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This is the sort of book you almost have to be a directionless slacker to enjoy This is the story of an obviously intelligent but incredibly lazy Gen Xer who decided to bum around the country washing dishes in all 50 states from the late 80 s through 2001 He picked the dishwasher profession because it offered him free food, no customer interaction, and the ability to leave without notice whenever he felt like it This is the story of a guy so pathetic and afraid of becoming useful that he does this until he s 35 And contrary to publisher hype, this is not really the story of how he washed dishes in all 50 states, because even given 13 years he didn t come close to finishing This is the story of how he spent 13 years washing dishes, then realized he d wasted his entire adult life up until that point on a silly quest to avoid responsibility that he d started when he was 18 Jordan had no direction to his wandering, no point, and no plan and most of the time he just visited the same places over and over again He spends half of the book in Portland, but the true story of one man s quest to be the biggest slacker on earth in a city full of slackers doesn t exactly have the same ring to it Really, this is a book that should not be, and the author pretty much admits as much at the end According to the P.S in the back, the book only exists at all because the publisher s agent offered the author free food And while Jordan does write in an engaging style that keeps the pages turning, he himself admits at the end that the entire quest was thoroughly pointless because he didn t have the self discipline to see it through I bought this book for the publisher s hype, and it s really not what you get in the end If Jordan had actually finished his quest it might have been interesting But because he didn t, this book is likely to be a waste of money for all but the most dedicated of crunchy slackers. When I started this book, I wrote I keep wondering when Pete will become a sympathetic protagonist Right now he she s kind of a dick The answer is Never Never does Pete become a sympathetic protagonist He flippantly uses the term plongeur morality to describe his unreliability, and, frankly, it s really unappealing The ending of the book is terribly abrupt, and I grew weary of his I worked this job until I got sick of it and then quit leaving people in the lurch TEE HEE AREN T I AWESOME tales. @DOWNLOAD ⚡ Dishwasher: One Man's Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States (P.S.) Û Dishwasher Is The True Story Of A Man On A Mission To Clean Dirty Dishes Professionally In Every State In America Part Adventure, Part Parody, And Part Miraculous Journey Of Self Discovery, It Is The Unforgettable Account Of Pete Jordan S Transformation From Itinerant Seeker Into Dishwasher Pete Unlikely Folk Hero, Writer, Publisher Of His Own Cult Zine, And The Ultimate Professional Dish Dog And How He Gave It All Up For Love Dishwasher Pete and I never ran in the same zine circles, but I read a few issues of Dishwasher everybody read that zine It was an exciting zine for a teenage girl like myself to read Here was a guy who decided to take off and do his own thing He did something that most people were afraid to do, that was entirely of his own invention Dishwasher Pete s quest to wash dishes in all 50 states with no specific plan in mind was noble at best a slight waste of time at worst.Now that I m thirty one, I couldn t help but roll my eyes most of the way through this book Guys like Pete used to sleep on the couch for weeks at a time at the radical cooperative where I used to live, sucking up our utilities and our space, rarely or never kicking in money to help out, because they were on a quest to FIND THEMSELVES while girls like me were, y know, surviving and all Things I liked Pete s hardcore research into dishwashing history was interesting, and he s likely the only person who s ever bothered to do such research As a former dishwasher, I appreciated it Also, Pete tells stories well He s not the greatest writer on earth, but he has a good story That suffices in a book like this.Things I didn t like It did get a bit boring after awhile, reading dish story after dish story after dish story Things I REALLY didn t like I wanted to smack Pete across the face when he abruptly quit his dishing mission after following a fat family through the doors of Cracker Barrel, calling them lazy and literally pigs at the trough Considering he spent ten years eating scraps out of bus tubs, he s really not one to talk People who live in glass pig sties shouldn t throw stones. Pete Jordan is no writer and, to his credit, never professes to be He is a wanderer, a reader, a collector of things and experiences , an activist and even a community organizer of sorts The zine he created documenting his adventures as an itinerant dishwasher aptly titled, as this book is, Dishwasher seemedof an attempt to create a community amidst dishwashers a segment of the population that obviously is largely ignored than to create any great literary achievement Jordan even studied up on the history of the dish washing, becoming a sort of scholar of the profession and a scruffy purveyor of his wisdom to anyone interested Those who were interested numbered in the tens of thousands by the time Jordan hung up his scouring pad for good and quit the profession.Despite his popularity, however, Jordan eschewed fame and fortune, turning down multiple book deal offers, sending a friend in his place to appear on Letterman, and even rejecting filmmakers who approached him looking to cinematize the story of his life This book didn t even come about until years after he d stopped dish washing, married and moved to Amsterdam, where he became so broke he decided to contact some of the publishing houses who d once courted him.He doesn t consider himself a writer, and his book is not particularly well written In the hands of a gifted scribe, someone in command of deep reflection and strong verbal wit and the depiction of colorful details, Dishwasher s tale of a man trying to wash dishes in all 50 states could have been something truly special As it is, it s a likable, rambling thing penned by a