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One psychotherapists compilation of several patient encounters and his analytical interpretations Little dated and sluggish for current times quint One bizzare tranferance where author gets emeshed into his patients future space fantasy about dr robert linder s psychoanalysis practice case studies of some of his most interesting patients i got bogged down by all the psychoanalysis, which i am ambivolent about psychoanalysts like that word lots of sexual fanatasies and subsequent traumas about people subconsciously wanting sleep with their parents and this being the source of all their problems i would have given the book 2 stars, but the last case study made it the read worth it for me about a missile scientist with an active fantasy life he spends much of his psychological time persuing and documenting intergalactic travels an improvement over his isolated life as a lonely kid and a lonely scientist incidentally, dr linder doesn t solely employ psychoanalytic techniques to treat this patient this also makes the case interesting to me than the others. #KINDLE ⚛ The Fifty Minute Hour: A Collection of True Psychoanalytic Tales ⚣ A Fascinating Mixture Of Traditional Psychoanalytic Thinking With Clinical Strategies That Even Today Would Be Considered Creative And Controversial, The Fifty Minute Hour Has Never Failed To Capture The Imagination No Student S Education In Psychotherapy Is Complete Without Reading This Book Decades After Its Original Publication, It Still Stands As A Pioneering Landmark In The History Of Psychotherapy John Suler What to say about this book.first off I enjoyed it It is a book where the author a psychoanalyst in the pure Freudian approach shares five case studies If you enjoy some of what Freud threw out there, then you will enjoy this book I find it interesting the way analysts can find meaning in everything, even the hidden meanings, even if I don t agree with it all The author writes well, he is descriptive enough that you seem to have a full understanding of each case He is willing to admit when he is wrong so it doesn t read like an expert trying to convince one of the benefits of psychoanalysis Overall I enjoyed it From a voyeuristic perspective it was fun to read about some difficult clients and how the author worked with each one If you are not a fan of Freudian techniques then this is not the book for you If you can enjoy dream analysis, problems with parents and sexuality, then you may find this to be a fun read. i also got this book at the cat back surgery fundraiser it s a bantam book, listed price.35 i got it for.33 score its about psychoanalytical tales it says it s a disturbing book i was intrigued by the title and i like how the title was in all undercaps or under case as it may be it s a small paperback and i liked the authors signature also its about murder and other bad stuff that people do the pitiful and lost individuals reaching to return to normalcy i m rambling. Five stories from the world of couch style 1940s psychoanalysis, back when every psychological problem was secretly about parricide and incest Lindner is engaging and selects often fascinating case studies that he claims, anyway come from his actual experience, first at a federal penitentiary, then in private practice I think this book is the godfather of the strange, true tales of psychology genre in general, and it s interesting both in itself and for its historical value. This is quite interesting, if you can get past the fact that it s incredibly dated Seriously, does anyone believe in psychoanalysis any But it provides insights both into Lindner s patients and into the state of psychology psychiatry in the forties and fifties I would recommend this only to people with a special interest in the topic. Wow, what a great book This is the predecessor of Yalom s Love s Executioner It is a wonderful tail of psychoanalytic case studies from a professional who is a master story teller It was written in the 1950 s and is very poignant today It s an easy read and only cost a couple of bucks on Check it out and enjoy the stories and their impact on how you conceptualize cases. I found this book fascinating because I m fascinated by psychoanalysis The book was similar to Love s Executioner by Yalom a series of short stories about the psychoanalyst turned author s most interesting cases This book was a little interesting than Yalom s because it had to do with cases Lindner had while he was working as a prison psychiatrist but I thought Yalom s was better written Of course, the common link between both of them is the sometimes patronizing tone of voice that comes across I guess psychoanalysts have to have a sort of god complex to do their work Or maybe it s just my transference issues His experiences with the nymphomaniac governess had catapulted him into premature adulthood Nuff said.