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I could hardly put this book down It was that good I really love this author and she outdid herself with this novel It had mother daughter relationships, sister relationships, marriage, divorce, death, new love hurt, anger, excitement, hope what a book Loved it Relationships, especially family relationships are fraught with potholes.Hell, let s be honest here, minefields Especially complicated is the mother daughter relationship.Throw in some sisterly sibling rivalry with a trip to an isolated island for some togetherness and you have the premise for this book There are no easy answers to the troubles that plague the four women of this family Each harbors simmering resentments,hurts, fears.And they truly love one another Through all the mess that makes up their lives, they are family I enjoyed getting to know these characters They each were given voices and the story was told as they lived it Sometimes they were speaking over one another, but don t we all do that sometimes in our own families While there were few real surprises for me, there was one I didn t see coming Excellent summer beachy vacation read @DOWNLOAD â The Island ê A Summertime Story Only Elin Hilderbrand Can Tell A Family In Upheaval After A Cancelled Wedding Fill An Island Summer With Heartache, Laughter, And Surprises Birdie Cousins Has Thrown Herself Into The Details Of Her Daughter Chess S Lavish Wedding, From The Floating Dance Floor In Her Connecticut Back Yard To The Color Of The Cocktail Napkins Like Any Mother Of A Bride To Be, She Is Weathering The Storms Of Excitement And Chaos, Tears And Joy But Birdie, A Woman Who Prides Herself On Preparing For Every Possibility, Could Never Have Predicted The Late Night Phone Call From Chess, Abruptly Announcing That She S Cancelled Her Engagement It S Only The First Hint Of What Will Be A Summer Of Upheavals And Revelations Before The Dust Has Even Begun To Settle, Far Worse News Arrives, Sending Chess Into A Tailspin Of Despair Reluctantly Taking A Break From The First New Romance She S Embarked On Since The Recent End Of Her Year Marriage, Birdie Circles The Wagons And Enlists The Help Of Her Younger Daughter Tate And Her Own Sister India Soon All Four Are Headed For Beautiful, Rustic Tuckernuck Island, Off The Coast Of Nantucket, Where Their Family Has Summered For Generations No Phones, No Television, No Grocery Store A Place Without Distractions Where They Can Escape Their Troubles But Throw Sisters, Daughters, Ex Lovers, And Long Kept Secrets Onto A Remote Island, And What Might Sound Like A Peaceful Getaway Becomes Much Before Summer Has Ended, Dramatic Truths Are Uncovered, Old Loves Are Rekindled, And New Loves Make Themselves Known Book on CD read by Denise HicksThis is just a sappy soap opera set on Tuckernuck Island off Nantucket Everyone is wealthy Everyone is unhappy in love, OR, has fallen instantly in love possibly with the wrong person Everyone behaves like a 3 year old or at their best like they re in junior high Here s a sample They had officially been together for only nine days, but every day on Tuckernuck was a lifetime, and so it felt like forever They had made love sixteen times, they had shared eleven meals, they had watched three movies, gone to two restaurants, taken five boat rides, caught two fish I don t know a single high powered, computer genius professional woman who thinks like this The sibling rivalry arguments are even worse Not only do the two young women carry on like toddlers who can t share a toy, their 50 something mother and aunt also dig up their own sibling rivalries I finished it only because it fulfilled a challenge It was fast thank heavens for MP3 players that let you speed up the delivery and didn t require much thought But it was still a waste of time. Well crafted characters but a slow story The island of Tuckernuck sounds heavenly I was really hoping for of a happy beach read with these four women instead of lots of drama However, real life is messy, so it was aptly written. This was a good beach book, actually set on the beach It s the story of four women Birdie, the mom, who s newly in love with a guy named Hank India, her sister, who is sophisticated and cool but has her own love confusion Chess, the golden child daughter, who broke up with her fiance and then he died in a rock climbing accident, so she s grieving and Tate, the sporty computer geek younger daughter, who has a huge crush on the caretaker, left over from when they were kids The four of them head to the family beach house, which is accessible only by boat and thus the perfect place to get away from the world.What I liked about this book is the realistic way everyone s emotions were mixed When Tate and Barrett the caretaker start dating, the other ladies are happy for Tate but jealous and sort of nauseated about how sicky cute lovey they are That s real Also, they don t all become instant buds and have a sisterly blast the whole time, there s a lot of time when they re bored or fighting or whatever The book also captures the fleeting nature of the last days of the vacation well It was very true to life.One thing that struck me about the tale is the very dramatic, high strung, crashing feelings of being in love, not just for Tate this is her first love, so not surprising there , but also for Chess and, most surprisingly, Birdie She s all star struck and pining for this guy Hank, to the point that she breaks the island rules and sneaks off to the one spot on the other side of the island and up to your ankles in water where you can get a cell signal every