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3.75 stars So well written I love this book Sharon Draper s Copper Sun tells a riveting story of an African girl , named Amari , living in Africa who has everything going her way She s engaged to the most handsome man in the village , her father is a chief , and she loves her family It seems that nothing could go wrong until white skinned strangers arrive in seemingly good intentions of making friends and trading When there is a bursting sound of a gun shot and everything turns into a chaotic mess of smoke and dust as everyone in the village , very young or old , is killed and all the young adults are rounded up for capture Amari is in pure shock and horror as she is chained and realizes her entire family was just slaughtered Amari goes through being beaten , raped , fed very little , being constantly chained and living in waste in a hull of a ship Although she feels like dying , instead of enduring this misery , with encouragement from a new found mother , on the voyage , she some how finds the courage to carry on This is an extremely powerful story of courage and trust that is sure to have readers of any kind wanting it. Copper Sun by Sharon M Draper is a must read novel for everyone This riveting novel was written by Draper, a granddaughter of a slave This outstanding novel is about the harsh realities of slavery But, this novel also demonstrates that there are people in this world eager to do the right thing The main character is Amari, a 15 year old girl from Africa who was sold in the Carolinas Amari s character is strong, confident, emotional and determineda definite role model Polly s character is a perfect secondary one to Amari, leading to a unlikely but lasting friendship The characters are vivid, the plot captivating and the descriptions emotional May your feet bring you to where your heart is. I also read this book in high school and Anthony was reading it I thought it was really brutal what they did to the African American. Wow This was a great book. I have been a fan of Sharon Draper for some time She is a master at writing realistic fiction COPPER SUN is her first historical fiction and it is amazing as well as frighteningly authentic.This book follows the trials and tribulations of Amari, a fifteen year old African maiden After witnessing the slaughter of both the old and young in her African village, including her parents and her young brother, she is chained, by feet, hands, and neck, lined up, and herded miles on foot to the ocean by pale skinned visitors with fire sticks She watches her fellow Africans suffer incomprehensible humiliation and death at the hands of their captors as they are shipped like animal cargo across the ocean The life that awaits her is nothing like she could have ever imagined.Amari must adapt to life as a purchased slave on a rice plantation, a life that includes atrocities committed upon her by her white owners She meets Polly, an indentured servant who has dreams of making it to the big house and being a fine lady of standing Instead, Polly lives in the slave quarters with Amari and finds she s given the chore of civilizing Amari, now called Myna, and teaching her enough English to work After witnessing murder, the two girls find themselves thrown together in a desperate run for freedom.This is not just another book about slavery This is a book about something real and tangible Ms Draper s writing is so vivid that you can smell the rank odors beneath ship You can feel the pain of being lashed with a whip Your throat will constrict at the heart wrenching pain of a mother and child being forced apart You will also celebrate the strength and spirit of Amari and those she inspires COPPER SUN won the Coretta Scott King Award This is a book I will make sure goes on my classroom shelves I give COPPER SUN a gold star This novel detailing the experience of an African slave in the 1700 s was a page turner for me I sat down to read a few chapters and finished it in one reading It explores many aspects of slavery beyond the African experience including indentured servants and the status of women in the past Most of the historical information much of which is horribly disturbing was not new to me, but I had never heard of Fort Mose sanctuary for runaways in Florida before Though this was a work of historical fiction, I think Draper imbued her characters with 21st century attitudes For instance,though at first Polly feels superior to the slaves she is forced to live with, her transformation into feeling that they are her equals seems to come a little too easily I think the cultural attitudes of her day and her own personal circumstances would have made it muchdifficult for her to leap to total acceptance of her common humanity with slaves Come to think of it, all of Draper s characters just seem to fall a little flat At any rate, I think adolescents will read this book it is a page turner , and learn a little history in the process. excellent read the author made the characters so real very vivid details the book is labeled young adult but I felt it s for amature audience. ^READ E-PUB ⇙ Copper Sun ⇺ Stolen From Her Village, Sold To The Highest Bidder, Fifteen Year Old Amari Has Only One Thing Left Of Her Own Hope Amari S Life Was Once Perfect Engaged To The Handsomest Man In Her Tribe, Adored By Her Family, And Living In A Beautiful Village, She Could Not Have Imagined Everything Could Be Taken Away From Her In An Instant But When Slave Traders Invade Her Village And Brutally Murder Her Entire Family, Amari Finds Herself Dragged Away To A Slave Ship Headed To The Carolinas, Where She Is Bought By A Plantation Owner And Given To His Son As A Birthday Present Survival Seems All That Amari Can Hope For But Then An Act Of Unimaginable Cruelty Provides Her With An Opportunity To Escape, And With An Indentured Servant Named Polly She Flees To Fort Mose, Florida, In Search Of Sanctuary At The Spanish Colony Can The Elusive Dream Of Freedom Sustain Amari And Polly On Their Arduous Journey, Fraught With Hardship And Danger