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!DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♠ All the Lovely Bad Ones ♾ Travis And His Sister, Corey, Can T Resist A Good Trick So When They Learn That Their Grandmother S Sleepy Vermont Inn Has A History Of Ghost Sightings, They Decide To Do A Little Haunting Of Their Own Scaring The Guests Proves To Be Great Fun, And Before Long, The Inn Is Filled With Tourists And Ghost Hunters Eager For A Glimpse Of The SupernaturalBut Travis And Corey Soon Find Out That They Aren T The Only Ghosts At Fox Hill Inn Their Thoughtless Games Have Awakened Something Dangerous, Something That Should Have Stayed Asleep Restless, Spiteful Spirits Swarm The Inn, While A Dark And Terrifying Presence Stalks The Halls And The Old Oak Grove On The Inn S Grounds To Lay The Ghosts To Rest, Travis And Corey Must First Discover The Dark History Of Fox Hill And The Horrors Visited On Its Inhabitants Years Earlier All the Lovely Bad Ones, by author Mary Downing Hahn, is yet another horrifyingly spooky young readers ghost story by an ageless wonder This time MDH delivers a spine chilling tale about siblings Travis and Corey who are visiting their grandma s inn for the summer When they decide to play a terrifying trick on her guests, they inadvertently stir up a whole barrel of trouble, ya hear Before they know it they re caught up in a firestorm of bitter hickish motel cooks, psychedelic pot smoking hippie ghost hunters, a gaggle of adorable little child spirits, and of course the vile bondage loving Mistress Ada It s pretty awesome, really.MDH has really outdone herself this time Just when I thought she couldn t sabotage her own writing any further, she comes up with this gem Truthfully, this book started out pretty creepy MDH is a perfectly capable writer and for a while I fooled myself into thinking she might actually write something, oh I don t know, scary But it was just too much to ask Right when I started to believe she might pull it off, she had to go and make all of the ghosts nothingthan a bunch of fun loving orphan spirits I m now thoroughly convinced MDH needs to just go back to collecting social security. I really loved this book, for a children s book it is excelling There is suspense, but not enough to be creepy or scary It is moving fast, just in the right amount to be entertaining.Travis and his sister, Corey come to stay with their grandmother Pretty quick, they understand that the inn was known to be haunted They decided to bring the place to life or to death actually , and play tricks on the guests After their tricks, probably grandma will haveguests But then, their plan is not going as expected Something strange is going on Maybe there are real ghosts in the inn Now, they might be responsible for awaking a bunch of ghosts And it seems that only the cooks knowabout what s going on.The kids need to find a solution and get this uncontrolled situation to an end And they need to get to know these ghosts and find out what is bothering them No ghost can rest in peace when there is an unresolved issue Really sweet, and I bet anyone that reads this book will like the ghosts in the end All the lovely bad ones is a lovely book Almost 4 stars. As a kid, I absolutely loved Wait Till Helen Comes I can t even begin to tell you how many times I read it It was just the right level of creepy I needed in elementary school I m very sure that if I d read All the Lovely Bad Ones at the same time, I would have loved it every bit as much Alas, I didn t.All credit where it s due, there are plenty of things to like about this book It s very readable, the ghosts have a credible backstory, and the evil in the house is nicely malevolent There are several parts of the book that are quite creepy, even for an adult reader But the hauntings are defanged very early on Turning the poltergeists into just a pack of mischievous children loses a lot of the tension and makes the ghostsannoying than frightening And for ghosts, they re weirdly solid There s a lot of physical contact between the ghosts and the living, which makes them significantly less, you know, ghostly I can t help but feel like the book could have done with a few less mischievous, oddly corporeal ghosts and focusedon the actually malevolent Miss Ada The solution comes rathereasily than I would have liked It felt very much like Hahn had written herself to the point where she could have gone either of two ways, and she deliberately chose the easier and less frightening version I probably shouldn t complain about this too much This is, after all, basically written for kids, and it isn t going to go for the jugular in quite the same way that a book for adult or even teen readers would That isn t a bad thing, necessarily, and I don t hold it against the book, but it did kind of keep me from getting fully invested. A chilling, creepy story Your heart just breaks for the sad little ghost children. Travis and Corey from the book All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hawn stay at their grandmother s quiet inn called Fox Hill Inn over in Vermont When they try to make the ghost believing couple think there is still some ghostly