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!READ EBOOK ♖ De Imitatione Christi ♍ Amazing Book, De Imitatione Christi Author Thomas Kempis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book De Imitatione Christi, Essay By Thomas Kempis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This book is said to be written by a monk for monks So, it talks about things that a normal human being like me, or probably like most of us who read for pleasure, hard to implement Common, who among us can abandon our comfortable lives, pack another pair of clothes and join a religious organization just like what St Francis of Assisi, Beatified Mother Teresa or the disciples of Jesus For me they are the super humans who are different from all of us.I will never claim that I am religious and that I always doubt that if I die now, I will go straight to heaven Why Because one thing that I find hard to do or will never ever do is to abandon what comforts I am enjoying now like living away from my wife and daughter and join the monks to pray and serve my fellowmen I mean, what will happen to my wife and daughter Especially my daughter who is still studying She still needs my support and I have a responsibility to her as her father Jesus said in Mark 20 25 that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for someone rich to enter the kingdom of God And since it was Jesus who said that that basically is what the first part of The Imitation of Christ, Helpful Counsels of the Spiritual Life is all about Well, aside from the importance of solitude and silence that I always find to have especially during the early mornings when I wake up to urinate and I could not sleep, I grab the rosary in my side of the bed and pray The second book Directives for Inner Life tells us that we are all passers by in this world and that being passers by, we should attribute everything to God We should take up our cross just like the way Jesus did If it is work that we consider us our cross, we should work hard and dedicate everything we do in the office to Him rather than to our boss Everything is fleeting and ephemeral Everything will pass Your boss, who does not see your hard work and who is focused on himself or his own agenda will also pass The job that you think you need will also pass and you will move on Everything happens for a reason and the important thing is that you live your life based on what God has designed for you We should open our hearts and accept him However, again, that is easier said than done Again, read Mark 20 25.The third book is my favorite mot only because it is in the form of a dialogue between Jesus and one of his disciples but it can be summarized by one of my favorite biblical passages, John 14 16 that says I am the way and the truth and the life No one comes to the Father except through me Nothing else is important If you boss scolds you, refuse to talk back and think of Jesus being the important person than them if they are wrong What Jesus thinks of you is important than what your boss thinks about you even if he thinks that you suck and you are deserved to be sacked Don t worry, Jesus who sees the real you will show you the way.The fourth and final book On Blessed Sacrament is also in the form of dialogue just like the third book but it is focused on the sacraments as the practices that should remind us of Jesus Christ when he was still on earth like the holy mass and the sacred communion It is through the sacraments that we can form union with Jesus and it is through following Him, through imitating Him that we can have share an eternal life with Him. This is my go to daily read I ve carried around for the last few years, and it never gets old When I need a good kick in the butt, I read Kempis His excerpts are short but pack so much truth, and I can t tell you how many times I ve just cried over his words as God has used this book to convict me of my self exaltation and pride, and how the mercy of God meets us in our repentant and contrite hearts. The Imitation of Christ consists of four books One each on 1 Good advice on the life of Christian faith 2 The interior life of the follower of Christ 3 Spiritual comfort and 4 Reflections on the Eucharist Each of these is further subdivided into anywhere from twelve to fifty six mini reflections on related topics The third and longest book the one on spiritual comfort is my personal favorite Even though it s been over forty years since the first time I read Imitation I vividly recall my reaction to hearing the voice of Christ in these pages Tears This book introduced me to the concept of a relationship with Jesus For a long time after I kept a copy of Imitation close at hand and read the parts I liked constantly.I still cry when I read or listen to an audio version of Jesus speaking in the quiet of my heart as Kempis puts it Since that first time, I ve read or listened to this spiritual classic times than can be remembered Even when I was turning my back on all things related to God, I went in search of a copy of this book I was led to a modern translation of it in a little bookstore in Germany, where we were living at the time That was my favorite translation ever but along the way someone else needed it , so it s gone I ve bought this book as gifts for Confirmation and graduation and I ve tried out several different translations The older and yes literal ones tend to be a bit off putting Thomas Kempis the most probable author was a 14th century monk It was a different era They took their spirituality seriously back then Well some did anyway If they were genuine and the author of Imitation seems to be the real deal.So how much of it is applicable to modern people living in the world I guess it depends on you You can always get yourself a copy and just read what appeals to you A place to begin might be where Jesus tells how much He loves you, how good God is and how to look for lasting peace and consolation in Him Once you fully saturate yourself in the mercy and love of God, then maybe you ll be ready to move on to some of the challenging lessons Nothing says the book has to be read in order For some years now I listen to this audio version while driving or crocheting It s an excellent modern translation I can also recommend The Heart and Soul of Imitating Christ A Fresh Look at the Thomas a Kempis Classic I keep that with my Bible The Imitation of Christ is the most popular devotional after Holy Scripture.Most highly recommended. This book is going to forever be in either of two places in my home my coffee table or my bedside Reading this book this morning was like drinking deep of Christ s love Thomas a Kempis wrote this devotion in such a way to fan the flame in our soul with beautiful gentle words It is a book