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Reading this, I read about a quarter of it I suppose, I thought say it was written by someone white from the opposite point of view, that is whites are on top and pushing their agenda, and they wrote in this very I came top of English and joined a writing circle kind of way, would we still praise it Or are we being all white liberal and this book is kind of helping us say mea culpa and the author is very, very cynically playing on that And I know it s all about we can overcome prejudice and just share the love together, but to me that is not the underlying agenda of the book at all That s just the hookYou may have a totally different opinion and disagree with every word I have written above I respect that, and am happy for discussions You might even change my mind But, don t troll meThe rest of this is about me, you might not want to bother reading it view spoiler On the island I live on, when I arrived there were about 6,000 people, not poor, nice place to live, very difficult to get to and everyone said hello when you passed them on the street It became very wealthy quite quickly and the government gave many scholarships for the bright young things who wanted to go to historically black African American universities in the US Some of them were staff working before college, and they were a lovely bunch.When they got back they would come and see me from time to time Mo had become a Black Muslim He invited me to a poetry reading and said that if I heard anything against whites I shouldn t take it on, it wasn t directed at me Maie came back and started a political party for youth representation, grew her locks and wrote in the paper about how whites need re educating I had tea with a friend, a UN official, and later another one of these kids passing our table, now a journalist, said to her, I know you have to do business with them but you don t have to socialise with them to My friend who didn t feel like that told me And so it goes.They were the new intelligensia, angry young blacks carrying a chip on their shoulder of all the ills that African American society has to deal with in America What they had forgotten was that the black man is king in his own country, and the island government was entirely black, and doing very well They are older now They are running the colleges, the schools, the newspapers, some are aiming for politics not quite old enough , and they are nice to your face whilst maintaining their pernicious attitudes They teach a form of history that is fake, they worship some of the most evil people looking only to see what their attitudes are towards white people But always very pleasant to your face They have me caused a lot of harm whether educationally with my kids , or giving book contracts for schools to a furniture supplier rather than to the white woman and her bookshop So I know where this book is coming from.Do I say that Black racism is here and all the whites are innocent victims Somewhat, nobody white has any power really But there is plenty of white racism, very covert, it is not our society, but it exists and is often social You don t get invited places, neither do your children Some of them won t patronise a traitor s business mine and speak disparagingly of you They have caused me a lot of harm what with no contracts from their schools, social isolation for my kids and talking trash to me those who don t know me about blacks in general They say things like when we all leave this place is going to be like Haiti again It never was, it was never poor.I do see both sides My ex is black, from a top political family Two of my sons are black, one has locks, he s lovely and loud and very protective of me Although I am their stepmother for most of their lives when people say as they still do, she ca an be yu mudder, she a white woman , they will immediately say I am and none of us will say step , just mother, just sons.My youngest son turned out white,or less, and as long as the whites in school didn t mix with the blacks he was invited everywhere But then came the funeral of a Prime Minister, a brother in law and everyone knew it was my family, and the invitations stopped from most of them At 8 my son s hair went kinky and light brown rather than blonde He was blamed for everything and thrown out of the white school The black tutor I employed charged me 5 times as much as he did locals.I really know it from both sides And I know where the author is coming from and I am disgusted hide spoiler I started reading this, and after sitting down twice to try to read it, I had to put it down.I ve read up a bit on it, and I can totally understand why people think this book is amazing some things that happen later on WOW emotion city However, I couldn t stand the writing style, which was very childish and used way too many exclamation points I M SO SORRY, FANS OF THIS BOOK I just can t push through. [Download E-pub] ♪ Noughts & Crosses ☤ Two Young People Are Forced To Make A Stand In This Thought Provoking Look At Racism And Prejudice In An Alternate SocietySephy Is A Cross A Member Of The Dark Skinned Ruling Class Callum Is A Nought A Colourless Member Of The Underclass Who Were Once Slaves To The Crosses