single day Even after a few days of the brush off, she keeps calling him every day anyway, obsessed and unable to resist The longing, the pining, the stupidity, the refusal to face reality all so familiar I ve been there and felt exactly that, acted exactly that way I thought this kind of thing was something everyone grew out of, but this woman is in her late 50s Is that how it is in real life, too Women are still falling head over heels and chasing after disinterested men long after they ve grown up and should know better Probably Too bad.Everyone in this book is a little childish overall, actually, particularly Chess and Tate They re in their 30s but act like teenagers a lot of the time So much drama Anyway, everything gets wrapped up very tidily into a pleasing happy ending that s just short of being too perfect I liked it. I took this book with me to read by the pool in Florida, it seemed like it would be an easy read I was very wrong I read a little bit of this book each day but it took awhile to finish The island of Tuckernuck sounds heavenly I was really hoping for of a happy beach read with these four women instead of lots of drama This book was full of angst Birdie and her sister India, grew up spending summers on Tuckernuck Birdie is now the owner of the house on Tuckernuck, but no one has been there for twelve years When her daughter Chess is supposed to get married, they plan a two week mother daughter getaway on the island When things do not work out, and Chess life is falling apart it becomes a four woman getaway with India and Birdie s younger daughter Tate joining them for a month instead, to help Chess deal with her depression and issues This group of woman have so many issues in their life that I am surprised they did not kill each other before the month was over However, real life is messy, so it was aptly written There is a lot of anger but there is a lot of love as well Of course issues do get solved and life works out but I do not want to spoil the story Just do not think that this is a light beach read. The relationships in this novel are both heartfelt and multi faceted At the heart of the story are the relationships between mothers, daughters and sisters This is also a story about soul searching and reconnecting I enjoyed Elin Hilderbrand s storytelling, she really drew me in As the story flowed, I enjoyed getting to know these characters even better They each had a story to share, and each story was slowly revealed The book is told in alternating point of views from the four women I found poignant moments within the book and as I read, I found myself and invested in these characters.All four women recall several events from the past and the one who intrigued me most was Chess I was eager to learn her secrets and when the big one was revealed, I gasped.Tate annoyed me a bit, mostly because she would act childish often than not.I enjoyed the romance within the story, some of it was subtle, some of it intense and I was eager to see how everyone s story would turn out I enjoy romance where lovers are separated, then brought back together again One couple however, made me go Huh But oh well I guess, to each his own I felt like I was there, on the island as I read I could almost hear the water lapping at the shore and I could almost feel the sand at my feet.The Island is the perfect summer read and I look forward to reading from this author I recommend this one if you are in the mood to get involved with a story and its characters and live within its pages for a little while God, the pain of having a sister, another girl, another woman, not you, but nearly you A friend, a confidante, a rival, an enemy p.332, The Island I m reading this book and I really don t know why OK Actually I do I reserved it months ago at my library and the waiting list is hundreds of people long I feel an obligation About twenty pages in and I m already exasperated with the story Hilderbrand has a unique and mildly annoying habit of not having chapters in her books Why There are long stretches of disjointed prose separated with a heading for a different character.All of Hilderbrand s books that I ve read seem geared for commercial success written according to her recipe for success Take several women, throw in a few love interests and place on a beach locale preferably Nantucket or Cape Cod Stir in a bit of family drama and simmer for 300 400 pages until the reader gives in to the mindless writing or tosses the book aside for better written novels.I m giving myself 100 pages with this novel If I hate, then I ll return to the library as soon as possibleAnd, I didn t hate the book, but it was absolutely not my favorite So contrived and melodramatic I finished it, but a mere twelve hours after closing the book I m hard pressed to remember details For me the book was like literary cotton candy I don t think I ll be reading any of Hilderbrand s novels. The Island Tuckernuck, a real honest to goodness island about 1 2 mile from Nantucket It is there that 4 women, 2 sets of sisters go to relax, regenerate and resolve their own personal problems and those of their family.There is Birdie mother of Chess and Tate, a hopeless romantic and the victim of a failed marriageChess short for Francesca who broke her engagement to Mr Wonderful because she did not love him enoughTate always playing second fiddle to Chess and wants to find love on her own India Birdie s sister whose husband committed suicideSo, yeah, its chick lit but I do enjoy Hilderbrand s writing and I needed a break from the intense stuff I have been reading lately.3.5 stars rounded up to 4