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!EBOOK ♳ His Sexy Bad Habit ☢ She Makes A Move For His HeartHe S Hot And He S Single, But Antonio Billups Has Been Out Of The Dating Game For Three Years Since His Wife Died, His Focus Has Been On His Business And Their Son AJ Enter New In Town Sultry, Sexy Serena Jacobs, A Woman Who Just Might Inspire Antonio To Change His Mind About Being AloneThat His Body Can T ResistSerena S New Restaurant Is About To Take Off, And So Is Her Heart To Antonio But Events From Her Past Are About To Hit The Fan With A Little Help From Antonio S Scheming Sister In Law Soon, Hollywood Catfights And Long Ago Love Affairs Threaten The Steamy Relationship Between Antonio And Serena, And When Their Secret Histories Collide, They Must Choose Between A Future With Or Without Love Hodges Delivers A Sizzling Romance Publishers Weekly On More Than He Can Handle I loved this story about Antonio and Serena They both were hurt and gave up on love. Really enjoyed this book Liked the way Serena and Antonio hit it off. This is by far THE sexiest book EVERRRR Definitely one of my favorites and definitely a great read Antonio Billups, single dad, dedicated dad, devoted dad, working dadand if I failed to mention sexy as jello pudding dad Antonio is a widower that people view with pity even though they have no idea of the circumstances surrounding his marriage Serena Jacobs is a modern day woman with a heart waxed coldstill retaining the icicles she accumulated when she was left at the altar many years ago Serena harbors a jaded viewpoint on love and marriagepoint blank, she ain t goingeveragain Although she has no problem having an array of bedfellowsno harm, no foul That s the way that guys do it, right If it works for them, why not for her.His Sexy Bad Habits is a sizzling tale of the aftereffects of scorned lovers I ve been a fan of Ms Hodges for many years, and this is probably my least favorite I m still trying to connect the title with the storyline HSBH incorporates Hollywood, obsessions, lying, betrayal, jealousy and the breaking down of walls within the385 pages There were plenty sexy scenes but there was not enough developmental scenes to solidify Serena and Antonio s relationship for me Time don t stop and wait for pain Want a bite Antonio asked her Not of that muffin, Serena said Tell me something, Antonio, what s your deal What do you mean Don t play coy with me, she said You know I want you, but you re sending mixed signals If you re not married, then what s the problem Antonio placed the other half of his muffin on top of the box and wiped his hands on his snug fitting jeans He took a step closer to her and Serena inhaled his scent of soap and masculinity Her lips trembled as he brushed his fingertips across her cheek Serena, he groaned There are some things that you should know about me and when you find them out, you might She tilted her head up and planted a wet kiss on his lips As she pressed her body against his, she didn t care what he needed to tell her She just needed to taste his lips Needed to feel the hardness of his body pressed against hers Her tongue explored the sweetness of his mouth just as his did the same to her mouth She could ve kissed him all day, would ve kissed him all day had they not heard a crash behind them Antonio pulled back from Serena Let me go check that out, he said What are you doing for lunch I ll be at home Text me your address and I ll come over he said Serena smiled and nodded He wants the same things I want HOT SEX HIS SEXY BAD HABIT IS S MUST READ BECAUSE IT DEALS WITH REALATIONSHIP AMONGST FRIENDS,AND HER FEELINGS TOWARDS ANTONIO A MAN SHE MEETS AT ONE HER BEST FRIENDS WEDDING.NOT ONLY DOES ANTONIO INTRIGUES HER SHE SOON LUST AFTER HIM AS HE AFTER HER.A REALTIONSHIP ENSUES BETWEEN THEM,AND PASSION HEAT TAKES OVER THIER BODIES.SERENA IS HOLDING BACK OF LETTING HER TRUE FEELING EMERGE FOR ANTONIO.BECAUSE SHE WAS JILTED IN THE PAST BY A MAN THAT LEFT HER AT THE ALTAR.BUT THE THING IS ANTONIO HAS A SECRET OF HIS OWN,AND KIND OF HESITANT ABOUT TELLING HER.SERENA ANTONIO ARE FALLING FOR ONE ANOTHER,AND BOTH WONDER WILL THERE PAST HINDER THEM FROM HAVING A MANINGFUL REALTIONSHIP.NOT TO MENTION THERE ARE PEOPLE LURKING IN THE BACK GROUND TO STOP WHAT COULD BE A LOVING RELATIONSHIP.GREAT BOOK IT S DEFINITELY A FIVE STAR READ. I really enjoyed this book I m a fan of romance novels, so it had all of that stuff I look for This book was not only romantic, it was funny and had a few drama scenes I loved how Cheris incorporated the drama, love and Serena s family circle in this book At times I found Antonio a little over rated He tended to over do his role, but I got the message Mrs Hodges was trying to portray Casey got on my nerves, but I would love to hear from her As well as what her parents thought once they found out Also if they were gonna still try and get custody of A.J I will also like to know if they started a family Based on the ending occurrences and the conversations it sounded possible But you were left hanging a little bit Overall I enjoyed this book. Great book I loved the story and I especially enjoyed the characters The romance between Antonio and Serena was really something to experience This is very relevant to myself as well as the women that I know. Antonio was hot, and he and Serena went at it like wild rabbits There were a lot of sex scenes in this book, I think almost too much I would like to have seen less sex scenes, but with better quality It was almost like there were so many written just to make the book extra sexy Serena turned out to be the opposite of what I though she would be, and how she would react in certain situations which was a pleasant surprise Overall I liked this book, and would recommend.