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Having though Blue Light one of the most fantastic new SF novels of recent years, and having been amazed at its poor reception from Mosley fans, I was delighted and surprised to see him back with another work of SF, and one which deals with many of the same themes as his previous genre work, but in markedly different ways.The worst thing about Futureland is its title I suspect an editor wary of making the book too inaccessible to non SF readers or perhaps even Mosley himself worrying about such problems , but whoever made the choice, it does not exactly sparkle with originality or invite wonder in anyone approaching the book It deserved better.The book itself is composed of nine linked stories set in a world where corporations have divided up the planet, and people are forced to live according to strict socio economic and geographic constraints, even to the extent that New York, for example, is divided into three horizontal layers, where the poorest never see the sunlight America remains the dominant power but it is forced to export many of its social problems the growing prison population is now housed on privately run islands where the drug controlled prison population is used as slave labour And of course, those who bear the brunt of this crushingly divided world order are black Race and gender politics are everywhere in this book, from the new opportunities generated by a world champion boxer who is a black woman clearly drawn as a female Muhammed Ali who can beat the best male fighters, to the onward march of the International Socialists, a depressingly realistic neo Nazi movement The latter are dismissed by various characters in the book as unimportant, marginal or simply conservative a justification used by a member , however they gradually assume a central importance as the trajectories woven in the various separate tales are threaded together towards the final stories As in Blue Light, the tone of the conclusion is downbeat, the final story almost an epigraph, despite the overt hope of renewal.As an SF setting, and even as a collection of short stories, Futureland might not stand up to close examination were it not for three factors The first is Mosley s righteously angry politics mentioned above , the second is his obvious love for the genre, and his knowledge of its past One review I read compared Futureland very unfavourably to the work of William Gibson, as cyberpunk fiction However I feel this misses the point Gibson also understands the context in which SF is written, witness his fabulous early story, The Gernsback Continuum, which mixes Twilight Zone style plotting and the airships and Aryans in togas imagery from the 1930s pulp magazines, yet which makes a very contemporary point about memory and its relationship to our visions of the future Mosley also mixes all sorts of iconic SF images into his work there are the info monks, with their blue cloaks and their brains made visible by plastic domes, there is a super intelligent megalomaniac attempting to rebuild Atlantis and colonize Mars, and an equally gifted child prodigy who finds ways of speaking to God through radio noise There are also SF images from the New Wave period a world weary electronic private eye , a man suddenly startled to find his dull existence turned downside up by a fortune he struggles to understand, a prisoner who can liberate himself and others only through his own death and so on The final factor is Mosley s ironic sensibility These iconic SF devices are skillfully strung together with also like Gibson a delightful and sometimes disturbing use of irony for example, Vietnam which has struggled to liberate itself from the French and then the Americans, and then some might argue from its own form of communism, has succeeded, only to find itself divided up and owned by trans national corporations Futureland doesn t succeed entirely, and this is largely dues to the variable quality of the stories Some, like the opener Whispers in the Dark the prison drama, Angel s Island the future private detective tale, The Electric Eye and the multi layered both hopeful and disturbing closer, The Nig in Me are superb others read like fillers Perhaps this is simply personal preference The only work I can think of that compares to Futureland is John Brunner s massive New Wave dystopia, Stand on Zanzibar, another ambitious brilliant but flawed work packed with irony, from an equally angry and socially aware author. Nine short stories of horrifying science fiction, of a future that simply continues the problems of today with advanced science Each story provides a different look at this future society, and it isn t nice It isn t a world in which I want to live, where your birth or lack of employment condemns you to a life of nothing Where the system is sucking out man s ingenuity and spirit for the sake of production and profit.The stories tie loosely together with a few common characters that crop up here and there There s Akwande and his idealism and Tristan the First, Dominar of the Blue Zone, and