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Disappointing read I had wanted the book to refer towards Prince Vlad the person His personality, character traits, personal life, etc There should be plenty of that to write about as there are definitely some pretty ridiculous stories out there about this man.Unfortunately, the book dealt with Prince Vlad the prince, leader, warrior, etc Much of the writing just involved too much politics for me.The best part about this book was in the final appendix when you get a glimpse into the mind of this violent madman. This is the definitive book if you wish to research Vlad It does something very, very few books do and does not mention the Stoker invention of Dracula The language is clear and easy to follow even for non historians For historians, this is mainly a book seeking to understand and simultaneously disproving the mythistory surrounding the enigmatic figure of Vlad Tepes Dracula. Having written my own novel which fused in the life and times of the historical Dracula, I was very excited to learn of this latest from Romanian researcher and member of The Center for Romanian Studies, Kurt W Treptow What makes this book most interesting and fascinating is that it is written from a perspective of presenting Vlad III Dracula as a brave prince and capable leader as opposed to a bloodthirsty tyrant and an evil vampire The author explores the political and religious agendas from the period and how Dracula faced these realities The book delves into Vlad s decision making and motivations which drove him to action Treptow s claims are backed by plenty of historical evidence, including letters, legal documents and stories that survive today If I have any criticism to add it would be that the manner in which it is written often made me think of the encyclopedias I used to have to read to do book reports in school. I enjoyed this book It was very informative on the economic and political variables affecting the region during Vlad s time I was not familiar with a lot of the clashes between Orthodoxy and Catholicism and Islam in the region and how often sides would flip flop to form another alliance The turnover of princes in Wallachia itself was astounding. This wasn t a fun read unless you really know your Romanian and Hungarian geography and I do not It was big on specific locations that meant nothing to me I ended up lost a bit of the time I did like the section that has translations of all Vlad s known correspondence. The best book about Vlad Dracula I have ever read, I have been researching him for years and I found alot in here that I didn t know as well as certain facts being either confirmed or disproved Took me a long time to track down an affordable copy of this book and it was completely worth it. |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚔ Vlad III Dracula: The Life and Times of the Historical Dracula ♽ The Fifteenth Century Romanian Prince Vlad III Dracula, Also Known As Vlad The Impaler, Is One Of The Most Fascinating Personalities Of Medieval History Even Within This Figure S Own Lifetime, His True Story Became Obscured By A Veil Of Myths Vlad Has Been Depicted As A National And Christian Hero Who Bravely Fought To Defend His Native Land And All Of Europe Against The Invading Turkish Infidels However, He Has Also Been Portrayed As A Bloody Tyrant Whose Reputation Slowly Transformed Through The Ages Into The Fictional Vampire Created By Bram Stoker At The End Of The Nineteenth Century Even In The Twentieth Century, The True History Of Dracula Has Been Obscured By Communist And Nationalist Historiography This Book Presents The Life And Times Of This Fascinating Personality Of Medieval Europe The Author Uses All Extant Romanian, Turkish, Russian And German Sources To Reconstruct The History Of This Famous Prince Who, Despite His Short Reign, Created A Name For Himself In The An incredibly detailed and well researched, well documented book on Vlad Tsepes Truth be told, it had me at appendices with translations of historical documents including letters and deeds written by Tsepes Excellent reference work of DOOOOOOM Quieres conocer al dracula historico Este el el mejor libro que he encontrado sobre el tema.