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[[ Download Ebook ]] º The Children of Dynmouth Ý Amazing EPub, The Children Of Dynmouth By William Trevor This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Children Of Dynmouth, Essay By William Trevor Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Dynmouth is a West Country seaside town with residents of all ages and classes and in influx of visitors in season There are several adults, often with secrets hidden behind a respectable facade, but the main characters in this novel are some of its children and one fifteen year old boy called Timothy Gedge in particular Timothy is a disturbed and disturbing boy, who does some rather unpleasant things, including spying on the adults and attempting to manipulate them or upset them It is difficult to like Timothy, but we also feel sorry for him he wants to be noticed and liked, and his manipulations are designed to persuade those adults to help him put together the props for a macabre comedy routine for the church fete s talent contest He dreams of being discovered and appearing on the television talent show of the time, Opportunity Knocks , where everyone from the town will see him and be amazed by his unusual comic talent Meanwhile he wanders the town and beach in the rain, friendless and ignored unless he approaches people , despite his distinctive yellow attire.While our sympathies may be with Timothy rather than the adults whose grubby secrets he uncovers, Trevor is too finely nuanced a writer for such a pat story line When his victims are the other main child characters of the novel, Stephen and Kate, whose widowed father and divorced mother respectively have recently married, our sympathy for Timothy vanishes although Trevor does remind us of it with a poignant ending. CONTAINS SPOILERS The main character comes across at first as a special ed kid, but as the story evolves we see that he is truly mentally disturbed He s an older teenager who is cast aside by his family He has no father and his mother and older sister are good buddies, laughing, smoking, eating together, while he fends for himself on leftovers in his room So he wanders the town stealing petty things and small amounts of money, getting into trouble and doing odd jobs for people He s the type who tells corny puns, repeats them and then says do you get it and still explains it to you A minster with infinite patience tries to help steer the young boy straight.The boy hatches a plan to present a bizarre play in a local talent show It s a parody of a famous murderer who killed women in their baths just what you want at church sponsored event in a small town But with age he has become vicious basically blackmailing people to get the props he needs for his play He gets his blackmail material from what he has seen peering and listening through windows and spying around town He knows why a son has ruined his parents by running off, never to come home again he knows that the retired military commander has his eyes on the cub scouts at the beach he knows which women regularly meet the local Lothario in the public restroom Thus the origin of the expression Get a room although we know that unmarried people could not do that in those days in a small Irish town Two other main characters are a young girl and boy whose parents just married after the death of the man s wife The malicious kid concocts a story with just enough bits of truth that has them believing that the man, now their father, murdered his first wife It s a good read Like other Trevor stories, it s about lonely, listless people trapped in a stifling small town in Ireland a generation or ago My thanks to Nancy Oakes for recommending this book to me photo from inroadsireland.com William Trevor was one of the Booker Prize s perennial bridesmaids, and this book was shortlisted in 1976 The setting is Dynmouth, an outwardly sleepy Dorset seaside town rather reminiscent of Lyme Regis Like another book I read recently, Michael Frayn s Spies, this is a story about innocence and experience, and childhood games colliding with adult secrets with unforeseen consequences.The central character is brilliantly drawn Timothy Gedge is a 15 year old loner who spends much of his time watching people At the start this seems fairly innocent and harmless he dreams of escaping his inevitable destiny in the town s sandpaper factory via a talent contest, for which his act requires the help of various props he can only obtain by revealing what he has seen while watching people It becomes clear that he has learning difficulties, and although he has seen and remembered much, he understands little and uses a lively imagination to fill in the gaps As he cannot resist talking to everyone he can, his revelations leave a trail of destruction This is largely described via his harassment of Stephen and Kate, two 12 year olds who have been brought together because Stephen s widowed father has just married Kate s divorced mother.The portrait of the community is fully realised and full of comic 70s detail as somebody who was brought up in 70s England this had many resonances The ending is surprising and has an element of redemption. DevastatingOh, you have to watch the names with Trevor Timothy honouring god Surname Gedge, which has an unpleasant sound to it but apparently comes from an ancient word gygge and designated someone with high spirits And yes, spirits he has, although Kate is convinced the ones in possession of Timothy are devils She applies to the local clergyman but finds him inadequate when he rejects the idea of exorcism As Trevor said in an interview, there s always a bit of god bothering in his work, a gnawing, nagging complaining about this world if it was created, what was he thinking Beware the well meaning romanticism of a student teacher Trevor himself worked as a teacher And note the name of this one A student teacher called O Hennessy arrived at the Comprehensive and talked to his pupils about a void when he was scheduled to be teaching them English The void can be filled, he said.Nobody paid much attention to O Hennessy, who liked to be known by his Christian name, which was Brehon Nobody understood a word he was talking about The landscape is the void, he said Escape from the drear landscape Fill the void with beauty All during his English classes Brehon O Hennessy talked about the void, and the drear landscape, and beauty In every kid, he pronounced, looking from one face to another, there was an avenue to a fuller life..Timothy Gedge, like all the others, had considered O Hennessy to be touched in the head, but then O Hennessy had said something that made him less certain about that Everyone was good at something, he said, nobody was without talent it was a question of discovering yourself. Timothy decides that the local sandpaper factory is not his avenue to a fuller life He has a talent indeed He can be abrasive in many, many ways And doggedly single minded in pursuing his goal.A gentle, tender, distressing exposure of the loss of innocence Timothy is a malevolent spirit, a destructive animus, one that kicks away the props holding up cracked and sagging illusions and self deceptions Are the characters better off when their protective shell has been stripped away and they are left squirming in the unaccustomed light of day Is Timothy as much victim as he is perpetrator And how does Trevor manage to be so hilarious at the same time as devastating