his shared lack of compassion or humanity with Kismet Folio Johnson is a far seeing man no pun intended who has a sense of justice Fera Jones, Pell, and Professor Jones have their ups and downs And D or of the China Diner who is one of the last remnants of our past is a common thread.This ARC was sent to me by NetGalley and Open Road Media for an honest review.The Stories Whispers in the Dark will make you cry as Chilly Bent does his best to take care of his dying mother and brilliant young nephew It s a future where the government takes your child if he or she tests smart It s a future where interfering old biddies still think they know better than you And it s an ending that makes me want to know Lots The Greatest finds Fera Jones, a woman boxer, up against Jellyroll Gregory, and she s doing well Beating men in KO fights But she can t lose one lest her father lose access to the Pulse It s a story of feminine rights, of standing up for yourself, of turning it around on the rich.The flip and uncaring Doctor Kismet has his own island kingdom, Home, and owns most of the world, both business wise and in religion A benevolent tyrant as long as he wins, it s a contest of good versus evil, of idealism versus reality with a reference to Popo from Whispers in the Dark It s a dream Akwande has of relieving death and suffering in Africa One he struggles to achieve only to realize that truth, that reality Angel s Island is a futuristic prison that sounds like a nightmare One that only gets worse I gotta say that I m in favor of capital punishment, but I am not in favor of lying Nor am I in favor of what is done in this prison The whys of it It s just nasty And I gotta wonder about the justice of such a system Their ideas of poor behavior The Electric Eye is both terrifying and exciting I love the idea of Folio Johnson s eye, although how he got it is not my idea of a good time And that s not the terrifying part That comes at the end when Folio learns the horrid truth behind those assassinations Voices finds us dipping back into Fera Jones life, as we meet back up with her Pulse addicted father, Professor Leon Jones, and the treatment he s undergoing to save his life I think we re all the same color, just of some colors and not so many of others It s another terrifying story of future possibilities One that entices you in, gives you hope that future medical care truly can save you And then it makes you want to run in fear, hoping, hoping to be saved from something invasive, threatening I couldn t actually tell what happened at the end, as Mosley leaves it rather vague Little Brother explores the future s judicial system, and it hasn t changed from being a system that caters to the rich What has changed is its automatic capability and a deeper lesson in why allowing man to set up a judicial system is a bad idea It s another ending in which Mosley leaves us wondering En Masse is a nightmare 1984 as it looks at the mechanics and requirements of employment in the future Anything can be an infraction and anything can get you fired Being fired sends you down to Common Ground and the horrifying possibility of never working again.Oh, lol, En Masse takes in the cloud to a whole new meaning A system that wants to return man to being an innovative, thinking person with spirit It s another depressing ending as we don t know the results of one half of the mission, and Neil well, Neil isn t in much shape for anything The Nig in Me is all that s keeping Harold alive It is gawd awful depressing, but made me laugh about those Caucasians who discovered something about their genetic heritage Yep, it s a brave new world after the virus from En Masse got changed around Only, it s not brave or new It s the same ol , same ol.The Cover and TitleA slim band of red frames in the cover at top and bottom in the yellow green lights of the towering highrises against a misty gray night The author s name and the title are in white using a digital font, a reflection of this Futureland of fear. [Read Epub] ♖ Futureland ♖ Walter Mosley, The Author Of The Easy Rawlins Mystery Novels Devil In A Blue Dress Black Betty Etc Has A New Story To Tell Instead Of Coasting On His Success Bill Clinton Is A Fan , In He Took A Left Turn And Published Blue Light, An Allegorical Sort Of Science Fiction Novel That Never Quite Found Its Voice, Although It Was A New York Times Notable Book Blue Light Must Have Been Mosley S SF False Start, Because Futureland Rocks And Roars From The First Page Ostensibly A Collection Of Short Stories, Futureland Reads Like A William Gibson Novel Minor Characters In One Story Are Major Characters In Another Story, Which Gives The Reader That MTV Jump Cut Sensation, But Not So Frantic With Mosley As It Is With Gibson And What Characters The Charm Of Mosley S Earlier Books Is That The Characters Are Normal People In Historical Settings, Getting By As Best They Can But In Futureland The Reader Encounters The Heavyweight Boxing Champion Of The World Female The Most Intelligent Human Ever The Mad Scientist At The Head Of The World S Largest Corporation