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This is the third book in L.J McDonald s Battle Sylph series and, while I generally liked the first two, I really didn t care for this one at all The first two were pretty entertaining and the world building was original and creative In this third book, McDonald advances the timeline by six years and instead of a new hero and heroine, this book revolves around life in Sylph Valley under Queen Solie and catching us up with the changes that have occurred Generally, I like that kind of thing It s usually fun to catch up with old favorite characters and see how their relationships are evolving However, in this book, it s kind of a mish mash of multiple points of view, without all that much going on The primary story involves a plot against Solie to take her place as Queen However, the villain is easily identified and we spend way too much time within her fairly dull, tedious, evil point of view and the points of view of her two innocent, brainless, unwilling co conspirators It s like watching a slow motion train wreck You know what s going to happen and how it s going to happen, but still have to wade through it all until someone finally figures out what s going on and puts a stop to it at the very very end While this is going on, McDonald kills off a couple of fairly major supporting characters, one of whom deserved it and another who didn t, and causes alot of pain for another character, Claw, who really has had enough What McDonald does to him, and to Wat, was needlessly over the top cruel.While the plot against her proceeds, Solie is sad She adores her mate and consort, Heyou, but regrets that she can never have any children as the Sylphs are unable to reproduce with their human mates Heyou, whose innocence and general goofy qualities were kind of charming in the first book or two, is starting to wear thin now He decides to do something about Solie s unhappiness and his choice is to view spoiler coerce and terrorize another fairly major supporting character Devon into providing the daddy juice necessary for Solie to become pregnant Not telling her and just doing the deed using the donated sperm, Solie indeed becomes pregnant And she is thrilled She and Heyou happily think what a revelation this will be for all the Sylphs, a way for all of them to become fathers and they go forth considering who they should choose to be the biological father of Solie s next child Now, how bizarre and unromantic and wrong can you be Put aside the thought of multiple battle Sylphs terrorizing the local human population into sperm donations Put aside how ridiculous it is that the Sylphs who can shape shift and do all kind of miraculous things aren t capable of fathering children But, what about the fact that there are a whole houseful of orphans that Mace and The Widow are caring for just down the road Why doesn t Solie adopt one or two of them and set an example for everyone under her rule Nope Solie and Heyou will go to whatever lengths are necessary for her to give birth herself to a child whose biological father was, to say the least, not enthusiastic about the idea and who is then quickly shipped off as an emissary to a foreign land with Heyou thinking how great it is that he won t be interested in pursuing any fatherly rights hide spoiler Review crossposted at The Book Pushers since I read the first book of the series, The Battle Sylph, I have fallen in love with the world of the elemental shapeshifting sylphsm and the humorous and fast pace writing of L.J McDonald So when I had the chance I eagerly devoured the Queen of the Sylphs which is the 3rd instalment of the sweeping, romantic fantasy series It is a marked departure from the previous two books because the action and the focus of the book is mainly set in and around the new settlement that the Sylphs and humans have set up in the first book And instead of focusing on a main romantic couple, the book concentrates on a variety of characters including the original hero and heroine, Solie and Heyou, who are now settled in six years after the events in their book However, intrigue and danger still threatens their new kingdom especially from the neighbouring kingdom, Eferem, who is still smarting from their defeat in the first book Despite her position, Solie and her people have to thwart assassins, unstable sylphs and the danger within her lands despite being heavily guarded, and the threat is much closer to her than she realises.I really like the fact that with each book, L.J McDonald has portrayed a different aspect and tone with each new installment with this series, and I really think it helps to keep this fresh and different With this entry to the series, it was nice to see how much Solie has grown from the young and immature girl from the first book, into a mature and confident woman and the solid place that she has helped to create in her valley and as Queen of the Sylphs The complications that come along with leading such a diverse and unconventional group of people and sylphs was also realistic, and it was good to see there was development on how this small settlement evolved from the first book.The secondary characters who were introduced really shine, such as Gabralina and Wat who were rescued in the previous book, and are central to the main plot in this book Their story was bittersweet and, L.J McDonald really surprised me on how she broached their romance I wasn t a fan of them when they were introduced in the