The Two Have Been Friends Since Early Childhood, But That S As Far As It Can Go In Their World, Noughts And Crosses Simply Don T Mix Against A Background Of Prejudice And Distrust, Intensely Highlighted By Violent Terrorist Activity, A Romance Builds Between Sephy And Callum A Romance That Is To Lead Both Of Them Into Terrible Danger Can They Possibly Find A Way To Be Together This may have been the first YA dystopia I ever read The genre has gone through many changes since then but this book continues to stick in my mind as one which cemented my love for it It s an old tale of forbidden romance but avoids being cheesy It s a tale of heartache and tragedy but steers clear of melodrama One thing is certain Sephy and Callum s story will stay with me for a long time. You expect me to review this book Me You re surely new here My reviews are and this book isOK fine.Let s see.Well, for a start, I can t say anything about the plot I read this book not knowing anythingthan what the synopsis told me and that is the best way to go into this book The only thing you need to know about the plot is that it has one And it s absolutely outstanding.This book is so powerful and completely unforgettable The writing is magnificent The world building is incredible And the characters and the relationships between them are some of the most brilliantly constructed ones that I have ever read.And the plot twists I can t stop thinking about them I honestly can t remember another book I have recently that has given me the gut wrenching No no.no, they re not going to do that They won t Will they They can t Can they feeling that this book gave me I never saw it coming and I still don t want to believe Actually, I refuse to believe it.Yep.So there, Ms Blackman.I m not doing a very good job here, am I Are you convinced yet Please just say yes and put me out of my misery so I can stop writing this review I m trying to be coherent and make intelligent observations but it s difficult to make coherent and intelligent observations when all I want to do when I think of this book is sob into a chocolate cake.Yep, that s right I don t want to even eat the chocolate cake I want to sob into it.I still have the dodgy sunburn marks I gained from sitting in the garden on the weekend Manchester was hotter than Hawaii because I was so engrossed by this book.So yeah, you expected me to write a review for this book I can t.I pass.In an incredibly long winded way, of course Hey, you wouldn t want it any other way, would you But, I officially pass on reviewing this book.Why Malorie Blackman isn t the name on everyone s lips, I don t know Read this book and then come and talk to me You bring the gin and I ll bring the sun cream.You can read this and other exciting things including proper reviews on my blog, Wear the Old Coat. So I ve finally made myself finish this book I had real high expectations, seeing all the 5 star reviews and wow s What a let down I ve never been any good at writing book reviews so excuse me if this doesn t come across how I want it too One word i would use to describe this book. Flat It had no depth and it just felt rushed and really, it was quite boring The characters were really two dimensional and it was near impossible for me to care about what happened to them, i couldn t even dredge up any emotion for the last chapter Also, where was this supposed romance One minute they were friends, the next they were declaring love, having sex wtf was with that anyway He had just kidnapped her but still she lays down with him and making a baby Just stupid, there was no believable lead up to all this When I read a good book I can envision it in my head, create my own little movie if you like, but this is the only book I ve ever read where that didn t happen I do like the basis for the plot, it just could have been so muchthan it is. 3 4 stars, what s the difference I just started bawling as I added the quotes, so clearly I m unreliable I held out my hands and she put hers in mine, looking at me ruefully Love was like an avalanche, with Sephy and I hand in hand racing like hell to get out of its way only instead of running away from it, we kept running straight toward it. Sohmmmyeah This book is an asshole Seriously What the ever loving fuck, I mean, REALLY Fucking REALLY I wouldn t take much stock in my rating because I don t know what to rate this I don t know how to rate this And, most importantly, I don t know what I feel This book is what I m going to call a Blur Rating It s a new thing, join me, will you I just decided last night I need a shelf for my blur ratings since they seem to be happeningoften than not, lately I am angry I am livid I am upset I don t know what to think I am crushed.I ve finally figured it out I m dead I died a long time ago, woke up in hell and didn t even realize CallumThe beginning of this book started out with a bang It was clear that our two main characters were never going to be able to be together and live peacefully He is a naught, she is a cross A cross is high society, a naught is low society One grew up privileged, the other did not Naughts are spit on, crosses are revered and looked upon as if they are royalty among peasants But ever since they were little, Callum