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Good concept but the execution was overstuffed. Too many mysteries to figure out. Too many side characters, too many investigators, too many stake outs. Liked the end, heroine don’t need no saving, thank goodness. But the couple didn’t seem to know much about each other by the end. Seemed like they needed to date a bit more. If you're looking for a serious romance with lots of drama and passion, move on to something else. But if you're looking for a fun, quick, humorous read, Mad, Bad and Blonde fits the bill. @Free Book ñ Mad, Bad and Blonde ⛓ After Being Jilted At The Altar, Librarian Faith West Goes On Her Italian Honeymoon Solo, But Doesn't Stay That Way Too Long And Though Her Sexy Rebound Man Has Ulterior Motives, Feelings Surface That Neither Of Them Are Prepared For
It's about a librarian in Italy. Awesome:) Or so I thought....

This was a terrible book. Absolutely terrible. I thought, "Oh, she's blond like me. Oh, she's been to Italy like me. Oh, she likes libraries like me." Yeah none of that mattered. I don't know if I just can't read romance novels anymore or what, but it felt like the writing was meant for a child. The subject matter was a little bit more adult, but mostly they just argued with each other and themselves like they were in middle school. Silly and not worth it. Children's librarian Faith West is left at the altar by text message on her Blackberry from her fiancé Alan who doesn't want to be married to her. He longs for adventure and excitement and doesn't want Faith because he feels she's boring. Faith is crushed, but decides to suck it up and go on her honeymoon to Positano, Italy by herself. And it's a good thing Alan hopped on a plane to Bali because Faith is a crack shot with a gun, thanks to her father who first took her to the firing range when she was ten.

While in Italy, Faith meets a dark, mysterious and sexy Caine Hunter. What she doesn’t know is that Caine is spying on her. This former Force Recon Marine works for King Investigations, a rival company of her father's. Vince King and Jeff West used to be best friends, but King betrayed him by starting his own agency, even thought West owns the most successful investigation firm in Chicago. Caine has a secret agenda. He has a grudge against Jeff because he blames him for his father's death. Faith is floored because she ended up sleeping with Caine in Italy and has been played for a fool once again.

Faith runs back home, quits her librarian job she never really cared for, and starts working for her father. She is more than angry with Caine and will beat him at his own gain and steal his clients. Caine had no idea what he was getting into when he scorned Faith and now has to work double time as he investigate his father's death. Faith refuses to be pushed to the side and recommends they team up to clear her father's name.

Caine thinks Faith can't handle the undercover work, although he likes having her around, as well as protecting her at the same time. Faith is under even more stress. Her mother thinks her father is having an affair and Alan suddenly reenters the pictures, wanting to pick up where he and Faith left off. Caine isn't too happy about that and will claim Faith as his own before that can happen.

Mad, Bad and Blonde has its moments of humor and some slapstick comedy, even though some of these haha scene don't deliver as they should. Faith and Caine have great chemistry together, but things between them are a bit too rushed. The first fifty pages or so happens so fast and the attraction Caine and Faith have for one another is not all that realistic, especially with Faith trying to get over being dumped by her slimy fiancé.

As Faith and Caine become partners of sorts. Their interactions cement their feelings and their banter back and forth is very amusing and sweet. Faith knows how to handle herself when the going gets tough and has a great support system with her family. Caine acts like a loner, but once Faith enters into the picture, he feels as if he belongs.

Mad, Bad and Blonde is a quick, fast read that may make your head spin by the non stop action. Those readers, who enjoy a loopy, contemporary romance with some light mystery, will want to give this latest by Cathie Linz a read. Mad, Bad, and Blonde is another fabulous title from Cathie Linz. I am admittedly biased toward stories that feature librarian characters, but I also just love anything that Cathie Linz writes. I definitely recommend this story, along with Linz's other titles like, Tempted Again, Big Girls Don't Cry, or Smart Girls Think Twice. Faith West finds herself dumped at the altar by of all things, a text message. Leaving her family to clean up the mess, Faith decides to go on to Italy by herself where she would have honeymooned. She runs into Caine Hunter and being on the rebound and romantic Italy, she sleeps with him. Afterwards she finds out that Caine was working for her father's arch rival as a PI. Caine is trying to clear his father's name and blames Faith's father for botching an investigation that eventually led to his father's suicide. Faith and Caine keep bumping into each other as they investigate the same case by trying to clear their fathers' of any wrong doing.

Mad, Bad and Blonde is my first Cathy Linz book. At first I found her writing style to be a little unusual. She has a tendency to keep descriptions short and sweet and the writing style comes across very straight forward and concise. I thought this was especially noticeable in the beginning. She also uses a lot of dialogue to move the plot forward. While I do like good dialogue, I felt that the setting and mood suffered. My emotional connection to the book was not as strong as it could have been.

I did enjoy both the main characters Faith and Caine. Faith is a no nonsense women not afraid to speak her mind or take charge if the situation allows for it. Caine can come across as gruff at first, but underneath he is a fair and reasonable man. Mad, Bad and Blonde had a good plot with good family values to help strengthen it. There are several secondary characters which added humor and depth to the book. I happened to enjoy Faith's grandmother and Buddy the private investigator as they start their own little romance.
WTH? I thought this book was going to be 80% Italy and 20% nonsensical change of career, not the other way around. This went a lot better than I thought it would. I felt bad for Faith and I was glad that she met Caine. Even though he annoyed the crap out of her at first. Another cool thing about this books was that it took place not far from where I live. Librarian Faith West never expected her wedding to end with a text from her fiancee, well now ex. Deciding she is not boring like her ex inferred, she takes off for her singlemoon (honeymoon). It doesn't take long before she realizes she is just as sad there as she would be at home but then she meets fellow traveler Caine Hunter. Faith knows she is not the type to get involved in a fling but she jumps full in with Caine, that is until he finds out he works for her dad's competitor and was sent to spy on her. What happens next is the push she needed to make sure Caine know he made a big mistake with her because now she is mad, bad, and blonde.

You will get the full spectrum of the title while reading but this was an absolute delight. Faith manages to catch Caine off guard and they end up joining forces on an investigation into his father who he believes was falsely accused by Faith's dad. If your looking for a laugh out loud book to put a smile on your face this is one to pick up.