previous book and I felt there wouldn t have been much development or potential because although they were humorous and fun, there wasn t much depth But Gabralina and Wat to some extent develop as characters with real dimension and depth and L.J McDonald deftly shows her gift in well drawn out characterisations There is also a new Sylph elemental who is introduced and which I think will be a great addition to the growing cast of characters.Although the focus was on the wider cast of characters especially on the secondary and minor ones it did not distract attention from the core action, and the plot didn t get lost over the course of the book In fact it really added to the ongoing plot lines from the previous books and expanded the world building and characterisation It was also the most suspenseful and intriguing book to date, and I have to say it was full of twists and turns that made it fast paced and at times, tense.I also have to say that this was the darkest book yet because there were a few deaths, some that really shocked me that I was saddened to see, but that isn t to say the trademark light hearted humour wasn t apparent, which once again Heyou provides in a few scenes which helped to balance out the dark and tense tone in the book His relationship with Solie also gathers pace and deepens with a new twist, and it was pretty delightful on how that happens.Despite the fact the Sylphs are unable to have children with their human mates, Solie is feeling broody and Heyou s innovative suggestion on how they can solve this predicament was pretty funny although I did feel sorry for the 3rd party who becomes the sperm donor However this was one of my favourite parts of the book and made me laugh out loud on how Heyou approaches him and how he obtained the sample.The Queen of the Sylphs is a great addition to the series, and it may not be as epic in tone or setting as the previous books, but the tense and pacey plot of an enemy within and the trials and tribulations of running a new kingdom adds another layer of depth in this colourful tapestry of characters Although it was the darkest book yet, the lighthearted moments and the engaging characters really sucked me into the story and I really can t wait to read about this series When I read a Sylph book now it feels like I am being engulfed in their world and stories just like a Battle Sylph holding onto his mate I highly recommend you read the previous two books actually the whole series if you fancy a fantasy romance, which surprises, delights and is filled with imagination.I give Queen of the Sylphs a B Wow This book had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning to the very last page It is somewhat of a departure from the previous installments in the series Each of the first two books focused on the love story of an individual couple with the backdrop of the rich complicated world the author has created But not this book This book features all of the characters we already know and have come to care for, without a central love story It feels a little different, but I still loved it.The beginning of the story slightly overlaps with the end of The Shattered Sylph Leon, Ril and Lizzie have not yet returned to Sylph Valley The sweet, but slightly dim couple that Leon and Ril rescued early in the last book, are now settling in Gabralina is so happy that she writes to her old friend Sala to share her happy news about falling in love with Wat and finding a new home Sala appears in the valley shortly after, ready to share in Gabralina s new life.Leon, Ril, and Lizzie return with an angry Justin in tow And it doesn t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is going to be serious trouble from that guy Especially since he has the power to control Ril and he is still in love with Lizzie While we wait for that shoe to drop, it s really Sala who reveals herself to be the villain And what a villain she is Sociopath is too kind of a word She orchestrates deaths, rape, and misery, all for her own selfish gain Watching the destruction of poor Claw is heartbreaking Gabralina s eventual devastation actually made me cry Sala isn t traditionally malicious she is a pit of evil a soulless void And in that, she is frightening and gruesome.The story doesn t only center on the mayhem surrounding Sala We see the continuing repercussions from the events in the last book, with the rise of a new queen and her new hive We see Solie and Heyou grow as a couple and deal with their inability to have children We lose some people we ve grown to love and we gain new characters who will no doubt become beloved as well.This book took my emotions on a roller coaster ride and I honestly had no idea what would happen Which was awesome The world building is fascinating and consistent The characters are many, but are clearly defined and emotionally resonant The story builds beautifully on the previous installments, making it a treasure for fans of the series But I don t know how clear it would all be to a newcomer to the books I suggest checking the series out from the beginning It s worth it I can t wait to see what happens next 5 starsARC Provided by NetGalley As always, an exceptional novel by LJ McDonald And, as always, I read it straight through The third in the the Battle Sylph series, this one starts off in a timeline in conjunction where the 2nd book the Shattered Sylph ends I ve always liked that, when timelines merge so closely together When they don t, I feel like I ve