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I thought this was a great first novel for this author I found the dialogue to be too sitcom ish at times, just too many ready replies But I thought there was a complexity to the plot that was great for a first novel I liked how there were a number of different focuses that played off each other and carried the story along I have to say also though, that I ve spent a lot of days in the Lamar Valley driving around looking for wolves and anything else and in all those visits combined never saw as much as they seemed to see every time they went out Maybe I just need a two way radio tuned to the wolf people station. Campaigning for the wolves of Yellowstone National Park was never in sixteen year old KJ Carson s plans Small town, park life and the outdoors is such an inseparable part of her already, how was writing about the wolves in the school newspaper any different Growing up in West End, Montana with a wildlife guide and sports shopkeeper for a dad, her daily life has consisted of rowing, fishing, and going wolf watching and elk hunting during tourist season So why would it be seen as taking sides if she simply recorded her observations of the newly reintroduced wolves with the new guy Virgil and his wolf expert mother Eloise But with an apparent cause and a cute boy at her side KJ s never been happier Until a shotgun blast reminds her that the wolf will always be seen as the big bad wolf in West End cattle rancher central Old KJ would back down, but with at stake than her life and reputation, she s prepared to stand up for all she loves, wolf and human alike.What an unexpected, stand out in a crowd kind of YA novel Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me WBOT turned out to be Though some may be disappointed in its lack of supernatural wolves, that is precisely why I even gave it a second look Add that refreshing premise to a cool, snappy title and a beautiful, exceptional cover and I was sold.I m happy to say that my expectations held up from the first page until the last KJ and her dad guiding noisy, ignorant tourists wolf watching in the first chapter had me at your other left, KJ Their relationship is raw, complicated, and one of my favorite parts of the book Love her or hate her, KJ s very different life is intriguing and her voice strong She s sarcastic, she s dry witted, and she has an almost flippant confidence in the obvious lack of care she has for what others think of her I mean, why would it matter if she only has one friend or people have been noticing lately that she finally needs a grown up bra and has grown her hair out Part tomboy KJ doesn t She does care however when the shaggy blonde haired boy from Minnesota notices and she still manages to hilariously screw that up, at least in the beginning KJ s quirky teachers like Mrs Baby she means Brady and fellow students like Addie and Kenner grew on me, obnoxious hillbilly sensibilities and caricature personalities aside You re not really sure if some of these intitially unforgettably distinct types will have depth as the story progresses, but their vulnerabilities eventually emerge There may also be a few rural town, environmental, shotgun stereotypes here but on the whole I found the setting authentic and interesting Kristen Chandler grew up near Yellowstone herself and the characterization of WBOT delightful Recommended for fans of YA contemp with a little romance and a lot of compelling drama on the side. #Download Book ó Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me º It S KJ S Junior Year In The Small Town Of West End, Montana, And Whether She Likes It Or Not, Things Are Different This Year Over The Summer, She Turned From The Blah Daughter Of A Hunting And Fishing Guide Into A Noticeably Cuter Version Of The Outdoor Loner Normally, KJ Wouldn T Care Less, But Then She Meets Virgil, Whose Mom Is Studying The Controversial Wolf Packs In Nearby Yellowstone Park And From The Moment Virgil Casts A Glance At Her From Under His Shaggy Blond Hair, KJ Is Uncharacteristically Smitten Soon, Both KJ And Virgil Are Spending A Lot Of Their Time Watching The Wolves And Each Other , And KJ Begins To See Herself And Her Town In A Whole New Light The first thing that should be mentioned about this book is that it is NOT a paranormal teen book We re not talking were wolves here I think with the cover which I love and the flood of paranormal teen books out that that should be made clear KJ who has, in her father s words, blossomed over the summer but, unlike many other teen novels where the ugly duckling turns into a beauty, she doesn t miraculously become popular Love it I think it s a good lesson for teens and the rest of us that being skinnier, taller, shorter, prettier, etc., etc., is NOT going to solve all of our problems KJ, as it turns out, is still as much of an outsider as she ever was.I loved the whole pro wolf anit wolf sentiments in the book At first KJ sees the issue in black and white but when she learns about the issues on both sides I think she comes to see that, in the end, not everything is black and white, there are a lot of shades of gray That doesn t just apply to the wolves but to the people in her life as well I think it s interseting to note that this issue isn t fabricated, it s based on real issues facing wolves, environmentalists, naturalists, ranchers, etc You can read about the story behind the story on the author s website.This book is ultimately about KJ s relationship with people her father, Virgil, and the town as a whole I also loved how there s no tidy HEA for KJ and Virgil like I ve seen in many of the other teen books I ve read lately ie Perfect Chemistry Rules of Attraction I think it was Nath who s mentioned several times that she doesn t buy the HEA type ending in YA books I tend to agree but this one has a very realistic ending for KJ and Virgil Although I expect some people will have wanted But I think it was perfect for this book In a nutshell, I LOVED this book I thought it was smart, extremely well written, and completely refreshing This is Kristen Chandler s debut title and I will be looking forward to from this author. 