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READ PDF ô Poor Things Ñ One Of Alasdair Gray S Most Brilliant Creations, Poor Things Is A Postmodern Revision Of Frankenstein That Replaces The Traditional Monster With Bella Baxter A Beautiful Young Erotomaniac Brought Back To Life With The Brain Of An Infant Godwin Baxter S Scientific Ambition To Create The Perfect Companion Is Realized When He Finds The Drowned Body Of Bella, But His Dream Is Thwarted By Dr Archibald McCandless S Jealous Love For Baxter S CreationThe Hilarious Tale Of Love And Scandal That Ensues Would Be The Whole Story In The Hands Of A Lesser Author Which In Fact It Is, For This Account Is Actually Written By Dr McCandless For Gray, Though, This Is Only Half The Story, After Which Bella Aka Victoria McCandless Has Her Own Say In The Matter Satirizing The Classic Victorian Novel, Poor Things Is A Hilarious Political Allegory And A Thought Provoking Duel Between The Desires Of Men And The Independence Of Women, From One Of Scotland S Most Accomplished Author A stirring melange of Frankenstein and Pygmalion I bought my copy of this at a great shop in Camden I then read half in Heathrow and finished such flying over the Atlantic. The book that turned me on to frame tales, unreliable narrators, authors as editors, found documents, pastiche and parody, emotionally stimulating artwork, the novel an a objet d art, run on sentences, paratextual palaver, and metafiction with a heart is as marvellous on the third read as it was on the first Gray s novel presents two unreliable accounts of Bella Baxter s life the first a Frankenstein and Victorian horror pastiche told in the form of a fictional autobio of public health officier Archibald McCandless, the second a brief corrective letter from Bella Baxter denouncing his entire book of Poor Things as a complete fabrication Gray never wrote characters as vivid and wondrous as the ear splitting mutant Baxter, the gambling Don Juan Wedderburn, and the liberated feminist Bella in his other books, and Poor Things finds him perfecting the balance of postmodern playfulness, artistic perfection and multi layered parody and historical insight present in his other books, but nowhere as coherent, moving, hilarious, sly and cunning as in this masterpiece I rank this as the peak of Gray s literary achievements, below Lanark and 1982 Janine which show their age now, and recommend to all who find the above list of qualities paramount to their textual tantalisation. Only bad religions depend on mysteries, just as bad governments depend on secret police Truth, beauty and goodness are not mysterious, they are the commonest, most obvious, most essential facts of life, like sunlight, air and bread Poor Things is a brilliant stylization to the Victorian novel a real cornucopia of reminiscences to the great novels of the nineteenth century but being a postmodernistic tale it is generously laden with mockery of all sorts of Gothic motifs.The pictures showed many kinds of people The ugliest and most comical are Scots, Irish, foreign, poor, servants, rich folk who have been poor until very recently, small men, old unmarried women and Socialists The Socialists are ugliest, very dirty and hairy with weak chins, and seem to spend their time grumbling to other people at street corners What are Socialists, Duncan I asked Fools who think the world should be improved Why Is something wrong with it The Socialists are wrong with it and my infernal luck You told me once that luck is a solemn name for ignorance Do not torture me, Bell It is a fine but jeering companion toThe French Lieutenant s Womanby John Fowles both books are an original outlook on the Victorian epoch with the modern eyes They are something like a lesson and warning to contemporary man Politics, like filling and emptying cesspools, is filthy work and women should be protected from it Some people are authentic human beings but some are just Frankensteins Almost the only thing that dragged me away from this rollicking novel was a school production of Oliver in which my daughter Georgia soon to be 16, can that possibly be was cavorting and twirling as part of the chorus line oom papah, oom papah, that s how it goes, and then warbling a solo Where Is Love as Mrs Bedwin The Housekeeper over Oliver s sleeping form she looked so pretty with her hair piled up on her head, something she never does in real life There was a schoolgirl usher who sat next to us on the front row, and before the performance started, she got chatting We asked her if she had wanted to be in Oliver, and she said she had been, but had to drop out, because her dad just died WhatYou can imagine our interested smiles freezing and dropping to the floor in splinters Oh yes, it was just a couple of weeks ago, and her mum is still in the hospital very ill from the same thing as killed her dad WhatWe really didn t know what to say, and she seemed so matter of fact about this ghastly tragedy At that uneasy moment, the orphans arrived and started lining up for their gruel After the whole thing was done and we had gone through every single part of the evening and told Georgia precisely who was good or bad, what we thought of the sound effects for Nancy s murder and the cut of Mr Bumble s jib, we mentioned this awful story Oh that was Grace, she said, rolling her eyes She was going to be Mrs Bumble but she was kicked out for not turning up to rehearsals No, her dad hadn t died and her mother wasn t in any hospital with a life threatening ailment I think I would have heard about that Grace is a compulsive liar Everyone knows that And so is Alasdair Gray Poor Things is a Victorian narrative by a Scottish public Health Officer named Archibald McCandless which is immediately contradicted completely by a letter essay written by the principal of the narrative, his wife Bella Baxter aka Victoria McCandless, which is in turn cross examined and undermined to an extent by a series of contemporary notes appended by Alisdair Gray Some novels given to japery wheezy faux academic pastiche do this check out House of Leaves for a rock and roll example, or Pale Fire by Nabokov, probably the grandaddy of the genre.It s great fun how could it not be when you get, for instance, the great Glaswegian seducer Duncan Wedderburn justifying himself in terms such as these No delicious scullions, tempting laundry manglers, lucious latrine scrubbers ever lost a day s work by dallying with Duncan Wedderburn, though the shortness and irregularity of their free time meant I had to court several at once Or again, savour the Dickensian turn of phrase of Bella, our heroine, talking about a trip to Argentine to try to discover some of her own mysterious history In Buenos Aires we tried to visit my parents grave, but Baxter found the railway company that paid for the interment had put them in a graveyard on the edge of a bottomless canyon, so when Chimborazo or Cotopaxi or Popocatapetl erupted the whole shebang collapsed in an avalance to the bottom crushing headstones coffins skeletons to a powder of in fin it se im al atoms Seeing them in that state would have been like visiting a heap of caster sugar.I ve now read four Alasdair Gray books, all completely different from each other, except as regards to their linguistic effervescence Lanark is the big masterpiece But if you fancy a bit of Victoriana with a dash of Breughel, a spoonful of Engels and a garnishing of Mary Shelley, Poor Things will do for you as it did for me.