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The story so far On the surface Haruhi Suzumiya seems to be an ordinary if hyperactive Japanese schoolgirl, but in reality she is a being of immense power, possibly even God herself Luckily for the rest of the us, she doesn t realize any of this She s surrounded by the SOS Brigade, a club she started for the purpose of discovering aliens, espers, sliders, and time travelers Ironically, the Brigade is filled with exactly the kind of people she s seeking, though none of them have any intention of telling her Yuki Nagato is an android created by the alien Data Overmind Itsuki Koizumi is an esper with highly specialized powers for dealing with Haruhi s reality warping and Mikuru Asahina is a time traveler The only normal Brigade member is Kyon, the guy who had the misfortune to sit in front of Haruhi in class Disappearance begins a week before Christmas The SOS Brigade has been in service for about seven months, and the stress of keeping Haruhi in check is starting to take its toll on Kyon and one of the other Brigade members though not who d you expect After listening to Haruhi s grand plans for a Christmas party plans that violate a number of school rules and the fire code , Kyon returns home and falls into bed.The next day begins normally enough, but on his way to school he notices a number of oddities, most notably that his entire school seems to ve come down with the flu overnight except his classmates insist that that the epidemic started a week ago Even Haruhi is absent Or so he thinks.At lunch, SHE arrives The girl who sits behind him in class Except SHE isn t Haruhi SHE is someone who should not be here cannot be here Yet no one else notices anything wrong They think SHE has been here all along When he asks about Haruhi, no one knows what he s talking about He rushes from class to find the other Brigade members, only to discover that Koizumi s whole class the classroom included has disappeared When he approaches Mikuru, she doesn t know who he is and his attempt to convince her he knows her by revealing personal information yeah, going up to a girl and telling her you know she has a mole on her breast, not a good idea Even Nagato seems to be an ordinary school girl now, sitting quietly in the Literature Club room reading, exactly as she used to before Haruhi took over the room.Kyon faces a tough decision this is the ordinary world he s been craving since Haruhi forced herself into his life, yet it s not his world This is what he s wanted for the last three books, but now that he has it, he has doubts And so he sets out to restore the world to the way it was, and he must do it without the help of the other Brigade members.This book is amazing Up until this point, I ve found the Haruhi Suzumiya series amusing but fluffy The first volume was an origin story, so it got away with being a bit plotless since the focus was on establishing the world and characters The second novel was an old fashioned, Let s put on a show story right out of the old Judy Garland Mickey Rooney Musicals, with the added spice of Haruhi s reality bending powers blurring the line between film and reality It succeeded primarily because the characters were so much fun to be around, but by the end I was doubting how far these sorts of stories could carry the series before it would become nothing but inconsequential incidents fitting for a daily comic strip than a novel series.I have no doubts Put it this way, the anime series adapts four of the first five books This is the one they skipped Why Because they were saving it for the movie That s not to say this is some grand epic it s actually the shortest volume so far, at a mere 180 pages, and the only major fight happens off stage There s a lot crammed into the story, but it s almost entirely introspective as Kyon comes to terms with the altered reality The most memorable moments are Kyon s interactions with the alt Nagato With the real Yuki s alieness removed, what remains is a sad, shy girl so lonely that one act of halfhearted kindness will make her fall in love.Just as with the real Yuki, this Nagato hardly ever speaks, but unlike the real version she s able to convey her feelings with small gestures that reveal the depths of her misery tugging at Kyon s sleeves, handing him an application for the Literature Club in the hope that he d come back and see her even though any sane woman would be filing a restraining order The revelation about what this alt Yuki is and what Kyon must do to her to restore the world is absolutely heartbreaking to the point that I m not sure he made the right choice, though he does make up for it somewhat in the penultimate scene when he discusses events with the real Nagato and reveals how far he d go to save her As a side note, the movie version hasn t received an official US release yet, but it is ahem available The TV show was a pretty good adaptation of the books, but ultimately just light entertainment As such, I was completely shocked by how powerful the film is They completely nail it Howard Hawks once defined a great film as having three great scenes and no bad ones, and this certainly meets his criteria and. This is definitely the highlight of the series so far true of the anime version too , and I think it speaks to how good this volume actually is when I realized how very little is changed in transition to the film version, although hilariously, a visual element present in the ending of the film is specifically called out as being a tired trope by the narrator writer