and Sephy have been meeting up at their secret spot so they can hang out together they are best friends who got separated after tragic circumstances and they have been struggling to stay close since And my my my what do we have here, you ask Well, I d say we have a case of star crossed lovers, if I do say so, myself Was that all love did for you Made you give up and give in Left you open to pain and hurt If it was, I swore that nothing would ever make me do the same as her Nothing CallumEven now after sleeping on what happened at the end of this stupid book I am a mess My eyes are puffy and I hardly slept a wink I tossed and turned and grumbled and fumbled around until I was a pissy asshole oh, hey Just like this book Ugh Each move I made in Callum s direction just seemed to pave my way faster to hell.Now, I think what makes me the maddest is that the writing wasn t even that great It was all about the characters, for me From the very beginning I was invested in what happened to these two young people who loved each other despite their differences and their social classes nothing could keep me away from seeing what all the fuss was about after all, I do love a climactic conclusion, dontcha know So, I excused the juvenile writing because every time I would start to get angry with the situations or the characters or the GD writing, something truly gripping would happen that would suck me back in Especially the last 30% It was truly gripping The edge of my seat gripping I mean, after all, they were 12 at the beginning of the book and teenagers in the middle, so naturally it s easy to except lots of exclamation points well, I lie, I can t stand over use of exclamation points because I know kids, ya know.exclaim.a lot lol But as the book progressed, one would ponder why the author kept this style of writing up And I came up with one simple answer The author just writes like this Which brings me to my next answer I will never, ever, EVER read another book by this author and not only because of the writing I m not a blanker I may be a naught but I m worththan nothing I m not a blanker A waste of time and space A zero I m not a blanker I M NOT A BLANKER CallumI just.there were so many moments where hate spewed from the two main characters and it broke my heart They loved each other, but all these horrible situations kept happening where Callum s class would show and he would get this visceral feeling where he resented all the crosses naturally and understandably , including Sephy It s so easy to group those we are closest to with a bad situation and I found it to be very realistic but it still broke my damn heart Each time they d overcome something, another obstacle catapulted itself right in their way, each situationvenomous than the last It was a great look at the struggle between different races and the battles that can come with class and hierarchy I felt it to the bottom of my soul, and it definitely flipped the coin quite a bit.In my bad dreams, it was only when my hands were bloody and I was gasping frantically for breath that I realized I wasn t in a box at all It was a coffin And once I realized that, I stopped struggling and just waited to die That s what terrified me the most I stopped struggling and waited to die CallumSo I don t know My mind and my heart wrestled over what to rate this On the one hand, I loved how the story had this huge emotional deal from 70% on On the other hand, I hated many of parts of this book and I couldn t stand the overly dramatic dialogue a lot of the time I know, me and my dialogue But near the end I was very heavily leaning towards a fourI really was But my heart got thrown into a wood chipper and came out the other side a bloody pulp I was sobbing, unexpectedly, last night and I wanted to hurl this stupid un throwable ebook across the room and smash it against the wall And while I am one of the only people in my close knit group here on Goodreads who loves self sacrifices, perilous endings where bad things happen and, hey, let s say it deaths sometimes , this ending was harsh beyond measure and I justcouldn t I am strong I love crazy, heart stopping endings, but this book took it one step too far and I was already a little on the fence with it So many before me have loved this, and I did, to an extent, as well But their love touched me so deeply that I feel I m a little scarred and I don t take kindly to emotional scarring Forof my reviews, please visit After Blackman was announced as one of the writers on the new series of Doctor Who, I really wanted to read one of her novels so that I could get a feel for her work.As her episode is going to focus on Rosa Parker s and the constant theme of this book was race and segregation, I ended up getting evenof a gasp on what her episode might be like than I originally expected.This book was just so incredible Set in an alternate universe where dark skinned people known as crosses are the superior race.The story follows teenagers Sephy a Cross and Callum a Nought who struggle to understand why they have to be segregated.The story narrative switches between the two perspectives as both make sense of the world they live in, I found the scene were Callum is questioning why there s no references to