all the baggage you carry pun intended as a fallback girl ,a girl who has low self esteem and got issues to deal with that she always fall for unavailable guys who hurt her and break her heart over and over again and she is always around ,refusing to leave no matter how worse it gets.This book is A must read for every woman because it will protect you from falling for assholes ,players and any unavailable guy out there.you wont get stuck in relationships drama again after reading this powerful book ,as the author suggests Get on a bullshit diet ,stop giving excuses and take the focus from him and bring it back to you.Highly recommend The most important quotes from the book From the moment that they started pulling back from you and failed to deliver on that initial promise displayed or became an entirely different person, or started treating you in ways that completely overstepped your boundaries, it was a glaring signal that you needed to get the hell out Mr Unavailable is not about permanency and building a relationship, so you both want different things Blaming yourself and trying to love him to death so that he sees how wonderful you are is a total waste of your time and a serious depletion of your self esteem resources Take the focus off him and bring it back to you good things don t feel bad From the moment that I was feeling bad negative, uneasy, wary, scared, distrusting, etc, I knew that it was time for me to sit down and have a calm, rational, self discussion and evaluate the situation.Feeling bad in itself became it s own early warning system Kick start your move towards being available, by addressing some key areas and consistently working at them while increasing your self awareness.1 Understand code red and amber behaviour.2 End unavailable relationships and cut ties.3 Define and maintain boundaries.4 Break your pattern.5 Address your beliefs.6 Discover your values.7 Own and use your power instead of being helpless.8 Use dating as a discovery phase.9 Ask questions and make decisions.10 Be accountable and responsible no absorbing the blame for others and shaming yourself.11 Get on the Bullshit Diet.12 Get a life. A definite must read book for all women This book changed my perspective on so many things in my life, including my pending divorce Fantastic book, and a life and self esteem saver Gosh,gut wrenching read Author has done great work putting down words as nearly to real world as possible Nothing bullshit, each chapter is full of Epiphany Moments. Natalie Lue is my savior She is so honest and dedicated to help other women and men overcome the difficult dating and relationships culture we have now She truly tells it like it is No bullshit If I could say that an author has saved my life, it would be her. I stumbled upon Natalie s blog site, watched a few of her videos, and liked her angle enough to buy her first book If you do choose to read this book I urge you to watch a video or two of hers first so you can envision her posh london accent and punchy sarcastic wit talking to you It tells you the truth about the choices that WE make when we go after a relationship It s about the facts that you don t want to consider or are running away from blindly Sometimes we get so caught up in the heated pursuit of the chase Yes, women do just like men , that we ignore lack of care or compatibility in efforts of seeking validation and avoiding rejection If you are someone who tends to get emotionally wrapped up in the wrong relationships and find it hard to untangle yourself after, this read will be a wake up call for you.