activity left there When they put on a ghost show they getthan they bargained for They awake an evil spirited poor farm caretaker Mrs Ada and the rambunctious lovely bad ones The only ones able to put them back to sleep is Travis and Corey with a little help from the leaders of the lovely bad ones that is if Mrs Ada doesn t put them to sleep first To find out what happens next read All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hawn. My book that i read was All the Lovely Bad ones this book was a scary book i really enjoyed it The beginning,Corey and Travis get kicked out of the camp there at,so there mom sends them too the inn,where there grandma is the owner of that hotel they are sent there for the hole summer they meet acouple at the inn and they are ghost hunters And Corey and Travis start playing of jokes on all the people there so reporters can go and interview them so they can become famous well all of the sudden weird things are actually happening they start talking too the really ghost and Miss.Ada is a ghost too but shes the mean one she killed them all back when they were all alife because the inn was a poor farm house back in the past Miss.Ada whould treat all of them very bad so she killed them all and those children ghost cant rest in peace so they talk too travis and corey and they want a stone with all there names on it so they can rest in peace and so travis and corey get one and they all leave too rest and a big mean man comes and takes miss.ada away forever because she was worst then the devil she was very mean and at then end everyone is happy because the poor children go too heaven Author Mary Downing Hahn writes one great ghost story aimed at middle grade readers after another I d already read Wait till Helen comes, The Old Willis Place A Ghost Story, and The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall The last is probably the scariest of the lot I m a grown woman and I had a bit of trouble sleeping All the Lovely Bad Ones ranks with the rest Mischievous siblings Travis and Corey Donovan stir upthan just trouble when they pretend to be ghosts at their grandmother s Vermont inn, which had a reputation for being haunted I won t ruin the read by telling you , but let me just say that you ll learn a lot about a rather unsavory part of American history. Has some genuinely spooky moments, with a believably evil set of baddies, but my enjoyment was hampered by a couple of things the underdeveloped main characters and the inconsistency of ghosts actions with the conventions of ghosthood.I needof a past for Travis and Corey than They re pranksters, the little rascals I need to know why in three months, in dire circumstances, there is never any mention of their parents wanting their parents with them, resenting their parents for sending them away for the summer, notifying their parents when they re in danger Their parents exist purely as stage devices for how the kids came to exist, and yet there s so much potential there, for developing that theme of parents who cannot or do not protect their children I need to know what their life was like before coming to the inn I knowabout the ghosts old homelife than I do about the flippin narrator s These characters don t act like real children with real needs, with real fears They re paper dolls.Also, without real comment, without even the slightest evidence of surprise by any one involved, the ghosts are as material as the living kids I know it s hokey to have too much of And then I tried to grab the ghost s hand and my hand went right through , but to not even comment on it The ghost children grab and pull and push the main characters, taking their hands to lead them places and that doesn t feel weird to the kids In the conventions of ghost lore, ghosts can act as a physical force, but being in physical contact with a ghost, being acted upon by a ghost, is reliably described as an uncanny experience Chills are typically involved Hairs on necks typically get raised If you re going to write a ghost story, you have to address the readers expectations of the genre this novel is the equivalent of a tale about vampires without any mention of sunlight And in a ghost story, the immateriality of ghosts matters, because the inability to affect the physical world is the driving force behind the haunting if the ghosts could so casually, so directly affect the physical world, why weren t they themselves doing the revealing, the digging up of damning evidence If you can grab a kid and drag them to the pertinent grave, you can certainly move the soil from the grave yourself unless the tale gives me reasons otherwise, and this tale does not give any time to such explanations. What would you do if you saw a ghost Would you freak out Would you be normal Tell me how you would feel what your reaction would be Travis and his sister are visiting there grandparents for the weekend, but they find something odd its odd say but they find a ghost like a old spirit in there house and its wayodd once they find they always see it and they talk to it i liked this story, but not as much because it needsspice but i like the scary parts of the story, but it needed some work like