missed out on years of my friend s lives.McDonald is an exceptional writer and her books will make me laugh and cry, sometimes even in the same paragraph Her characters are so real that I feel as if they are all good friends of mine, and the settings are places familiar to me.This is a series that definitely needs to be read in order, but it is one you won t regret getting I have re read the 1st two books 3 times, and now that I have the third book I will re read the whole series again Once I get Sylph Hunter, I will re read the series again.This set is on my Keep Forever shelf and there it will stay. ( Free E-pub ) ⚕ Queen of the Sylphs (Sylph, #3) ♩ It Was A Dream Come True Solie Had Her Own Battler, A Creature Of Almost Infinite Magic Who Could Vaporize Legions In The Blink Of An Eye And Would Willingly Suffer A Thousand Bloody Deaths To Protect Her She Was His Love More Simply, She Was His Queen Many Others Feel The Same The New Built Settlement Is A Haven For All Erected By Sylphs Of Earth And Fire, Air And Water, The Valley Is Solie S Dominion But, Lovers Without Peer Or Killers Without Mercy, The Very Nature Of Their Battler Protectors Means Peril It Is Not In Any Sylph S Nature To Disobey, And While Some Are Hers To Command, Others Are The Slaves Of Solie S Enemies The Jealous, The Cruel Those Who Guard Her Must Not Fail Their Peasant Born Ruler Is Not Yet Safe As QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS L.J McDonald s Queen of the Sylphs is her latest book set in the same world that she began in The Battle Sylph.As the story begins, Solie has settled in as Queen of Sylph Valley She has also grown into her new duties and responsibilities She may sometimes mourn the days when she was a carefree girl who could afford to have simple friendships, but she is confident in the role that she has taken on, and she has every right to be.The surrounding kingdoms are threatened by Sylph Valley Their unorthodox treatment of their sylphs, allowing them to talk, to assume human form, to be educated and to have an equal say in the way the Valley is governed, threatened the belief systems of every country that surrounds them The battle sylphs protect all the woman in the Valley from every perceived threat, making Sylph Valley women the equals of men as they are nowhere else Their conservative neighbors are appalled Sylph Valley women are called trash, whores, and sluts, but not within the confines of the Valley.But Solie is Queen because all the Sylphs in the Valley are bound directly to her, and they will all protect her Which means that she is the target of repeated assassination attempts by neighboring kingdoms Especially from the Kingdom of Eferem, the land she escaped from in The Battle Sylph.In Queen of the Sylphs, it is not just external threats that Solie has to fear There is an internal threat as well, but one that is deeply entrenched within the Valley Battlers can sense the emotions of those around them, but only when there actually are emotions to sense A person who feels nothing, but commits terrible crimes anyway, in other words, a sociopath, is undetectable A female sociopath presents a tremendous threat, because battlers are conditioned to protect females at all costs.I didn t enjoy Queen of the Sylphs as much as I did The Battle Sylph The newness of the world has worn off, so I was expecting growth from of the characters, or a story with new twists and turns, preferably both Solie is the one character who keeps moving forward, but the other characters are increasingly stock characters, particularly the villains King Alcor is the distant big, bad, sending assassins to do his dirty work for him The closer evil was the standard beautiful and manipulative witch And, as a bonus added attraction, since she had no emotions, there wasn t any way to get into her head to understand why she was committing her evil acts I didn t want to sympathize, but I did need to get the point, or at least, her point I know she wanted to take over the Valley and get power But why There is a secondary story, that of a healer sylph on the other side of the portal This sylph is on her way to morphing into a sylph queen, but wants to remain a healer She has a battler who has been exiled from the hive who wants her to become a queen and form her own hive, in the hopes that he will be her consort It was an interesting idea for the author to try to show the other side from the sylph s point of view before they cross over, but it is difficult to tell a story with characters who don t have names.Overall, this was an okay read But I stayed up late to finish The Battle Sylph I didn t stay up to finish Queen I went to sleep and waited until the next afternoon Escape Rating C. Okay, yikes Now, I m prone to leave reviews if I feel that a book was especially good 5 stars out of 5 or horrendously awful 0 stars out of 5 and I m going to have to say that Queen of the Sylphs was ESPECIALLY BAD.How bad After all, this book has an over all high average based on the cumulative score of over 100 voters how bad can it be Well my friends, let me start by saying that this book was so painful to read that if goodreads allowed for us to rate 0 or less, I would have been on that option like white on rice.To truly understand my lack of appreciation for this book and how horrible I felt while reading it, let me move onto interpretive dance, or in what I like to call MOVING PICS THAT SAY 1000 WORDSFIRSTLY How I felt the entire time reading this book