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In this third novel from the Harriet Truman Loose Threads Mystery series, our amateur sleuth, Harriet finds herself deep in a murder investigation The Loose Threads quilting group are busy manning the sutler s booth at the reenactment of a Civil War battle being held in Foggy Point, Washington Not only have each woman quilted the minimum of one quilt, they have also done joint quilts Harriet was put in charge due to her Aunt s position in the town Finally getting a break from selling, Harriet joins Mavis to see the battle from the top of the bleachers Both of them note one of the reenactors doesn t get up when his fellow actors do Hurrying over to see what is up, they find a dead man Not just any man, but Mavis husband, who has been dead for twenty years, or at least she thought he wasWe quickly learn this is not just a simple murder case but a case filled with secrets spanning two continents Possible Industrial espionage and Ms Sachitano has an unique ability to create new and fresh mysteries is a beloved setting I do enjoy reading these mysteries. Very entertaining series Enjoy the people and envy the friendships. [Free Book] ♷ Quilt As You Go ♵ When The Dust Settles After The Foggy Point Civil War Re Enactment, One Casualty Turns Out To Be Really Dead, And His Identity Sends Shockwaves Through The Community Does A Long Lost Quilt That Suddenly Reappears Hold A Clue Harriet And The Loose Threads Must Unravel The Mystery Before The Killer Strikes Again And Who Is The Mysterious Young Man With The Military Bearing Who S Drawn The Admiration Of Carla, The Young Woman The Threads Have Taken Under Their Wing Is He What He Claims To Be, Or Something Much Sinister I loved this book It was a really fun read and just a nice diversion from real life. Enjoyed the mystery The characters are very human likeable despite their flaws. Very entertaining, love the characters and seeing them in each book Quilt As You Go is the third book of the Loose Threads mystery series by Arlene Sachitano, set in modern day fictional small town Foggy Point in Washington state.Harriet owns and operates her aunt Beth s quilting business, and is an active member and unofficial leader of the town s quilt guild, the Loose Threads Harriet dates the young veterinarian Aiden, who recently hired young quilter Clara as housekeeper Harriet senses something is not quite up and up with Clara s new boyfriend.At the town s annual Civil War re enactment, all goes well until a dead body is discovered on the field after a simulated battle, and Harriet s close friend Mavis recognizes him.Harriet diligently pursues the mystery of the body, and also keeps track of Clara s boyfriend, with the enthusiastic help of the Loose Threads They frequently meet for delicious snacks and to talk strategy Harriet plans a hilarious shadowing scheme with all quilters deployed around the town and communicating via cell phones.Mavis 5 sons descend upon the town, plus other surprise relatives, and pow wows are held at Harriet s, catered by the Loose Threads.In between their sleuthing, the quilters make Civil War reproduction quilts, comfort quilts, charity quilts and work on their own designs An interesting history of Dutch chintz is described, and a time saving technique for threading multiple quilting needles Each of the quilters has a distinct personality, and sparks fly between them at times, which adds entertainment to the story.This is a delightful mystery especially for quilters, but beware you re likely to gain an appetite for the delicious snacks mentioned so often I just have to say that I really enjoy this series As I ve said in my reviews of the first two books they are just fun, light and easy reads In this the third novel in the series, Harriet Truman and her sewing group , the Loose Threads, are busy sewing quilts and setting up for a civil war reenactment After the first reenacted battle one man doesn t get up, Harriet finds it odd and walks onto the field to check on him Of course this being a mystery, she finds him dead What she doesn t realize is he is the already deceased husband supposedly for 20 years of one of the loose threads members Mavis, the widow, is shocked and angry realizing he has been alive this whole time and she raised all their sons on her own.Of course that is just the beginning and the author gives us many twists and turns with little bits of helpful information for solving the murder but not helpful enough until you get all the bits to equal the whole.Gerald or Gerard, the dead man has been living a whole other life in the Netherlands with another family Why That is the big question all the characters are trying to figure out and if they can piece it together then they will solve his murder and get answers to their questions.I hope you enjoy it as much as I did I did give this 5 stars because I just couldn t put it down, the writing was good and kept my attention.Happy reading GoodI have really enjoyed the first three books in this series But gave them three stars because of all the errors in editing One especially bothered me every time a word was in italics there was no space between it and the next word But the stories are very enjoyable Good story lineLiked the mystery plot and characters Couldn t put the book down Recommend to anyone looking for a quick fast paced read Thought I figured out who the murderer was but a twist on the book proved me wrong.