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~E-PUB ⚖ The Hunt ♷ Something Is Hunting Something That Will Kill To Get What It Wants And It Isn T HumanEve Knows That Her Supernatural Powers Are Called For, But She D Rather Focus On Dating Than Demons And Gorgeous Luke Is, Frankly, Pretty Distracting He S Already A Friend But Could He Be Something Do Luke And Eve Really Have A Future And With Demons On The Hunt, Will Either Of Them Live Long Enough To Find Out really liked this book and can t wait for fever the 3rd book but will eve and luke ever get together it was boring like 2.5, but there is something about these books that make me keep reading them, no matter how much they annoy me. I d forgotten how awesome this author is with dialogue. The first book wasn t all that good I always give iffy first books a chance in the second, because there s an editor and publishing house out there that thought it was good enough to print.I ve read half way through this one and decided that I don t have time to waste on this drivel Characters too many and all terrible.Story Buffy the vampire slayer Plot Non existentOverall Buffy was at least entertaining.Amy Meredith, I am so sorry for this rotten review This is not an attack on you personally x It was good I really enjoyed it. If I told you the truth about me reading this book I think I know you d say What the hell , How can you do that , That just not right but I m just going to say it I read this book without reading the first one I never thought I would do that because it s not normal for a reader, right The reason why I didn t read the first one was because I live in a pretty much unknown country and I rarely find english books here, but I did find the second one and I was just so in love with the cover and the story of this series, so I just bought it thinking I d leave it in my bookshelf until I got the first book but frankly it seemed too good to leave it collect dust there so I started reading it thinking I d just stop if the story didn t made sense which was what I had expected but the story was too good and I could not put the book down Luckily, what happened in the first book seemed to have finished there and this book began with new mysteries and also what happened on Shadows was also described in this book so you wouldn t be lost I felt very in the story and got very quickly connected to the characters I love books on which I get to love the main character and this is the case Eve, the main character of the book, is one the characters I ve loved the most She s very down to earth and she knows how powerful her powers are and she s so determined to be in control of them and I loved how very caring she was But I also like her fashion obsession I thought that made her look normal And that s of the main reasons I loved this book It had such good descriptions about the people of Deepdene and the place itself so I got to get a picture of all the place and the people Amy made the town,people and their lives so real I really liked how easy this book was to read and it was so easy for me to imagine everything Another thing I adored in this book is the friendship of Eve and Jess So genuine, so sincere, so inspiring, so lovely I loved Jess as much as I loved Eve She was a cheerleader and not one of those we think an empty headed but she was so supporting and mature but at the same time her sense of humor even in the most tensed scenes was so funny and made the book made even easier to read I liked their girly,sensitive side and their inside jokes It was just such a darn amazing friendship And then Luke is AHHH God, I seriously loved him and would fan girl over him He and Eve are so cute together and also apart Luke is so freaking supportive and smart and the friendship of the three of them Eve,Jess and Luke is what I would even want for myself The only reason I don t give this book the whole five stars is because I wished I could see Eve and Luke together in that way Their chemistry was so cute and they just need to be together This is pretty much what I think about this book I wish I could read the first book but oh well, that didn t stop me from loving this amazing book If you haven t read these books, definitely give them a try They re such fast page turners and you won t just read about demons and supernatural powers but also about teenage relationships,their feeling and their world It really is amazing PS When is Goodreads going to get a half star My feelings for this books are 4.5 out of 5 stars. THE PLOT WAS EXCELLENT.IT HAD ME ON EDGE IT MADE ME WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS I REALLY LIKED JESS S PERSONALITY AND CHARACTER SHE WOULD BE AN AWESOME BEST FRIEND TO ANYONE WHO LIKES SHOPPING. Dark Touch The Hunt is an entertaining and a scary read, I had a hard time putting the book down Eve is trying to figure out how to control her powers with good help from her friends Jess and Luke Eve soon discovers that Luke means to her than just being a friend A reporter comes to town to write about the death of the football player, but Eve and her friends thinks that he is hiding something.Even though I could see it coming, I liked the fact that the author has picked Luke as Eve s new love interest And I also liked the fact that it isn t quite obvious what Luke actually is feeling The author has done well with the balance between the love story and the horror story The mystery about who or what are responsible for the killings, is always at the centre of the story The love story just adds a little spice to the mix.We get to know Luke a lot better in this book, and he is an interesting character The I read about him, the I want to know.This books is much scarier than the first one, and the author uses a lot of the teqniques you could find in the movies The beginning could be the opening scene in a horror movie And the thrill does not end there Everytime you are about to finish a chapter, something new happens that keeps you reading on and on, and the plot is not so obvious as in the first book The author has really stepped it up a notch.The ending was a big surprise for me, and I read as fast as I possibly could to find out what was going to happen next.Dark Touch The Hunt has everything I like in a book it is about the supernatural, is thrilling, hard to put down, engaging and with interesting characters I loved it Now I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next installment in this series, Fever, which comes out in January.Read this book if you would like a taste of the TV show Supernatural mixed with a hint of Gossip Girl.