that calls one deeper and farther in to the heart of God.Psalm 42 7 sums it up Deep calls unto deep at the sound of thy waterfalls All thy breakers and thy waves have rolled over me. Truly, this is a 1.5 star book in my record, but I didn t have the option Although one of the most popular books in Christian literary history, I found this text difficult to connect with because of the jabbing absolutes and insistence on isolation Kempis Christianity resounds with joylessness and as one member of our book group commented, he comes across as the kind likely to be disappointed by heaven The overwhelming theme of the text is suffering, that is, imitating Christ through suffering Many times in the text, this point crescendos to suffering for the sake of suffering, rather than for any particular religious goal Perhaps that impression stems from his lack of balance in describing Christian humility and our post salvation predicament Kempis endorses a life void of rejoicing in one s salvation, and suggests that to do so would imply haughtiness of spirit and a lack of contempt for sin He also emphasizes disdain for the world, that the mature one becomes in their faith, the one should enjoy suffering and despise both self and world While I agree that humility is a difficult virtue to exist alongside human intellect, as humanity is always inventing ways to be impressed with itself, I cannot endorse Kempis view that the world and self should be completely despised Scripture tells us that the Kingdom of God is NOW, not just in the future, but occurring since Jesus began his ministry and finding its fulfillment in heaven Why Kempis avoids this discussion, I do not know However, if God is able to reside in my own heart, then there is that part of me which should never be despised Kempis also insist on solitude in the Christian life, and while it is true that we all eventually fail one another due to our own sinful imperfections, nowhere in scripture do I find solitude and isolation endorsed Kempis says that one should seek God not above others, but instead of others Again, this avoids a scriptural discussion on the body of Christ and our needs and obligations to others Again and again, scripture resounds with the reminder that we cannot exist outside of community Which, I suppose, is why even the monks retired from the world in the company of others The emphasis on suffering was a good reminder that adversity is, indeed, a guarantee of the Christian life of any life, for that matter and Kempis insistence on faithfulness in the experience of suffering is a needed reminder for today s feel good age Also enjoyable, and boosting my review from 1 to 1.5 stars, is the end portion on communion Reading Kempis guide to communion preparation reminds the spirit of what a contrite posture feels like, and helps one bend into that impossible pose Overall, this is not a book I enjoyed reading, but my own disagreements with the text were quite stimulating Perhaps that is the aim of Thomas a Kempis impossible absolutes. It would be difficult to overstate the impact this book has had on me Yes, it s really, really Catholic Yes, it s ascetic No, it s most definitely not pro woman Even so, I think Jesus meant it when he said to deny ourselves and take up our crosses daily but mention that to a modern evangelical and watch them recoil in horror This little book calls the reader to a life of intensity and discipline in following Christ It s not comforting or particularly warm and it makes no accommodations You need to do that yourself it took me 4 years to finish this book because every passage is so incredibly rich that I couldn t take in too much at any one time Honestly I can t even recommend it to very many people because it s so hard core If you re a nominal Christian who likes feel good sermons and that book about the little boy who goes to Heaven, bless you but skip this one Try Dennis Okholm s Monk Habits for Everyday People if you want to get all monastic but think denying yourself means not sleeping in on Sunday I m serious, it s a good book I think I gave it 4 stars But if you re 100% serious about following Jesus, if knowing God is the highest priority in your life, if you get the concept of willingly plucking out your eye to keep yourself out of Hell, then get this book and read it slowly and carefully There s a lot of chaff, let that go but hold on tightly to the wheat It will nourish you. Currently reading and re reading for the rest of my life Anyone who embraces the wisdom in this book and lives by its precepts, will be a happy and content person Imitation of Christ was written by a Benedictine monk around 1429 The truth he writes of transcends centuries and applies as much to today s modern man woman as it did back then because it addresses the issues and attitudes that lie in the human heart Our world will never change until we, collectively, change our heart attitudes. A classic Not everyone s cup of tea Demanding and ascetic, the upward road to salvation No platitudes here and calming words, just the raw grain of uneasy truth Handle with caution. If anyone can claim the credentials to be a card carrying evangelical , it s me Born and raised Church of the Nazarene Saved at grandma s Methodist church camp Baptized, second act of grace santicfication, Youth for Christ trained, Billy Graham crusade foot soldier It is a membership that lasted well over forty years But by the end of the 2004 presidential campaign, if there had been somewhere I could go and turn in my card, I would have gladly done so By that time the word evangelical had pretty much lost any sense of religious identification for me It had been almost completely co opted by Republican political operatives and Christian Fundamentalists with whom I had little or no sense of theological community.In retrospect, my departure from mainstream evangelicalism had starting years earlier, when I discovered the Social Justice wing of the church, which, in my own view, remained Protestant and Wesleyan But as I grew old and crusty, my faith journey started to take some strange twists and turns In retropsect, the mile stones in this journey became marked by a reading list that grew ever wider from the boundaries of my Protestant upbringing and education This book shelf, Evangelical Escape Pod is actually a literary history of books that have brought me to a place that would probably send my Nazarene Sunday School teachers into a frenzy of Wednesday night Prayer Meeting intersession or possibly intervention It began with this book, The Imitation of Christ , which I first read probably sometime in the late 80s It was the first sharp departure from my Prtotestant Reformation comfort zone, and began a long, slow and still evolving transformation