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This book has helped me through a difficult period The extent and pace of change in my life has overwhelmed me as I prepare to enter a new career and thus a new way of living Money and charity have pulled from opposite ends of my soul throughout my life and finally, I think I found the line of work I am meant to do Edgar Cayce s story is one of an ordinary man who, through some stroke of predestination, spoke about extraordinary mysteries while in a sleeping trance In an era where frauds like Miss Cleo and that guy from Crossing Over enrich themselves on illusions and scams, I imagine they d try to take over the world if they possessed even an ounce of Cayce s physic powers Cayce was unique because he didn t try to peddle his powers, however incredible It was just the opposite he avoided attention and fame whenever possible and felt embarrassed by his talents He never wanted money He only cared to serve humankind and make a difference in the lives of people He wanted to help the sick He tried to save peoples lives and help children After reading the book, I feel energized by the possibilities and secrets within us Because Cayce lived so humbly, I actually believe in his psychic history even fiercely Cayce was a true philanthropist who dedicated his life to helping others He wasn t a quack or a circus act.I feel better about my chosen than I have ever felt. Deep Not done yet though 7 11Left me feeling as if I were needing a diverse explanation of his readings 7 22Very interesting start for me though. Fascinating Edgar Cayce had a gift which he used to alleviate suffering and restore health in thousands of people A devout Christian, not educated in medicine, he had the ability to make contact, through his subconscious, with an articulate source of healing knowledge The details, medical terminology, and results were overseen and approved by learned doctors of the day The Readings , which could be done from any distance as long as the name and address of the person was given, treated the body as a linked system and the detailed therapies involved medicines, massage, and diet The diagnoses were astoundingly accurate People were cured Yes, we have the body Established medicine then and now can in itself cause harm and will ignore the entire bodily system as it offers a pill or injection from a profiteering industry for an isolated symptom or sick organ The Readings would often catch doctors in their mistakes, preventing harmful surgeries, or demanding surgery when none was thought necessary All chillingly accurate It s important to note that these Readings made use of advanced anatomical and medical terminology and that Edgar Cayce himself had no medical training How he could, in a trance, know these things is mind boggling.Now is a good time to again spout out my favorite statistic Total number of medical errors and deaths equals six jumbo jets crashing every day And yet somehow that medical establishment had has credibility and a clairvoyant was is viewed as a stunt or trick.As I read many case histories that are recorded in this book, they are all sensible and detailed, making use of complicated medical knowledge, and were given with the sole intent of helping the individual examined and NOT INTENDED FOR PROFIT These were the days before fast food and the obesity epidemic in America, yet directives included eat no hog meat or white bread Fish is good, red meats not so good Add to the diet olive oil, grape juice, vegetables, fruits Get exercise and fresh air Every day I see in the newspapers the results of stupid tests and trials still trying to debate the harmful helpful effects of diet and exercise upon health I suspect they are organized and paid for by the highly profitable drug industries People, behold the humble grape The humble carrot Spinach leaf Human touch Faith in God. I ll bet there are a lot of Christians out there who reject the idea of reincarnation or any other type of alternative afterlife theories with the idea that it s counter to the all mighty Bible Those people need to read about Edgar Cayce, who found a way to align his Christian faith with the physical experiences he could not deny.I won t try any harder to sell this idea, but if you ll take your head out of the sand and accept that maybe, just maybe something might be true that wasn t written 2000 years ago by angry politicians with an powerful agenda to sell. Edgar Cayce is often portrayed with myth and wonder when he is mentioned in books and on various Television specials That he could fall asleep and diagnose a person of all their ailments, recommending treatments, and read past lives is a remarkable thing That science couldn t debunk him is something else entirely I first heard of Cayce, as I did for most of the remarkable phenomena that amazes me, through Unsolved Mysteries Hosted by Robert Stack, the show delved into various crimes, people looking for long lost family members, treasure hunts, and various other minutia, but my favorite portions were the unexplained ones, where the show would examine paranormal phenomena Cayce was featured on just such an episode, and I became fascinated Sugrue s biography cuts through the mysticism and presents a very human figure, wracked with self doubt through the entire process There Is a River serves as 4 5ths of a biography and 1 5th of a presentation of Cayce and his group, the A.R.E Association of Research and Enlightenment , their philosophies and beliefs about the soul, karma, and the body Through the course of 14 hours of audio, we are presented with Edgar s amazing life story, his few failed business ventures, his love of people and how he helped so many of them The only weakness of the book is Sugrue s presentation of readings toward the end I understand why it s there, but I don t really believe it needs to be there After the presentation of Cayce s philosophy, it ceases to be a book You re not really missing anything if you end it there.Sugrue should be lauded as the man who humanized an already very human figure There Is a River is a great examination of a man, but also of how one s viewpoint through time can invariably change, and how one man can ultimately choose to do good simply because there is no other way. I am not sure if this is the same edition I read I loved this book Edgar Cayce s story confirmed so much of what I already believed. took a while to get good, but once it did it was very interesting it was sort of similar to the books of another psychic, carl jung particularly memories, dreams, reflections my only complain was that i wished the author would have focused a little on the readings edgar cayce gave on the nature of reality and the evolution of the soul, rather than diagnosing medical conditions very interesting regardless. Excellent I am familiar with Cayce, but the book gives concrete examples, especially when Cayce is shocked to find out about reincarnation He goes back to his Bible and finds scripture to support that truth. 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