in the text Really, the minor flaw here, and throughout the series so far, is that Tanigawa is all too happy to tell and not show As a writer he just seems to want make sure his readers know certain things instead of discovering or intuiting them This can be a good thing at times the book pointed out some smaller implications of the time traveling that I didn t notice in the film since it wasn t specifically spelled out, which for me was in fact enriching, being that I am a dummy So for plot machinations, this is fine But for some of the finer emotional character discoveries, the film does a much better job of teasing things out, by eliminating some of the minor realizations Kyon has along the way, so that the major revelation at the end Kyon misses Haruhi and his old life is much effective and climatic Yeah, it s basically It s a Wonderful Life but it s a damn satisfying take on it. It s a wonderful life Japanese style Haruhi disappears and Kyon freaks out Great read I love this series. My favorite of the Haruhi books that I have read In previous books, I have loved the situations and characters, and I have laughed at Kyon s reluctant passivity in the face of Haruhi s steamroller personality, but this is the first time that he takes an active role in his own fate and it makes him a much compelling character I don t know if this is a translation issue, but there are many instances where a line is not spoken by the main character but is responded to nonetheless I believe that we as readers are intended to bridge the gap and assume that Kyon has asked the question in the meantime It actually works quite well view spoiler , especially from my perspective that Kyon is actually the one controlling the fate and truth of this universe hide spoiler [ DOWNLOAD KINDLE ] ♆ 涼宮ハルヒの消失 ☭ What If You Woke Up One Morning, And Everything Changed It S One Week Before Christmas Eve, And Haruhi And The SOS Brigade A Club For Her High School S Strangest And Most Extraordinary Students Are Gearing Up For Holiday Festivities But Just Before The Fun Kicks Off, Kyon, The Only Normal Member, Wakes Up In A Weird Alternate Dimension, One Where Haruhi Attends Another School Entirely, Nagato The Time Traveling Robot Is Just An Ordinary Human, And Mikuru The Cute Girl Of Kyon S Dreams Doesn T Even Recognize Him In Other Words, SOS Brigade Never ExistedThe Only Clue Kyon Can Find Is A Bookmark Left By The Robot Version Of Nagato, Which Leads Him On A Quest Back In Time, Where He Interacts With The Storyline From Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody , A Short Story From The Previous Haruhi Book, The Boredom Of Haruhi Suzumiya This Fun And Quirky Holiday Tale Is Reminiscent Of A Christmas Carol And It S A Wonderful Life Living up to its hype, or at least the hype of its anime film adaptation, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is by far the best novel in the series since the first installment Of the first four novels, only this and Melancholy accurately stand as proper narrative novels Sigh tries to pose as a direct sequel to Melancholy after skipping six months worth of events, and the novel s overall plot pales in its gravity compared to the battle of its predecessor, at once offering a relaxed slice of life atmosphere to cool down from the high stakes near apocalyptic climax of Melancholy, while also seeming like a dud explosive, promising by relation to Melancholy to give the audience another wacky ride, while in actuality all the supernatural elements are incredibly tame and the conclusion is brushed through with a bit of a non ending Boredom is not even a novel, consisting instead of a handful of sequential episodes, subtly developing Nagato s character while not much else happens w r t Haruhi herself and indeed the series could have benefited , at this point, by changing its title to reflect the reliance on Nagato s plot device powers It is perhaps a little strange that Disappearance, though taking place chronologically after Sigh, mostly sidesteps the events of that second novel in favor of tying directly into the Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody story of the Boredom collection, the side effects being a further diminishing of Sigh s overall worth w r t the series as a whole and a simultaneous augmentation of Boredom s own merit.After nearly a year of the SOS Brigade s existence, Kyon finds himself apparently whisked away to another dimension, parallel to his original, featuring much the same cast, only in different roles, and with the unusual return of Ryoko Asakura, formerly an agent of Nagato s same Data Overmind, and who had previously made an attempt on Kyon s life back in the first novel Curiously, we finally get something close to resembling a slider as potentially teased by Haruhi herself back in her original introduction though, as it happens, Kyon didn t actually slide anywhere In this different version of the world, the upperclassman Asahina has no contact with her kouhai Kyon, Nagato has changed from an emotionless alien robot to an incredibly shy, bookish girl who hides her insecurities with a mask of indifference falsely resembling her familiar self, Koizumi s classroom straight up does not exist within this incarnation of the school building, and in case you couldn t tell by the book s title Haruhi seems to have disappeared entirely.Thrown into this strange new scenario without explicit guidance from his paranormal friends, Kyon has no choice but to stumble through his life, hoping for a miracle to help him figure out what moves to make