These Characters Are Neither Normal Nor Historical So With Sly Nods To Hegel And DeLillo, Mosley Abandons History And The Common Man It S A Great Privilege For A Reader To Watch A Good Writer Change His Mind In An Essay On His Website Mosley Claims To Have Been An SF Fan All His Life He Knows The Genre He Knows The Language Before He Published His First Novel He Was A Computer Programmer And He Knows That There Is No Better Venue To Change Your Mind Than SF Mosley Retains Some Of His Favorite Themes, Though All The Exceptional Characters In The Book Are Full Members Of Lively Communities The Best Story In The Book No Surprise Is About A Private Eye Like Most Hardboiled Detectives, Folio Johnson Needs Friends On The Force And On The Street To Survive Unlike Easy Rawlins, Though, He Also Needs Wetware Implants To Keep From Going Down And Race Pervades This Book Like It Pervades All Mosley S Books It Is A Theme Handled Well In All Of The Stories Except For The Final One The Nig In Me, Go Figure , Where It Is Too Over The Top, And Detracts From A Lightweight Story That Was An SF Clich In The First Place Also In The Essay On His Website, Mosley Asserts That The Next Five Years Will See A Wave Of Black SF Writers If Mosley Stays With This Genre, He Ll Lead Them He S As Good As Anyone Writing SF Today Futureland Is Bestselling Mystery Author Walter Mosley S First Science Fiction Book Since Blue Light, A New York Times Notable Book Of The Year Futureland S Nine Linked Stories Will Provide An Accessible And Intelligent Introduction To Written Science Fiction For Mystery Or Mainstream Fiction Fans Who Do Not Normally Read The Genre Experienced Science Fiction Readers, However, May Be Less Than Satisfied With Futureland Reading It, You Might Decide Mr Mosley Grew Up Reading SF, Respects The Genre, And Still Watches SF Movies, But Has Read Little SF Written During Or After The New Wave Of The S However, Something May Be Going On Here Than A Genre Newcomer Making Beginning SF Writer Mistakes Mr Mosley May Be Deliberately, And Craftily, Creating SF Accessible To His Large Non SF Readership And To Others Who Are Strangers To This Genre Some Have Labeled Futureland Cyberpunk, And It Does Present A Dark, Infotech Saturated, Corporation Controlled Future But It Is In Fact An Inversion Of Cyberpunk Instead Of That Subgenre S Cliche Of Cool, Cutting Edge, Street Smart, But Not Very Believable Outlaws Who Out Hack And Outwit Powerful Multinational Corporations, This Dante Esque Collection Presents Outlaws And Outcasts Who May Be Street Wise, But Who Have Little Chance Of Overcoming The Corporations And Governments That Control, And Sometimes Take, Their Lives Like Shockingly Few Other SF Works, Futureland Directly Examines The Lives Of The Working And The Nonworking Classes, The Poor And The Marginalized, The Criminal And The Criminalized In Other Words, Futureland Is Set In A World Quite Alien To Many Veteran SF Readers, And Is Therefore A Book They Should Try Cynthia Ward GoodRead Nine short stories..Some better than others nevertheless All Good. I picked up this e book from our local library, knowing nothing about the author I just read the description on the library s website and thought, as a casual sci fi fan, it sounded intruiging Wow I m totally blown away.This is a story actually several stories that interconnect about a frighteningly possible world Corporate greed, social immobility, and wealth inequity taken to logical extremes in an all too near future A world far closer in some regards than when it was written 2001.Mosley allows us to slowly crawl into the world he s created The first story starts in the rural Southern US One of the characters speaks and is therefore written with a speech impediment from a stroke others speak with heavy accents Be patient As we move from story to story, from location to location and from character to character, a world starts to form around you This is a dystopia, but even so a chess game, seen from the point of view of the pawns Perhaps even a 3D chess game, where the strata are the levels of a future New York City in which upper mid lower refer not to latitudes but altitudes The poorer classes live lower , closer to a ground level nearly devoid of sunlight The completely disenfranchised live lower still, in the Common Ground where citizenship and life itself are marginalized.Each of the earlier stories is independent a love story, a mystery, etc with a few characters that are discussed or pass through from one to another The stories work together, though, in creating the frame that houses the final two stories that are simultaneously personal and global.I could go on and on about the clever ways Mosley constructs the social s of this world and how he introduces them to the reader I won t, though Far interesting for you to discover them for yourself.Side note this was excellent on the Kindle because I was able to use X ray to easily find where characters popped up earlier in the book so I could reintroduce myself to them. 4.5 stars An article comparing books to the TV series Black Mirror brought