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I ve started taking ballet classes again, and my teachers use the Vaganova system Since I m absolutely terrible, I figured reading a book about it would help, and it did Hooray This the book that really put the Vaganova method of ballet training on the map a brave adventure, and a truly important book In it, Agrippina Vaganova steps forth as the pre eminent teacher of Russian ballet, fusing her knowledge of Cecchetti technique, the historical soup pot of Russian ballet, along with some new devices, her own, which paved the way for her to illustrate her teaching methods which enable her to turn out the greatest dancers the world has ever known, in succession This is not to say Nijinsky, Pavlova and others whom she did not train were not great, and her technique combines with it, those methods, too.But this is the basis for the system under her tutelage which we have come to know today, up until the 1980 s and 90 s when the technique was modified, changed and frankly, has becomeboring We can assume if her teaching, still visible today was less good than those teachers before her, then as time goes on, we begin to lose a lot without writing it down That is why it is so important to read this book and to digest it, if you are a dancer, because it may be the only insight you get, along with videos which are a poor substitute, of this famous and logical technique, passed down because of her love for it SO from her to you, it is a personal message and doctrine not complete, not demonstrated or explained, but significantly different, and which, if applied reveals amazing things most of you are probably missing. Helpful in learning the Vaganova Method and improving my technique This book is a great study of classical ballet technique A good choice for both ballerinas, and just anyone with a love of dance and dance related exercise. Ahhh, my beloved ballet.This is famed Russian ballet teacher Vaganova s style of dancing, written out She discusses her style, how they are similar and different to French cole Fran aise and Italain Cecchetti schools She describes different steps and gives an example lesson Lovely book, though with teachers definitely in mind. A great tool for any ballet teacher or dancer with an interest in the nitty gritty of classical ballet My ballet syllabus is largely based on the Vaganova method some Bournonville and Balanchine influence as passed down from my teachers and other second hand sources, so it was about time I read about the methodologies from the source herself This book helped me better understand the technique and also gave me some ideas for improving my syllabus and class structure. |READ EPUB ☩ Basic Principles of Classical Ballet ♠ Although The Stars Of Russian Ballet Anna Pavlova And Tamara Karsavina Possessed A National Manner Of Dancing, There Was No Truly Russian School Of Dancing Until The S The Development Of This School Was Largely Due To Mme Vaganova , Not Only A Great Dancer But Also The Teacher Of Galina Ulanova And Many Others And An Unsurpassed TheoreticianThe Principles Of Vaganova S System Are Presented In This Well Known Book Mme Vaganova S Aim Of Creating A Personal Approach To The Russian Dance Was Based On The Critical Assimilation Of The Experience Of Her Contemporaries Her Ability To Choose The Best Of What Had Been Accomplished In The Various Ballet Traditions French, Italian, And Russian And Combine These Into A Unified Teaching Practice In Itself Amounted To A New School Of Dance She Firmly Believed That The Teaching Process Should Be A Planned Exercise, Ever Changing With Innovations In The Dance She Sought From Her Pupils Emotional Expressiveness, Strictness Of Form, A Resolute, Energetic Manner Of Performance, And The Understanding Of The Underlying Coordination Of MovementsHer Book Discusses All Basic Principles Of Ballet, Grouping Movements By Fundamental Types Chapters Cover Battements, Rotary Movements Of The Legs, The Arms, Poses Of The Classical Dance, Connecting And Auxiliary Movements, Jumps, Beats, Point Work, And Turns As Well As Material For A Sample Lesson Diagrams Show Clearly The Exact Foot, Leg, Arm, And Body Positions For The Proper Execution Of Many Steps And Movements The Result Is A Fundamental Theory Of Dance That Offers Dancers, Teachers, And Ballet Lovers Information Often Difficult To Locate In Other BooksIllustrations The Bible of classical ballet training This ballet manual helped me to learn, and understand , about the many different ballet styles From Russian and French, to Vagonava and Cecchetti. The Bible of classical ballet.