any noughts in the school curriculum just so powerful.I really liked both characters and was really rooting for it to work out for them, with so much adversity I was completely wrapped up and shocked with how the final third played out.I was completely hooked I m really excited to see Blackman s take on Doctor Who, I m glad the show has brought her to my attention I really want to read the next book as soon as possible Dear God, please let him have heard me Please.Please.If you re up there.SomewhereHoly fucking hell What What was this book Noughts and Crosses is a hands down 5 starer If I m allowed I wouldn t give it a half a star less than a 100.Can anyone please answer this question How do you even go about reviewing this book How do you even God, how are you even in a condition to speak after reading this My bed is a snotty mess right now and I can t seem to be able to able to stop bawling my eyes out.This is my condition after having finished reading Noughts and Crosses My emotions are not letting me gather my thoughts hence I ll just write few things which I can remember off the top of my head and then shut up and go away in search of another box of tissues.First of all, Callum and Sephy guys I ADORE you I really really do Just know that I love you two So much I love you both with my life.The issue which Noughts and Crosses tackles is one that I can most connect to, or lets say I m most familiar with Noughts the whites, and Crosses the blacks are not supposed to intermingle Crosses are the dominating one where all the power lies Noughts are weaker ones You ll find at least I did that these terms the Noughts and the Crosses are nothing but substitutes for the others that you can easily witness in the real life if you take a closer look at the society today For example, in India it could be like any two castes the Hindus and the Muslims, or even the rich and the poor in many cases There is forbidden love which can easily be witnessed anywhere, everywhere but there s also racism, and inequality This is nothing new now is it For those of you who thought these things only existed over a century ago, you re wrong Certainly they existed then but by no means have they vanished in today s time This topic it strikes a chord somewhere It has struck a nerve somewhere deep and you know you re bleeding all over on the inside.One look at the Liberation Militia and their beliefs and principles gives you some sort of insight as to what goes on in the minds of the people belonging to terrorist groups Not that I think of LM as a terrorist group but considering what they do and the way they do it obviously they could be conceived as a terrorist organisation in one way They are not at all bad or evil people they just believe and understand that what they do is the right thing They really do believe that in their heart of hearts After all the cause really is the right one, the noble one After all there is only so much one can take before they stand up and fight against it But the way they choose to implement it I believe that is not the best method.Remember the saying An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.Ms Blackman I salute you You wrote this book Wow Really, I need to meet you once to show you the extent to which this book has moved me affected me You really have added a diamond to the growing pile of literary treasure.Another thing that comes to my mind when I think about the story is the poor poor Meggie McGregor What did she ever do wrong so as to deserve this magnitude this degree of pain and grief and sadness It literally hurts your heart to think about the grief and the kind of torment that lady has to go through and that too without any of her own fault.Dear God, please Please Do not let such a story EVER be true Never Please If you re up there Somewhere.All that I can say to anyone who reads this review is that if you don t read Noughts and Crosses, then you e committing a sin A SIN I can t imagine that there exists a person who likes reading dystopian novels but doesn t like Noughts and Crosses Its not even possible They ll all be keeling over crying with all their ruddy might by the time they finish reading this book Especially the last few pages those will hurt so much it could feel like someone s crushing your heart and hence let me warn you there ll be lots of internal bleeding.I recommend this book to each and every one human or animal. This book is just wow,definitely A.I was hooked from the start by the gripping story and complex relationship between Callum and Sephy,I didn t want to put the book down because it was soooo good.I completely fell in love with the idea of Callum and Sephy together despite all the set backs and difficulties they had to face.The whole story is fantastic as there s never a dull moment and you really feel for the characters because the writing is amazing.The end just killed me and left me heart broken and was definitely unexpected.The added extract of An Eye For An Eye is a great addition as it gives insight into Jude and Minerva characters and is a exciting but tense follow up to the story.I think everyone should give this book a go and I m so excited to read the next book,despite the heartbreaking finish to the first novel.