likable lunk The stories of life on the road are simply told, free of any sort of suspense or narrative momentum, but readable enough What comes across the most strongly is Jordan himself, not so much through the force of his personality butfor the lack thereof Dishwasher is a testament to what can happen when an easygoing dude just sits back and lets life take him where it wants to We should all have a period of unstressful journeying. man, i really wanted to like this book i mean, i DID like this book for the first 100 pages or so it s a highly readable account of one man s attempt to wash dishes in all 50 states, yet it sof a meditation on the futility of working life wage slavery cool, right some parts even made me chuckle to myself.but as time went on, i got increasingly frustrated with dishwasher pete s adult baby ness and if there s one thing i hate, it s an adult baby, especially adult baby men he talks about how cheaply he lives, but he s only able to do that on the backs of people usually whatever lady he s dating who feed him, let him crash on their floor of the house apartment that they re paying rent on, while pete pays nothing , etc and THEN he eventually decides to stop dishing because he goes to a cracker barrel and seesFAT PEOPLE THAT S why he gives up his career , because he doesn t want to be subservient to fat people this literally comes out of nowhere, and it s really fucked up i really liked the bits of dishing history it made me fond for my days spent next to the hobart at gaylesbian summer camp, next to a loud landscaper dyke named kim who would bellow we are the world loud enough to be heard over the rinse cyclei wish kim had written a book about her dish experiences instead.i wouldn t say this book is a total thumbs down, because, as i said, it s highly readable very interesting, just a little frustrating if you have adult babies in yr life. i m kind of amazed at the bad reviews this book has gotten on the goodreads website people are all, i heard this guy on NPR his story sounded interesting, but his book was a total bore it won t be surprising to people who know me that i knew about the dishwashing in all fifty states quest from dishwasher the zine i won t claim to have read too many issues, because i was into riot grrrl when pete was publishing regularly, our little zine scenes didn t have a lot of overlap in fact, i was in a stage of my life where i only consumed media created by women sorry, pete i have read a few issues since then they re not mind blowing or anything, but they are pretty entertaining but at the end of the day, it s washing dishes in all fifty states it s not exactly fireworks super excitement, you know but that doesn t mean that it s not interesting this book is, thankfully, NOT an anthology of the dishwasher zines surely, material from the zines makes its way into the book but it s a memoir in its own right, composed of new material, i thought it was really great it was funny, poignant, interesting, educationali mean, i am a picky rater i gave it five stars i clearly thought it was fantastic maybe i am biased because i used to be a dishwasher myself, first at taco bell, later in one of the food halls on the BGSU campus i found both jobs hellish physically exhausting, but strangely relaxing just me the dishes it was meditative combine this with epic travel a whole lot of clever dishwashing radical politics connections we have a great book on our hands some reviewers were like, this guy was just a jerk he would just quit jobs leave people hanging what an asshole have these people ever washed dishes the whole point of having the goal be WASHING DISHES in every state, as opposed to, like, being a hostage negotiater in every state, is that washing dishes is pretty unskilled labor, making it an easy job to get, an easy job to quit, because there s always someone else standing behind you, ready to don the apron for a few bucks whatever. Terrific book Like when sampling one of the offerings of the few zinesters to get it in book form Pagan Kennedy, Paul Lukas , you re getting a real phenomenon of as lived reportage for your trade paperback time and money.I can t say , because it s such a varied and surprising pleasure to read, chapter by chapter Indie rockers and Kerouac readers, et al., actually travel the country through, which is a nice counter, particularly these days, to incurious and hostile types Remember the Dambuilders attempt to write a song for each of the fifty states Spread out over albums and 7 records, I can t remember how far they got You really do have to scare up tales from folks firsthand to find out how they live And how better else than by rolling up your sleeves and plunging your arms into the hot, hot water.Portlanders will delight in finding the recently elected City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly featured in these pages, as a noted host of Pete s zines and his bodily frame during his journeys. hmm the book itself is written just fine it s breezy and quick and goes well with a couple of beers on the back porch it s just look, we ve all quit a job once or twice in our lives without giving the two weeks notice, leaving people in the lurch, bla bla bla it s a dick move, but it feels great and it leaves you with a fun story that will impress impressionable people and depress your depression era grandparents BUT DUDE if you do this with every job you take, in 33 states, for twelve years, you are not the freewheelin bob dylan, the wanderin dion dimucci, the smoothly operatin sade, or the folk hero pete johnny dishwashing job quitter seed jordan no you are just kind of a self centered and irresponsible chump that quits a lot of jobs ok i will now go back to lecturing today s younger generation about littering and energy conservation and the dangers of hitchhiking. You would think working as a dishwasher for 10 years as the author did would yield some great stories and a heaping pile of insight into the human condition, but there isn t anything like that to be found here Every chapter is exactly the same I got a job washing dishes instate then quit Way to go Here s a book deal.At many points while reading this book, I truly thought I d really rather be washing dishes than reading this.