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The final bonus volume of Sand Chronicles is like an epilogue than a bonus It continues the main story Daigo and Ann are now 30 years old They re happily married, although I don t think they have kids yet As the summary states, Daigo digs up a time capsule This opens up many memories from the past and also many things to teach his students now Daigo s teacher at age ten was Mrs Koda He admired her greatly worshiped might be a better word She believed in him and made him believe in himself It was fun seeing snippets of Daigo as a ten year old He was a big cry baby Always fighting with Fuji Mrs Koda told Daigo and his classmates that the most important thing they could do was to become somebody that they liked to like themselves.Daigo is thrilled to meet up with Mrs Koda again twenty years later to open the time capsule He still thinks of her as one of the most important people in his life But Mrs Koda has a secret Can Daigo still accept her even if she isn t the perfect person he always envisioned Who are we kiddingof course he can Daigo imbues Mrs Koda s strength He imparts her words and wisdom onto his students He believes in them and provides them with opportunities to learn and succeed He is a great teacher.We also get a few moments with Ann She s of an afterthought in this story thrown in because she s a main character in the rest of the series but I still liked having her there We see how she s become an equal to Daigo Able to stand on her own feet and support him as much as he supports her.I m very sad to see Sand Chronicles end Every volume pulls at your heartstrings Ashihara knows how to create characters you love and put them into situations that challenge themand pains the reader to endure I highly recommend Sand Chronicles. (((KINDLE))) ☜ Sand Chronicles, Vol. 10 ☠ Can The Sands Of Time Bury The Pain Of The Past Reads R To L Japanese Style , For T Audiences Final Touching Volume Daigo Digs Up The Time Capsule He Buried Twenty Years Ago When He Was Only Ten What Message Did Daigo Leave For His Future Self And What Does It Take To Live Life Fully And Without Regret FULL SERIES REVIEWI wasn t a huge fan of this when it was running in Shojo Beat, but the magazine was canceled before the characters aged in the series As a whole, I found the series an interesting human drama.We follow Ann and her friends of similar ages from the time she s 12 to the time she s 30 at the end I m not a big fan of teenage drama which the first half of the series is full of , but it does show the characters growing and maturing with each year.Part of the appeal is Ann herself Her probably clinically depressed mother commits suicide when she s 12, and Ann has the hardest time escaping that for the rest of her life We follow her love life, with its ups and downs that thankfully don t reach normal shojo drama levels all the characters have their own personalities and their own issues, so the relationships are actually between two people, rather than between crushing airhead and a prettyboy.The last two volumes of the series are essentially extra Volume 9 is backstory, from before Ann and company were even born, but it gives insight into Ann s mother, a key player by her very absence for most of the series Volume 10 shows Ann at age 30, settled into her new life, and details the lives of those she s still close to I absolutely love when I can see what happens after the main story although since the story was a 28 year journey of Ann s life, this is probably of the same, but it feels like an epilogue. Meh Not exactly the way I would have liked the series to end It is a sort of epilogue to the main story, set just after Daigo and Ann get married This time, the focus is actually on Daigo, and Ann plays only a minor part in the story There s not much to say about the story, that feels overly long for what actually happens I d say that you could skip this volume entirely and miss nothing but seeing that Fuji does indeed end up with his own happiness. So loved every page I love this so much It s complicated and realistic, and the focus stays solidly on An This is her story, and while there are some subplots with guy angst, it never takes over and becomes a story about the guy and his angst, like so many shoujo series do I loved the characterisations here, too There are strong women and weak women and women who struggle and become stronger over the years It is also one of the few shoujo series where I was honestly not sure whether or not it would have a typically happy ending.I highly recommend this The series is ten volumes total, with the main story being the first eight, and some side stories taking up the last two volumes The basic story is about a woman named An It starts off with her finding an hourglass in the closet and reminiscing about when she got it The story then goes back to when she was twelve and her parents had just got divorced She and her mother moved back to the boonies to live with her grandparents That s when she meets Daigo, Fuji, and Shiika, who will be lifelong friends That s also when her mother commits suicide, something that affects An immensely and which she will never really get over in fact, you could say the story is much about An and her mother than it is about any of the romances The story follows her through the years until it meets up with the point where she found the hourglass, then goes on a few years after that The main side stories we get are one about An s mother, Daigo s mother, and Fuji and Shiika s mother when they were young, one about An s little sister, and one set a few years in the future from the end of the main story.As I said above, this is really a story about An and her mother It s a story about how some boy can t make it all better, no matter how much you love him or he loves you I love that it s not easy for Daigo, either, to love someone like An, that even once they re together for good, he can never not look at her and remember all the bad times, too I love that even when he rescues her when she slit her wrist, he doesn t really rescue her He s not heroic He stands there gaping at her lying on the sand while the taxi driver is the one who says get her in the car, hold her hand above heart level, let s get to the hospital I love that she does eventually accept that she couldn t have saved her mom, and that her mom committing suicide doesn t mean she didn t love her I love the moment at the grave, when Chii her half sister, who is 19 years younger than her asks if her mom died because she was sick, and An thinks about it and says yes I loved the backstory we got for her mom, and the contrast between her and Fuji and Shiika s mom, both so different, yet they both ended up fucking up their kids pretty well.In terms of romance, I love that everyone found happiness and that that happiness was not necessarily a romantic relationship I mean, Shiika Wow She got over Daigo, got away from her family and the fucked up ness there, made her own way in a foreign country and made a career for herself there All without a man I even thought that it might end with An by herself, too I don t think I ve ever thought that about a shoujo manga before Usually they re so predictable, yet here I really wondered When she got with Fuji, I thought it really might work out for them When she got with Sakura, I thought it really might work out for them, too well, I had doubts about that one, but I thought maybe And then when An finally made her peace with her mother, I really thought that s where it would end.And yet at the same time, I m happy she and Daigo did get back together in the end I would have liked it the other way, too, but this didn t feel disappointing Their relationship overall felt much realistic than you d expect for a couple who met when they were twelve and started dating when they were fourteen, and I think the fact that they weren t together most of the time is responsible for that I love that they had a long distance relationship and it didn t work out.This is just such a great series Just the right length, too It didn t feel like it was dragging on forever to keep the story going And I really liked the art. Hinako Ashihara s 10th volume of The Sand Chonicles ends with a loud bang If the Volumes 1 8 focus on Ann, this time, Daigo gets the spotlight Yes, it is also bildungsroman Readers will love how Hinako Ashihara highlights a turning point in Daigo s life his teacher, Mrs Koda, inspires him the most to become a teacher and be the most genuine version of himself no matter where life takes him But everything shatters when view spoiler Daigo finds out that Mrs Koda has been lying not only to him but also to everyone else hide spoiler A Daigo story that acts as epilogue We see him with his own students creating a time capsule I like the interaction with Daigo and the children, and I like seeing this portion of the story, but this really doesn t add to the main storyline at all, or even give us anything that feels even remotely satisfying as a conclusion to the story Ann is a side character but did she ever relaxCHANGE Will she be OK Or will she someday do to her own child what her mother did to her I m left feeling uneasy and hopeless. I loved how the series ended I liked seeing the afterwards, and I loved hearing what Daigo thought about the journey.