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@Free Kindle í Wonderland Revisited And The Games Alice Played There è Excuse Me, Said Alice To A Small Grey Mouse In Red Shorts What Precisely Is A Custard Race Did Alice S Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass Leave You Yearning For Join Alice On A New Journey And Meet The Extraordinary Inhabitants Of Wonderland, Both Familiar And New If Your Bed Turned Into A Boat, And You Found Yourself Drifting Off In An Entirely Unexpected Manner, How Would You Find Your Way Home The Jack Of Diamonds Says It S Alice S Own Fault For Being Fast Asleep Had She Slept Slowly, She Wouldn T Be So Far From Home The Red Queen, The Mah Jong Dragons, Even The Red King S Gamekeeper, All Seem Helpful Enough At First But Things Never Quite Turn Out The Way Alice Hopes Brimming With Word Play, Nonsense Verse, And A Cast Of Eccentric Characters Each With A Unique And Peculiar Logic, This Tale Is Faithful To The Style Of The Originals, Picking Up The Pen Where Lewis Carroll Put It Down Be Swept Away On A Torrent Of Humour And Madness Alice Is Back This is a book that continues the adventures of Alice in Wonderland She gets there a different way and meets a lot of new characters, often from the Mother Goose nursery rhymes material In this case the trees can talk One of the most interesting characters is one called The Expert.There s a lot of craziness in the book, of course, and a lot of humor All of that is to the good.There are two things I didn t like about the book, though The first is the illustrations which, in my opinion, are very much inferior to the original illustrations style The second thing is a minor point, but in the introduction there s some emphasis on how bridge is used in the book, but I didn t really see that much use of that particular game.Still, it s a fun read.