When he visits the literary club room, former site of his world s SOS Brigade, Kyon after accidentally almost assaulting the meek new Nagato is somewhat surprised to see an old computer sitting on a desk, an out of place artifact when no computer existed before Haruhi hijacked the room, and the one in SOS Brigade ownership was a high end model regardless He also finds Nagato s copy of Dan Simmons s Hyperion, used as a plot device in Melancholy, and it contains a bookmark with a cryptic message, just as it had previously the message is different, of course, giving Kyon something of a clue to resolve his current situation He is thus tasked with gathering the keys so that he might be freed of this new world, with a deadline of two days.Tanigawa jerks the reader around for a couple dozen pages before finally allowing Kyon to learn of Haruhi s presence in this reality Kyon s friend Taniguchi, having been in the nurse s office one day and absent from school the next, was in conveniently separated from Kyon while he screamed at Asakura for existing in Haruhi s stead When Taniguchi finally shows back up, he reveals that Haruhi s been attending the school adjacent to Kyon s North High, leading the observant reader to question why Haruhi would have ever attended any other school when a mysterious stranger clued her in to the existence of aliens, time travelers, and espers in North High that is, Kyon having time traveled to help Haruhi create faux Nazca lines when she was in middle school, three years prior to the story s present Luckily for both protagonist and reader alike, the Haruhi of Kouyouen Academy responds immediately to Kyon s recollections of that Tanabata holiday three years ago, with his pseudonym John Smith being all the proof she needs oh, by the way, Koizumu and the rest of his class from North attend Kouyouen now Strangely, Haruhi recalls a second encounter with John Smith, later in the night after the line drawing incident.After gathering all the members of the SOS Brigade including a traumatized Asahina , the old computer in the literary club room kicks to life to give Kyon a message from the real Nagato, presenting him with the choice to either stay in this mundane world or return to the paranormal chaos of his life with Haruhi and her Brigade Obviously, Kyon chooses to go back to his own reality, having decided earlier in the novel that he actually misses Haruhi and her shenanigans He is thus thrust back in time to the day of the Tanabata festival, encountering the adult Asahina just after she had previously spoken with his several months earlier incarnation, whereupon Kyon realizes he did not slide to an alternate dimension, but rather the world around him was reconfigured while only he retained the knowledge of its previous incarnation The two of them later going to Nagato s house, after she d frozen the several months earlier Kyon and Asahina Small in time, to be reawakened for the end of the Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody story from the previous book We thus learn from Nagato that she cannot synchronize with her self from the December of Kyon s first year of high school as she could with her July self , tasking Kyon and Asahina Big with fixing reality by striking the culprit with a special needle that would neutralize the power stolen from Haruhi and used to rewrite the fabric of reality.The twist Nagato herself was the culprit, having learned how to feel by hanging out with her friends in the SOS Brigade, having become overburdened from constantly righting Haruhi s own alterations to reality Not only did she create a mundane reality as a backward gift for Kyon, incorrectly thinking he d prefer a simpler life, but she also resurrected Asakura to act as a fail safe, retaining her psychotic behavior but rewriting her allegiance to the Data Overmind as a deep dedication to protecting the new, milquetoast Yuki Nagato Asakura manages to stab Kyon with her old knife before he has the chance to inject human Nagato with alien Nagato s cure In a tastefully abrupt deus ex machina, Kyon is saved by a second set of Nagato Asahina Kyon, hinting a future event wherein Kyon must use Asahina to time travel back to December 18 and have Nagato act once as a human oid shield against a homicidal Asakura Tanigawa thus reveals a larger scale plan to have his characters time travel back and forth, cementing the Bamboo story as integral to the series as a whole, signifying Boredom as one of the most important books for its inclusion of that tale.It should go without saying that Haruhi is the most pleased when Kyon awakens from the coma that Nagato establishes to cover up the previous three days In typical tsundere fashion, Haruhi pretends she merely cares for the well being of her Brigade members, and unfortunately Tanigawa doesn t do too much to really make the reader feel her growing love for Kyon But what s most bothersome is that human Nagato is set up so perfectly as a cute little love interest, yet the same chapter where her shy cuteness reaches its zenith is the same wherein Kyon realizes he misses Haruhi s presence The reader can only imagine the possibility that the malfunctioning alien Nagato may have rebuilt herself as the demure human Nagato to appeal to Kyon directly, taking on a personality not unlike that of the childlike, easily spooked Asahina And perhaps Asakura existed to make sure Kyon didn t leave human Nagato s version of the world But alas, we are cuckholded out of a victory for Best Girl And without any great flags raised for Haruhi herself, as