this short story collection to my attention, and the similarities are definitely there Mosley s deft writing connects these stories to showcase a future world that has taken technology and used it to make the poor even poorer, the prison systems even unfair, and to tempt fringe groups to use it for their racist agendas It is immersive and heart breaking, and definitely worth the read. This anthology has created a future that is both advanced and backward a world where technology plays a drastic role in both large scale convenience and oppression In this world, we see how such technology has been used in different ways how it is a tool that can expand, or limit, the breadths of human horizon This is very evident in the way people are segregated Those who belong to the upper classes stay high above the ground, and those who own nothing stay deep underneath literally.There are 9 stories in this anthology and I can t pick which one I like best The ones I really liked were Whispers in the Dark, The Greatest, Angel s Island, and The Electric Eye While the timeline is not explicitly stated, it can be inferred that the stories are in chronological order They may not be directly connected with each other but we can think that each of them is a torn part of a single photograph the bigger picture that shows a system that is highly organized and yet broken in a lot of aspects.To my delight, the characters were well developed despite the limited number of pages It is basically the same world for every story, with each new character offering a different take on it It was interesting to read how all their lives are linked in a subtle manner to represent the different forms of devastation that one can experience in that society The writing style was pleasant as it sets the motion of the stories in the right pace.This is the first work I ve read from this author and it was a good experience However, one should be warned that a happy tale is not to be expected, though I don t think this will rob any reader of a good time Futureland is a fine read that draws haunting images of a future we should be scared of It s a nice blend of science fiction, mystery, and dark humor that is gripping and thought provoking. I realized from my readings over the Christmas season why I enjoy well written books from Black culture than most science fiction books though I do like them a great deal They rank higher in my favorite books because these treasures ring true to what I know, they convey in their narratives truths about Black culture and its complex situatedness to America Science fiction often catapults from reality to a clean slate largely of the author s imagination The stories in Mosley s Futureland combine strengths of both aspects The stories are rich in cultural observance and Black stylings while the force of Mosley s imagination is in full effect in this complex corporate world of the future.I like the book because Mosley really plays with culture Sometimes he takes familiar elements even verging on stereotypes and jazzes them up Other times he jams together disparate parts and conflicting ideas Throughout the book, characters enter, leave, and re enter to create a powerful Futureland world populated by detectives and criminals, athletes and their fans, sex workers production workers and genius tycoons, The Greatest is one of the stories I truly enjoyed reading It s a sports story, and a love story It accelerates into social commentary when the protagonist, a female boxing champion considers her power outside the ring The story takes the Tiger Woods and Venus Williams celebrity and elaborates it for an exaggerated future and then draws it outside of the world of sports to raise a critical lens to our relationships with athletics and celebrity.Still, I didn t like every story evenly I liked reading them all but I didn t feel the same urgency of reading throughout the whole book A few stories I read just to see how the story His sillyness and cultural symbolism reminds me of Ishmael Reed A great sci fi find. Not only is the writing superb, but the dystopia he describes seems scarily plausible. I don t really know what to make of this I thought that Mosley s writing was strong and engaging, but somehow the stories all set in the same world, with stronger or weaker links between them depending on the story didn t quite work for me There are so many fantastic ideas explored, but I found some of the endings of the stories a bit too predictable, and one or two of the stories left little impression on me because of that Some of the stories worked beautifully, but others felt like they lacked something paciness, mostly, or a real understanding for the reader of the tensions under the surface One blurb says that Futureland is an all American nightmare just waiting to happen , and I think that might be partly why it didn t work for me, not being American and not having those exact worries and that history and context.Nonetheless, it s definitely an interesting collection, and I should totally check out of Mosley s work.Reviewed for the Bibliophibian.