3.5 Again I wish goodreads gave half stars.Review originally from my book review wordpress livejournal I ve been interested in reading Wolves, Boys, Other Things That Might Kill Me ever since I read Holly s review where she said her expectations held up from the first page until the last Yup, it was grabbed on an impulse at a bookstore when I was in Southern New England, and I settled into it quite happily when I got home.The Premise When the wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National park, it was to put the park s ecosystem back into balance, but for the locals that live around the park, many of them farmers with herds of animals to keep safe, the wolves are a threat to their livelihood KJ grew up in West End, Montana, and has always been the gawky girl who kept her head down, but lately that has changed KJ is suddenly getting noticed both for growing out of her awkwardness, and for speaking out about the wolves Everyone has an opinion on this hot topic, and not everyone is happy with KJ s involvement Even KJ s taciturn father, and Virgil, the boy she has a crush on, don t always see eye to eye with her on the wolves The KJ tries to make things better, the worse it seems to get.My Thoughts Wolves, Boys Other Things That Might Kill Me is a YA that stands out from the pack Yes, it is a coming of age story like a lot of YA out there is, but I felt like there was a different air to KJ s character than your typical teen aged girl Maybe it was her upbringing in Montana with a gruff and outdoorsy father, or maybe it s the many embarrassing experiences already under her belt, but in this story KJ has a quiet assurance that she never seems to lose For example, when she comes back to school her junior year looking less like a Peppermint Patty and gets comments from friends, she may be perturbed at first, but soon moves on It was so nice NOT to read about a teen girl who sweats over what other people think or want That s not to say that KJ doesn t come across as the young and inexperienced kid she is she does that plenty It s just that being self sufficient and following her own council are not things she needs to work on.Instead, for KJ, growing up involves discovering her passion for the wolves reintroduced into Yellowstone It s not really KJ s intention to be associated with the debate, but she has no choice on the matter when she s assigned to write a column about the wolves for her school s newspaper Her innocuous article that doesn t condemn the wolves presence and may instead romanticize them , creates a stir from the local farmers As livestock is killed, the anger and frustration increases Wolf friendly overtures are met with violence It s easy to paint the farmers as narrow minded hicks, and that s something KJ thinks at first, but the she gets involved the she has to look at the story from the other side and understand where the anger is coming from KJ s straight talking voice captures the complexity of the whole situation A cast of characters from Virgil s wolf researcher mother to the class jerk whose family owns a farm bring perspectives from all sides There s even some friction between KJ, Virgil, and her own father over the whole thingWolves, Boys Other Things That Might Kill Me doesn t have pat and perfect answers It simply shows the muddle that is human life Even KJ s romance with the zen new kid, is not immune It was nice to see KJ and Virgil s relationship blossom amongst the wolves and controversy, but they re also two kids in high school Like all things in this story, their interactions manage to be special and yet grounded in the real world.I also have to make a mention of the special relationship KJ had with her dad I loved all the shades of their relationship He s tough on KJ and is difficult to have a conversation with KJ has learned to read her father based on body language and the occasional monosyllable , but he s also protective I adored their unique partnership, and for me one of the strongest father daughter relationships I ve read in YA I actually wished there were scenes with them alone.I d say that this book was one that quietly laid out the situation and left it at that Much like KJ, it has no big flashy agenda, it just tells it like it is I liked this, but it is a subtle sort of strength, not one that makes a obvious impression For that reason, I feel that not everyone is going to be affected by this story The other minor criticism I had is that KJ read much younger to me than sixteen I had her pegged as a pretty independent twelve or thirteen until I was corrected by the jacket copy which says she s a junior in high school I think I would have liked this book a tad if KJ felt like a sixteen year old to me while I read it.Overall You know the saying still waters run deep I feel like if you take that and apply it to a teenage girl, you have KJ, and that is funneled into the story told in Wolves, Boys, Other Things That Might Kill Me I was charmed by the unassuming style of this one, and I liked that it told a self discovery story that felt real and nuanced But I also feel that its strength is subtle, easing back from rather than lingering on the dramatic and emotional scenes. I LOOOOOVED THIS BOOK.I know it s a little early in the year to say this, but it will probably be my favorite of 2011,it has THAT potencial.It was