More specifically, how I felt about the plot line, writing style, and over all experience from this book YUP THAT AWESOME I actually had to go out of my way to find a gif that would adequately project my feelings about this book Why Let me start with this NEW CHARACTERSBOTCHED TIME SEQUENCEANGST ON ANGST ON ANGSTNO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTRANDOM CHARACTER DEATHSOkay, so maybe not so random character deaths, but LJ McDonald might as well have made the deaths of certain characters random.To further aggravate me, she introduced characters that were DUMB Not even dumb in the sense that they had no character development, which they didn t, but in every sense of that word they were DUMB If Barbie and Ken were the inspiration behind Gabralina I m sorry if I botched the name, I couldn t bring myself to remember it and Wat, yes you read this correctly, the battler s name is Wat, as in Wuuut then these characters had all the makings of the best doll couple the likes of which society has ever seen If you wanted a sense of how utterly insipid and simple minded these characters are, think Heidi Montag and her husband what s his face.This book was so painful to read The transition between each story line didn t even flow And you heard me DIFFERENT CHARACTER STORY LINES It was awful I had such high hopes since I enjoyed the first book in the series and the 2nd and 3rd one were rated higher, but alas, I am once again left high and dry I honestly don t see how people enjoyed it Compared to the first one, this follow up story on Heyou and Solie was such a let down.DON T BELIEVE THE HYPE I swear these ratings are rigged There are once assassins in the Valley of the Sylph Presumed to be sent from King Alcor, Leon , as the former head of the king s security should be able to identify them, but Leon and Ril have not returned from their mission to save Lizzie Without knowing who sent the assassins, Solie is reluctant to kill them Deception and turmoil seem to be the theme of the day As someone in the valley is killing battle sylph masters The peace they had worked so hard to create is now in jeopardy I think each book in this series increases the intensity exponentially This book literally made me sweat, gasp groan, laugh, cry and cuss a lot Solie and Heyou have matured so beautifully Although Heyou is still a horndog and a scamp Solie has adjusted to her role as queen and is thriving under Heyou unwavering affections sigh I want Heyou This book, while still maintaining the optimistic theme of the first two books, struck me as the darkest book of the series so far There is a truly insidious villain, that in my opinion gets off way too easily We re talking Hannibal Lecter evil They truly tarnish the enchanting innocence of a great many characters Keep in mind, while reading this book, that L.J McDonald has a penchant for springing surprises on the reader A couple of things that happened caught me completely off guard It didn t make me not like the book any less, but I cussed quite a bit There is still a strong connection to the kingdom that Leon and Ril rescued Lizzie from, and that story plays heavily in this book Although each book is a stand alone, not having read The Shattered Sylph will impact the readers understanding of Queen of the Sylphs While this is a darker book, there is a huge payoff as well There are some very heartwarming occurances I am just so glad I had the honoring of reviewing this wonderfully unique series I fervently hope it is a looooong one. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit Romanceaholic.com.Expected Release Date September 5, 2011 Available Now Publisher Dorchester PublishingImprint N AAuthor s Website Source for This Book.comPart of a Series Yes, Book 3, SylphsSeries Best Read In Order YesSteam Level WarmI struggled so much in writing this review, because I wanted it to remain spoiler free so much so that I found that I couldn t even write a good synopsis without giving away crucial spoilers.While I think I ve managed to achieve that goal, that leaves so many little things that I took great joy in that I couldn t mention because of it As a fan of the series as a whole, I greatly appreciated the fact that this book focuses less on a specific couple , as previous books did, and far on the residents of Sylph Valley in general their relationships, how each individual life affected the others, and how the entire community came together during a crisis.As a side note, I am dying for Thrall to feature in a book While he was only mentioned in passing in this book, he is easily the most anticipated of characters on my part, and I hope that he gets a very happy ending.Overall, while it didn t blow me away due to the plethora of character deaths, the abuse of the sylphs, and the sheer annoyance I had with Solie for not preventing the whole mess, I still thoroughly enjoyed it I will be reading the next installment in the series once it s released.4 5 Stars I love this series and to say I am emotionally invested in the characters would be an understatement This installment of the series was hard to read The author takes you on a road full of angst and shock There were quite a few moments in my head thinking What NO NNNOOO It was good to finish the book, I didn t feel happy at the end, but at ease I wouldn t recommend this as a stand alone, just because I think you need to see where the characters come to appreciate them But if you like fantasy romance, it s worth the read.