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This book is truly original from the beginning when six year old Matthew gives his mother a special gift all the way through to the end I am often disappointed when I am able to predict the end of a book halfway through, but this was NOT the case with Right Package, Wrong Baggage If you want a book that will challenge your thoughts on redemption and forgiveness, then this one is for you. I loved this book It tells the story of Pamela, a widow, and her 6 year old son Matthew Matthew has decided to give his mother a very special gift for Christmas his basketball coach, Micah Stevenson Micah and Pamela begin dating, and fall in love Pam is ready for Micah to propose to her, and instead, one night he tells her something about his past that totally changes their relationship Pamela has to decide if she can look past his former indiscretions, as well as some of the skeletons she s hidden in her own closet, and decide if she will let Micah into her family.I was a little put off at the beginning of the story, which starts with Matthew giving Micah as a present Micah and Pam had already met each other, and I m so used to stories like this starting with the main characters seeing each other for the first time in the book But Pam and Micah had already met, and Micah had been interested, but never acted on anything until Matthew decided to give him as a present.I was totally shocked when I found out what Micah s secret was I thought it would be something like dealing drugs or murder, or something like that I give Micah major props for admitting it to Pam Due to my own ignorance, after finding out his secret, I was ready to complete write him off myself and thought there was no way Pamela should be with him But Micah actually ended up as my favorite character in the book Very sympathetic character I liked Pamela also, she reacted in the same way I would have Her secret was a shock to me also, and I liked the growth she showed throughout the book I was happy with the story s ending, and would even love to know about what happens to Pam and Micah in the future.I also enjoyed the minor characters in this book I thought little Matthew was cute and not too annoying grown like a lot of the little kids in books can be The side story with the romance between Micah s friend AC and Pamela s friend Jessica, was cute, also and thankfully kept small and didn t take over the main story Also, although this is Christian fiction, it didn t get too overdrawn and preachy, but had a very good message.I definitely recommend this book @Free Kindle ⛓ Right Package, Wrong Baggage ç For Five Years, Pamela Roberts, Has Balanced The Demands Of Being A Single Mother And A Devoted Christian She Unselfishly Places The Needs Of Her Son, Matthew, Above Her Own Although She Tries To Convince Everyone That She S Happy With Jesus Alone, Matthew Handpicks The Perfect Present For Her A Husband Everything About The Man Her Son Chooses Is Perfect, Except For His Past Micah Stevenson Is Excited When He Learns The Son Of The Woman He Has Been Praying About Wants Him To Join Their Family Permanently Believing Pamela Roberts Is His Soul Mate Sent From God, Micah Pursues Her Once He Is Certain Of Her Love For Him, Micah Reveals His Dark History, Shaking The Foundation Of The Once Loving And Stable Relationship Trust Is Broken As Judgments And Prejudices Threaten To Deny The Couple S Destiny Will The Man He Used To Be Prevent Pamela From Loving Micah For The Man He Is Now Baggage either breaks or buildsThe book is preachy.The book has some grammatical mistakes.Some times, a scenario went on too long, when a quick paragraph was all that would have been necessary.The package was neat and the bow was tied, quickly and neatly.I would read this book again I am give the author 5 stars because of how the issues unfolded and were dealt with correctly by scripture.The psychological process of healing many times takes longer than the spiritual outward healing I was happy to see the author confront the two issues This issue harm the church than any other..judgement because I been changed while battering the person looking for Christian acceptance because the inner scares of the devoted have not been reconciled with the outside facade I look forward to used this book older woman ministry.I know Micah issues, are importantit s important to confront any prejudices that will allow the Devoted to judge anyone sin Judge less we be judged Love as Jesus loves us Great read, thought provoking and will present a moment to be your our assessor as to what your legacy will be when others stand to speak about you I never would think that a young son would send her mom a man as a Christmas present The relationship started good until Pamela heard Micah s secret while she had her own baggage she was carrying that she had to let go and accept his past for what it was PAST I was glad when Pamela let go and got over Micah s past indiscretions Yet, most women would have acted or responded like she did, although sometime she was over the top with it Either love him and accept the man for who he is now, not what he was or let him go for good Pamela made the best decision.4.5 5 stars.Adrienna Turnerwww.adriennaturner.webs.comwww.dreams4.com Quick and enjoyable read Another good book dealing with homosexuality in the church.Pamela Micah s story is everyone s story We all have a past we wished would remain there You meet someone, you are both interested in one another, a relationship blossoms, then you find out the dirty on them What do you do One thing I liked about this story is the integrity of the characters Micah decides to come clean about his past not because he has to but, he wanted Pamela to know about the total package before she was neck deep in the relationship Her reactionunforgettable I laughed so hard when she washed her face As much as Micah s feelings were hurt, dude, how did you expect her to react If the tables were turned, how would he have taken it Pamela too, has a past that is less than ideal She tells Micah about her insecurities and struggles not to let them cloud her way forward But the skeletons are silently rattling in background, ready to make a comeback Her son is her number one priority and how she handled weaning him off of Micah after the reveal was commendable But, I had issues with the way Pamela sort of allowed her son to attach to men Micah the pedophile next door calling Micah my dad that he would give her Micah as a gift and she went along with itdidn t sit right with me She allows people she doesn t quite know to watch care for her sona bit naive I guess as a child he has the need for a male figure in his life but that doesn t mean go with everything he says or don t question people s intentions.Overall, their journey back to one another and healing was an enjoyable read. OkWhew, what a ride Good Lord Mrs Campbell Don t get me wrong, it was good What I love about Wanda B Campbell is that she creates incredible books with awesome story lines that don t shy away from rawness of life Her characters are real, believable, imperfect like all people are The relationships are realistic The people have issues Let s be honest, none of us become instantaneously performed fect when we become saved We have to deal with sin too, and what we deal with is portrayed in her books I love it I will continue to read all she has to offer WOW Right Package Wrong Baggage was such a Powerful powerful story There were several times I laughed so hard, that Ms Helen was a hoot, kept it real There were a lot of times I just wanted to hug Micah and tell him it was going to be okay, I have to admit Pamela made me mad some times The worship service thumbs up I honest enjoyed this book, it opened my eyes on a lot of issues Thank You May God continue to bless you ohhhh and the Lil Matthew was too adorable a true angel We all have things in our past we d rather others didn t know maybe not things as bad as what is in Micah s past, but things that are truly not indicative of who we are today The question we all have to deal with is how much of who we were do we allow those who know us now to know and if we find out about someone s past, what are we foolish to ignore, and what are we wrong if we don t It s a hard decision, and it is a hard decision for Pamela, though Micah is shown to readers in a very sympathetic light I liked the characters and I liked the story, which could be heart wrenching at times Sometimes I thought the religious elements were a little much, too many people mentioning God prayer etc at times when it just didn t seem natural We went to church and heard the sermon several times In short, this is book is definitely there to promote a message While I would have preferred a subtle message, I did enjoy the book. I really enjoyed this book It was refreshing to see that both characters had baggage and redemption was sought and obtained by both characters I liked that it wasn t a man bashing novel but a true story of love and lessons learned.