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9500 copies of this book were burned by the United States military I guess I m going to have to read it. An interesting read Another example of good people trying to do the right thing and constantly being thwarted by corrupt and self serving governmental bureaucracies. I had to quit reading this book about one soldier s look at his life and what a great job he did to save what ever I just could not take any of his I m the best thing here in Afghanistan and you better do it my way or no way at all I got to page 88 and that is all I could take of this guy. Let s give the Colonel some slack here I liked the book, full well knowing how governmental agencies work at different levels I appreciate living in a country where truth still eventually can be told even when censored If you want a rough idea how it works even in the dark you should read this book. I read War, then Horse Soldiers War covers the now of Afghanistan by a world class writer Horse Soldiers cover the Special Forces who first went to Afghanistan, fought in support of the Northern Alliance and essentially expelled the Taliban in two months with just 50 of our men Op Dark Heart is the in between time when we restarted fighting the back again Taliban It too is written by a participant.is not the best writing but is a real story that exposes the raw unpleasant story of how our Military actually operates in this war and it ain t pretty Searching for an answer to how we can best bring this war to a conclusion, I am becoming convinced that we are not learning the lessons that brought us success I have moved backwards to now read Bob Woodwards book on the 2007 Bush Administration efforts that resulted in the surge in Iraq to learn about the background to our present strategy These books together are helping me toward a conclusion I recommend reading them all in the same order I did. Lt.Col.Anthony Shaffer, Operation Dark Heart, Thomas Dunne Books, St.Martins Press NY, 2010, 289 pages.The book follows Col Shaffer and his mission in fighting the Taliban He is part of a secret Black Ops unit they call themselves the Jedi Knights and they are not bound by normal Govt.Regulations They do well in their fight against the Taliban until the top brass get in their way, implementing totally flawed and ridiculous policies things we see today the Col and his team have no operating space like they did before and just watch the Taliban regrouping everyday, building up and getting stronger This book reveals the type of corruption and incompetent behavior that goes on in our current Government If your looking for fun and excitement, then this is not the book for you If your looking for a taste of the real world and how everything really works behind closed doors, then this is definitely the book for you There are some blotted out lines so it does not feel like you are reading a book And sometimes they cover nearly two pages This book has given me information about the corruption that goes on in our government and military It made me feel assure about the things I have heard in the past This is a very serious book and you will not feel joy, but you will get new knowledge about how corruption from the high up, hurts our men and women in arms, and can even benefit our enemies I recommend reading this book for knowledge, and real world insight. |DOWNLOAD PDF ♷ Operation Dark Heart ☮ Important Message For CustomersOn Friday, August Just As St Martin S Press Was Readying Its Initial Shipment Of Operation Dark Heart, The Department Of Defense Expressed Concern That Its Publication Could Cause Damage To US National Security The Publication Of The Initial Edition Was Canceled However, After Consulting With The Author, Lt Col Anthony Shaffer, St Martin S Press Agreed To Incorporate Some Of The Government S Changes, Which Includes Redacting Classified Text, Into A Revised Edition, Which Is Releasing On September Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer Had Run Intelligence Operations For Years Before He Arrived In Afghanistan He Was Part Of The Dark Side Of The Force The Shadowy Elements Of The US Government That Function Outside The Bounds Of The Normal System His Group Called Themselves The Jedi Knights And Pledged To Use The Dark Arts Of Espionage To Protect The Country From Its Enemies Shaffer S Mission To Afghanistan, However, Was Unlike Any He Had Ever Experienced Before There, He Led A Black Ops Team On The Forefront Of The Military Efforts To Block The Taliban S Resurgence They Not Only Planned Complex Intelligence Operations To Beat Back The Insurgents, But Also Played A Key Role In Executing Those Operations Outside The Wire They Succeeded In Striking At The Core Of The Taliban And Their Safe Havens Across The Border In Pakistan For A Moment Shaffer Saw Us Winning The War Then The Military Brass Got Involved The Policies That Top Officials Relied On Were Hopelessly Flawed Shaffer And His Team Were Forced To Sit And Watch As The Insurgency Grew Just Across The Border In Pakistan This Wasn T The First Time He Had Seen Bureaucracy Stand In The Way Of National Security He Had Participated In Able Danger, The Aborted Intelligence Operation That Identified Many Of The Future Terrorists But Failed To Pursue Them His Attempt To Reveal The Truth To The Commission Would Not Go Over Well With His Higher Ups Operation Dark Heart Tells The Story Of What Really Went On And What Went Wrong In Afghanistan Shaffer Witnessed Firsthand The Tipping Point, When What Seemed Like Certain Victory Turned Into Failure Now, In This Book, He Maps Out A Way That Could Put Us On The Path To Winning The War Anthony Shaffer Has Written A Gripping Account, Filled With Amazing Detail, Of An Otherwise Secret World Shaffer Has The Instincts Of A Thriller Writer And The Knowledge And Perspective Of The Professional Insider Operation Dark Heart Is A Fascinating Page Turner Doug Stanton, Author Of Horse Soldiers A Fascinating Look Into The Highly Complex World Of Modern Combat, Clandestine Intelligence And Bureaucrats Run Amok Tony Shaffer Walks And Runs Us Through A Critical Time In The History In The War In Afghanistan From The Opening To The Closing, You Are On The Edge Of Your Seat Tony Is, In All Aspects, The Real Jack Bauer But With An Intellect Dr Christopher M Lehman, Former Special Assistant To President Reagan, National Security Counsel The blacked out words, phrases, and paragraphs are frustrating to be certain Particularly, since, as you get further and further into the book, you wonder if it was really necessary to censor certain areas of information Shaffer was in intelligence himself, he would know what is DE classified, and what isn t As well as what he can and cannot say I fully plan on getting the second edition to compare and see what has been done in regards to the blacked out sections That aside, I overall really enjoyed the book It s nice to see events like this through the eyes of someone fighting over there Some criticized the fact he has details of his personal life in the book mixed in with his work in Afghanistan, to which I say, why in the world is that a problem It s his MEMOIR, not a dis connected history book If you don t want a human element to your war stories, don t read this book I seriously enjoyed it. Only a couple chapters in and have read enough to know NOT to recommend it to even my worst enemy It s poorly written and does not flow well Even if passages weren t blacked out, the flow wouldn t improve any The author is full of himself He just oozes pretentiousness and overestimates his importance in the events he attempts to describe.It s a good book for reading in the bathroom, however If you run out of TP, you can just rip pages out of the book and use them.Addendum Shaffer has a habit of commenting on the egos of some of the individuals he worked with in Afghanistan while ignoring his own arrogance and ego as evidenced by his need to write a f ck and tell memoir He describes the fellow who followed him in Afghanistan as a cowboy who only wants to chase the bad guys Pot Kettle Black I stand by my comment about the book s usefulness in the bathroom. Shaffer describes in no uncertain terms the difficulties and challenges the US Government and US Military faces in working to stabalize Afghanistan and fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban These challenges are not only external but include the internal bureaucracy that often works to prevent the most effective individuals and most effective programs from succeeding due to turf wars, constant changes made to senior leadership, and unclear goals and objectives This is a fascinating read into the world of HUMINT operations and how they help SpecOps forces to effectively do their job I especially like that Shaffer not only describes the problems but provides some solutions about how these problems can be addressed if we are serious about stability and success.