amazing It was one of those times when you just love EVERYTHING about a book Even though it couldn t be alien to me, not even paranormal books are farther from my reality, yet I loved it And connect with every character, understood everyone of them.And if you re like me a don t really care about wolves,it doesn t matter the wolf part is not boring at all,it kind of felt like big metaphor about life, and I liked that.Also, I learned A LOT from this book Cause being a city kid, I never stopped to think about how the economy problems hit the ranchers, country people, and not just us in the city The book setting is West End, Montana, popullation 900 and something.Story s heroine KJ Katherine Jean She s sixteen, and dislexic, and has a complicated relationship with her father But not in a I hate you we yell at eachother all the time way, it was refreshing to read about a relationship like that, so raw They both loved eachother but it was just you have to read it.I loooooooved KJ She thinks she s stupid, a redneck literally , a loser She couldn t be wrong She s brave, and witty, and she doesn t give up In about 99% of the books I read I end up loving the guy , cause let s face it the guy is usually perfect cute, romantic, understanding, whatever Well not here, loooooooved KJ.BUT I also loooved Virgil, the guy He s sooo brave, and understanding, and overall, the boy has guts He was even shot and he didn t complained or anything, cause he knew there might be consecuences when you fight for the things you believe in And he wasn t afraid.So, again, I loooooooved EVERYTHING about the book.I would have liked some romance, I m a romantic what can I say but I m soooooo pleased with it, I just can t complain The book s awesome.Oh forgot to say that a lot of parts were HILLARIOUS I started today at 12 00 am, I lost track of time and realized that my mom had already woken up at 5 00 am and I hadn t gone to bed, so now I m grounded for a week but it doesn t matter, the book was worth it I m happy, I ll just re it. I decided to read the book, Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me, because of its title Yes, it is lengthy, but it caught my attention and got me to open the book The book was an easy read I finished it in about a day and definitely a page turner, but I was disappointed with the book as a whole.Here are the reasons why The book is really not about wolves It is about KJ, the protagonist, and the relationships she forms with her father, Virgil, and the townspeople Even the portions of the novel that focus on the wolves are primarily about the people s response to them The book can be classified as a coming of age and political story, but not a naturalist one Saying that, I felt like I learned a lot about both sides of the wolves reintroduction issue I had always thought of wolves in Yellowstone as a good thing, a way to save their species from extinction I did not think of the negative ramifications of this move, such as how it affected ranchers and other people living in the area However, I still wish that the wolves themselves had played a bigger part in the plot The sections that discussed the story behind the Cinderella wolf and Wolf 42 were my favorite parts of the book and I would have liked to be updated on their actions throughout the story.That brings me to the next issue Anytime that a reader is interested in the animals than the people in the novel, you know there is a problem with the characters I was not a fan of any of the main characters I thought they were poorly developed Some of this problem was the dialogue It was very simplistic and made the characters seem stereotypical Instead of relating to KJ, I was annoyed and bored She reminded me of the classic YA whiny female protagonist, with political issues substituted for the YA focus on supernatural elements I never connected with Virgil either His personality seemed to be constantly changing from nonchalant to passionate to funny to serious I also thought the relationship between KJ and Virgil progressed way too quickly to seem realistic She tells Vigil she thinks he is gay and a week later, they were kissing That kind of thing does not happen The character I did like was the father I felt like I understood his relationship with KJ and I liked how it developed over the book To conclude, I really do think that the book is okay It was interesting enough that I finished it But I think it could have been much better with a great focus on the wolves, a sophisticated writing style, and better character development. I m not giving this a rating because I did not and will not finish it But I m definitely including my reasons why Here s the thing The beginning rocked It started off as something potentially compelling I even wrote down a few quotes, wanting to remember them But I was than half way through the book when I realized that I just didn t care for it at all The story felt contrived all made up to fit around a big environmental message I don t mind messages and I donated to the save the wolves fund many times, so don t think I m against the environment , but this was wasn t even trying to be subtle The message was loud and clearunfortunately, the characters were not as loud Their conversations were awkward, their jokes not funny at all, and their reactions to heated conversations and even public shootings yep, you read right were not normal at all Even for a small town Especially for a small town.I had no idea what the main character s motivations were.The love interest was a jerk half the time, and an over adoring stalker type the rest.Needless to say, I couldn t finish despite how much I enjoyed it in the beginning. image error Not my favrouite contemporary, the romance was iffy and the characters were bland.