would usually end the series s stories on high notes Postscript Extremely fucking hyped to get around to the film adaptation, god damn. What exactly does Haruhi represent Whilst the melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya posits that she s some kind of playful, unappeasable God like being who acts on a capricious whim, the stated conclusion to this particular novel suggests that she also represents the pure fun and joy of life My own thoughts on this are that further, she s a metaphor for maybe fiction or ideas, or imagination or possibly anything you like because the question of this novel is could you do without her and at the end Kyon posits that you d be absolutely crazy to suggest that you couldn t It s ironic, then, that having watched the anime through a couple of times and now, ploughing through the original novels, I d have to say the same thing once you ve got a taste of Haruhi Suzamiya you couldn t possibly imagine a world in which she didn t exist, but then, I ve always been attracted to chaotic pleasures, the unpredictable and the surprising Haruhi is full of a willful arrogance that can be frustrating and also rewarding and one has to engage with things one finds testing in order to take additional pleasures away from them Ultimately in this book Kyon rejects an easy, sedate, Haruhi free life because like the symbolic hill that greets him on the way to school every morning, he wants the ultimate reward that comes with sweating it out.This novel, of course, formed the basis for the Haruhi feature film which finally arrived after the series 2 seasons had wrapped I m sure some see it as an apology for the frustrating second season, but there s really nothing to apologise for and it s easy to see why they held out in adapting this book because, despite being only the fourth in the series it nicely ties up its themes and ideas By itself it s less of a masterpiece, a fairly light tale of alternate realities and time travel and consisting of ideas we ve mostly seen before, but continuing to build on earlier work and this riffs a lot on a short story from the previous novel, which seems to have been written as setup as it does and taking a fresh emotional look at characters we already know and love, particularly Kyon but also, surprisingly Nagato, it really completes the journey we ve started to that extent I m not sure in which direction the series can truly go from here, but the I suppose the point of having Haruhi in your life is that you never quite do know, do you I wasn t all that thrilled with the last book in this series, so I took a long break from reading the light novels just so I could clear my head I have to admit that if I hadn t already had this book sitting on my shelf, I might not have started back in on the series but now I m glad that I have This book was far better than book three was What I liked most about this entry was that it addressed the idea of what would happen if Haruhi was never around Would Kyon really be enjoying his life Would he still be able to be around the well endowed Asahina What would Haruhi be like I m glad to say that this book showed a pretty entertaining view of another world and that it s much engaging and fun than the previous book The only downfall is that due to the typical light novel length, the story didn t go into as much detail as I d want The alternate world does give us a great look into the main characters, but only a brief one I kind of wouldn t mind seeing of that world and how the characters would interact with one another Here s hoping that world gets a spin off much like the Evangelion series has spun off of its alternate universes If you re like me and have been sitting on the fence about this book, it s worth reading and diving into the series again If you re a fan then you ve probably already got this book or have it on order If not, then this is something you ve got to have. In this fourth volume, the first with all new material for me, Nagaru Tanigawa sets up an It s a Wonderful Life scenario where Kyon wakes up in a world not quite without Haruhi Suzumiya and he s the only one who remembers how things should be Filled with Kyon s typical sardonic self narrative that he occasionally speaks out loud, yet somehow this story really finds a heart as he learns who is behind the change, just how much he misses the world from which he came, and, ultimately, that he has the power to decide how the world will be, including understanding what consequences that will bring.Despite its typical Japanese young adult fare, Nagaru Tanigawa cleverly slips nice subtle moments throughout A great volume in a very good series. booksiboughtonsummervacationcuzijustcantresistthetemptationduh no.10Ah, brought the wrong book in the series I haven t even read book 3 yet Oh well I loathed the first and second book, I just couldn t like Suzumiya s character But this was different Despise not being able to understand some of the events that were mentioned due to the reason above , this volume was strangely charming Tanigawa was able to keep record of all of the events in his plot, although the timeline in this book is not at all straight Also, the characters, and the mechanics behind their power are very elaborated What excited me the most, are the numorous astronomical references.About this versionIt was such a pain reading this in Vietnamese, due to the science fiction terms What the hell does th ni m h p nh t even mean Recommended forAnyone who loves hyperactive schoolgirls passive dudes aliens book loving robots.