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Nalo Hopkinson has crafted a magical, mesmerizing modern day folktale, pulsing with life, heartbreak, beauty, and an unfettered imagination Propelled by an utterly original, poetic, thrillingly inventive patois, the story pours forth with an unstoppable, emotionally rich energy Moving and scary and dreamlike and at times hilarious, Midnight Robber is absolutely unforgettable. This book has a central issue to it without which it really can t be meaningfully discussed It is a spoiler to something that doesn t start until about 40% in the book, and frankly, had I known that this was the subject of the book I never would have picked it up I m kind of glad I did though.I would recommend you skip the remainder of this review if you don t want to read the spoiler, because I m going to proceed as if you re aware of it Sorry, I don t want to put the whole review under spoilers because you need to read this explanation view spoiler Tan Tan, the main character of the book, is repeatedly raped by her father from the age of 9 until the age of 14 when she falls pregnant Tan Tan knows a doctor though who gives her abortifactants The sexual abuse stops until she is 16, when she attempts to run away but is then brutally raped again by her father, but in the process she kills him She falls pregnant again to this last rape hide spoiler @DOWNLOAD EPUB ê Midnight Robber ⛄ An Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereIt S Carnival Time, And The Carribean Colonized Planet Of Toussaint Is Celebrating With Music, Dance And Pageantry Masked Midnight Robbers Waylay Revelers With Brandished Weapons And Spellbinding Words But To Young Tan Tan, The Robber Queen Is Simply A Favourite Costume To Wear At The Festival Until Her Power Corrupted Father Commits An Unforgivable Crime Suddenly, Both Father And Daughter Are Thrust Into The Brutal World Of New Half Way Tree Here Monstrous Creatures From Folklore Are Real, And The Humans Are Violent Outcasts In The Wilds Here Tan Tan Must Reach Into The Heart Of Myth And Become The Robber Queen Herself For Only The Robber Queen S Legendary Powers Can Save Her Lifeand Set Her Free Another school book this semester hahaha gotta love school Loved the Caribbean influences and hard topics she delved into but overall the story didn t appeal to me nor keep me interested A magical story telling style, musically told, with a plot that weaves its way through some horrific landscapes in the most uplifting way A science fiction rumination on the power of myths, on the nature of humanity, but oh such a damn fine story Love it I love this book, Tan Tan is such a strong characters and the worlds that Hopkinson creates for Tan Tan to grow in are just so beautiful and mysterious and dangerous I m a sucker for this book, and the audio and fantastic I can t wait to read this again I wanted to go to sleep, but I can t, so instead I ll review this brilliant, awful, mesmerizing, repulsive book.CONTENT WARNING some mild spoilers I can t avoid view spoiler This is a book about rape It happens repeatedly, graphically, and torments the main character throughout Also graphic, abhorrent child abuse, trauma to eyes and other soft body tissue, abortion, slavery, infidelity, killing of animals, murder, domestic violence hide spoiler I like science fiction I like Caribbean cultures But I ve never looked for the intersection of the two Actually, now I think about it, I have encountered lots of science fictional themes in reggae lyrics But certainly I never thought to look for a science fiction novel written from a Caribbean perspective.So that was the first thing I liked about Midnight Robber It begins on the Caribbean colonized planet of Toussaint during Carnival We read this for my book club here in New Orleans just as our own Carnival season was coming to a climax so I was immediately hooked by the setting and the voice.The entire novel is written in what I guess might be described as creolized English It was certainly easy for me to understand once I got the hang of it, so I m guessing it s a blend of English and perhaps several true creole languages As an aside, I love it when two books I m reading at the same time illuminate each another in unexpected ways, and that happened here when I got to Jared Diamond s section on pidgins and creoles in The Third Chimpanzee The Evolution Future of the Human Animal In any event, the patwa definitely gave the book a unique flavor that I enjoyed hugely In my mind I kept hearing the voice of my favorite Dominican poet, Billy Jno Hope.But as I read on I discovered a lot than that initial hook to keep me interested and involved The father daughter relationship which is a key element of this story resonated with me, but I did not anticipate the direction it would ultimately take To say would be to risk spoiling, so I ll shut up The daughter emerges as the protagonist in the story It s a coming of age tale I ve read plenty of those from the male perspective, so it s refreshing to get one from the female side.Indeed, the perspective of this book is profoundly and vitally female I would not hesitate to call it feminist, except that label might scare away people who have certain preconceived notions about the f word Forget all that This is first and foremost a book about being human But it s hard to imagine it being written by anyone other than a woman of color I suppose comparisons to Octavia Butler are inevitable, not just because of the identity of the author but also because of the themes addressed I was also reminded of Marge Piercy s far strident Woman on the Edge of Time.I found the whole story deeply involving and stimulating to my imagination Did I fail to mention this is unapologetic science fiction as well In addition high technology we also have alien creatures Blending these elements with Afro Caribbean folklore is a powerful combination that really worked for me.I d knock off half a star for the ending which felt a trifle rushed and a little too easy for me But endings are hard and I can t begrudge the last few pages when the rest of the book is so accomplished. This is a very very good sci fi book about trauma and building a new identity To really explain you why you should read this, spoilers will need to be used It takes the book until almost halfway through for the actual point of attack to appear The problem is that it is impossible to talk in detail about this novel s second half without talking about its themes, which are a lot So before recommending this book, I want to warn as a spoiler view spoiler This is a book about incestuous child rape Tan Tan is repeatedly raped by her father, Antonio, and becomes pregnant as a result The second half of the book goes into her rebuilding her identity after killing him hide spoiler Great book, even if it took me a bit to flow into the creole, but right off the bat it starts and finishes with hard SF fully mixing with Anansi tale.What comes first The Anansi tale or the life of the Midnight Robber Tam Tam Who knows, we Either way, both help define and refine and divine the tale Who is the Midnight Robber She be the one to save two for every life she take She s the myth of she who punishes the wicked and help those in need She s the wronged who repays in both the good and the bad, the one who lives in slavery and delivers from it.I ll be honest, it took a bit of effort to start my mind flowing in the right direction for the novel, and later, even when I knew what spoilers there be to make my heart bleed, it almost threw me to the ground to kick he side until he vomit A few times, I even wanted to quit the novel I couldn t take what Tam Tam took But I suffered through what she suffered through, saw her grow strong, and in her strength, I gained strength.Things can get very dark, indeed, but there is light.Eventually, there is hope and redemption, and the novel is good The love is good.Maybe as I read novels of this type, I ll enjoy Creole As it is right now, I m stuck in limbo Seen The language is beautiful and strange, but the poetry is clear and bright I m so glad I was turned on to this form.