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12th book read in 2015.Number 406 out of 440 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review (((FREE PDF))) ⇱ Bucky Katt's Big Book Of Fun: A Get Fuzzy Treasury (Get Fuzzy) ☟ Darby Conley S Previous Two Books, Blueprint For Disaster And The Get Fuzzy Experience Were New York Times Best Sellers People Read Cartoons For Different Reasons Some Are Taken By The Visual ElementThen There S The People Who Want It To Be FunnyDarby Gets Both Scott Adams, Creator Of Dilbert Get Fuzzy Collections Are Flying Off The Shelves And Bucky Katt S Big Book Of Fun, The Second Full Color Treasury Of The Outrageous Antics Of Bucky, Satchel, And Rob, Is Sure To Attract Readers Of The Strip Voted Best Comic Strip Of By The National Cartoonists SocietyBehold The World Of Get Fuzzy Meet Bucky Katt, The Siamese Smart Ass Who Coexists Under Protest With Satchel Pooch, The Sweet Tempered Shar Pei Lab Mix, And Rob Wilco, The Human Who Keeps The Refrigerator StockedEach Day In Newspapers Around The World Readers Visit The Place Where Cats, Dogs, And Humans Meet And Learn A Little Bit About Each Other Not Necessarily By Choice By Turns Hilarious, Poignant, And Even Human, Get Fuzzy Is The Smartest, Funniest Comic Strip In Newspapers Today I really enjoyed this book as I usually do when it comes to these Get Fuzzy comics I was just a little disappointed though that only the first 128 pages were of new material that I had not read while the last half was page for page what I read a few weeks ago in another book. Personally I d give this book like 3 stars, but my 8 year old son loves it, so it gets 4.I felt that a lot of the stuff in it is just really dated and chock full of late 90 s or early 2000 s humor that just isn t very relevant these days It s a fun read though and Bucky makes it all worth while and his ongoing feud with the weasel is pretty hilarious. This book was absolutely fantastic. If you are a fan of the funny page or comics or Bucky Katt then this collection from Darby Conley is the book for you Hilarious. I love the surrealism, But I ve never met a cat like Bucky. Love Get Fuzzy Some of these had me laughing so hard my cats were looking at me funny bet they wish they could talk I d get lots of snarky comments, I m sure. Bucky Katt s Big Book of Fun A Get Fuzzy Treasury is Darby Conley s second tresury in the Get Fuzzy series, which features a guy named Rob and his two pets, Satchel Pooch and Bucky Katt In this tresury, it features a ferret moving in next door, which Bucky doesn t approve of, and causes him to lose his tooth It also features Satchel chasing a guy on a bike, and causing him to go to the vet, as well as having a dog conference.I love how Bucky makes a new rivalry with something or someone, and Satchel is always loveable Get Fuzzy always makes me laugh Gotta love the Judge Judy strips in this treasury. Fun I first picked up a Get Fuzzy book back in the early 2000s to get my daughters to stop reading Garfield It worked, and became a gateway for them to discovering the world of Manga and Bone The strip had its heyday somewhere around 2000 2003 and this volume pretty much covers that period Be warned that there is nothing new here, so if you read the other collections then this will all be review I picked this up just to have a quick nostalgic read and was happy to find that the humor holds up for the most part.