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~Download Kindle ⚕ Barefoot ☤ Visiting Nantucket For The Summer, Three Women Seek Peace And Comfort As They Cope With The Challenges In Their Lives From Marriage, Infidelity, And The Mayhem Of Motherhood To Scandal, Tragedy, And Illness Three Women Burdened With Small Children, Unwieldy Straw Hats, And Some Obvious Emotional Issues Tumble Onto The Nantucket Airport Tarmac One Hot June Day Vicki Is Trying To Sort Through The News That She Has A Serious Illness Her Sister, Brenda, Has Just Left Her Job After Being Caught In An Affair With A Student And Their Friend Melanie, After Seven Failed In Vitro Attempts, Is Pregnant At Last But Only After Learning That Her Husband Is Having An Affair They Have Come To Escape, Enjoy The Sun, And Relax In Nantucket S Calming Air But Into The House, Into Their World, Steps Twenty Two Year Old Josh Flynn Barefoot Weaves These Four Lives Together In A Story With Enthralling Sweep And Scope A Novel That Is As Fun And Memorable And Bittersweet As That One Perfect Day Of Summer I d give it a half a star if that was possible In fact, I m contemplating taking the one star away but I figured I had to give it something This book disappointed me WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD First, the book was all over the place One minute I m following Viki, then Brenda, then Melanie, and then Josh oh and then there are flash backs too, so it just gets confusing most of the time Second, it didn t end at all the way I wanted it to and that upset me I thought the story of everyone together at the beach house was sweet but I was really disappointed that Josh comes into their lives and was SO good with the children and then just disappears He was with Melanie for a while and their love is real and genuine and amazing The man isn t even fathering her child but cares enough about her to touch and kiss her belly And she tosses him aside to work things out with her lying, cheating, ba tard of a husband who wouldn t even be with her if she wasn t pregnant It really upset me and made me wish I had left this book on the discount rack at BN and not bothered paying the 6.00 for it I left the price sticker on the back of the book to remind me how much money I wasted It angered me and not only did I waste my time reading it all but now I just feel sad about how it all ended I want a book that is going to make me feel good when I m done with it, not like the love train ran over me sigh My review will contain some spoilers I could say that Barefoot is my least favorite book by Elin so far Even the epilogue didn t answer all my questions about the characters future Yet, I still enjoyed the story about these three women spending their summer in Nantucket The first woman is Victoria Lyndon Stowe Vicki has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer despite never smoking She decides to leave her life in Connecticut and take her two young kids, Blaine and Porter, to spend the summer in Nantucket She plans to get her chemotherapy there Chemo is never easy and Vicki will have to deal with her feelings about her own mortality The second woman is Brenda Lyndon She s Vicki s younger sister She had the perfect job in Academia until she met her new Australian student, John Walsh He s one year older than her but a relationship with him will cost Brenda her beloved job and plenty of legal issues.The third woman is Melanie Patchen, Vicki s best friend who s escaping with them in order to avoid her own problems Melanie has tried seven rounds of in vitro treatments in hopes of getting pregnant without any success Then, she discovers she s pregnant but she also learns that her husband, Peter, is cheating with a woman at work Last but not least, we meet Joshua Josh Flynn A twenty two year old man who crosses paths with them as they get off the plane By serendipity, they meet a few times and Josh ends up becoming their nanny for the summer As you can see there s enough material for plenty of drama in the making So why didn t I love it Well, a few reasons It was hard to like Melanie She behaved childishly and never really helped Vicki throughout the summer I also thought she took advantage of Josh s feelings and young age Worse, her decision at the end made me lose all respect for her I hated Peter He had it too easy and I didn t believe his apology He will cheat again.In the beginning, I wasn t crazy about Brenda She could be selfish but she did help her sister She was there for her I wished there had been info about Walsh Where was he during all those weeks Why didn t he call her times Why didn t he show up to look for her Vicki s storyline was the saddest I felt sorry for her She was dealing with the unthinkable Cancer is a scary word and she wasn t sure if she would be there for her two small kids She had many bad days ahead of her I love her two kids.I thought Josh had a rotten deal He was indispensable to them while they needed him but I thought they didn t tell him how much he meant to them and when it was time to let him go, neither women batted their eyelashes No offer to stay connected either.Cliffhanger No3 5 FangsMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram BAREFOOT A beach house, two sisters, and a girlfriendSounds heavenly relaxing, even with a couple kids in tow Now, I can handle a bit of vomit and lost luggage, but Hilderbrand mercilessly tugs at all of my feminine heartstrings marriage, motherhood, sisterhood, and friendship oh, and that pesky fear of death thing.Meet the Girls Melanie deals with infertility overshadowed by infidelity, and then further complicated with pregnancy POW Brenda s promising academic career hangs in jeopardy due to an entirely separate affair this one seemingly harmless, except for the minor detail that it was with one of her students ZING And then there s Vicki hit with every woman s worst nightmare a cancer diagnosis with two small children to raise BAM Pan to the dark clouds parting, casting light down upon the crown of an attractive college student, Josh, who ends up being so much to these conflicted women then a Guy Friday Hence, Self magazine s Beaches meets The Graduate review.And this is all just in the first chapter Phew And here I thought I was in for a relaxing day on Nantucket s shores I need a vacation, just trying to keep up with these gals All facetiousness aside Barefoot was my first of Hilderbrand s books, but not my last It s a quick read with a poignant underlying theme and resolution Her descriptions made me anxious for that coveted time at my family s North Carolina beach house Thank God, I don t have to deal with all the Barefoot turmoil.I love what Hilderbrand shares in the Conversation at the end of the book She says, I had claimed that, after A Summer Affair her next novel due out July 1st was complete, I would take a year off My year off lasted for about two weeks Writing is like a genetic disease and I can t seem to find a cure Now, THAT s good news for us Alright, if you would delete all pages from about 30% to 75% this book might have gotten 4 stars First off, no one can identify with these characters The women are all totally pessimistic and broken, the children are your typical American kids spoiled brats and all the men have macho man issues with the exception of John Walsh, but we don t get to know him well enough I understand that sometimes life gets you down and occasionally you might feel like there s nothing left except despair, but seriously, I just hate people who hide all their problems inside and then are surprised when they get sick physically Like, Hello You re internalizing all this poison and then you re surprised when your body reacts Come onSecondly, the author sucked at writing Perhaps some of her other books are better, but in this one the first one I ever read by her I just felt that it was very disjointed She was aiming to go towards a slowly uncovering all the past, step by step, type of telling and instead I just felt bored out of my skull for the gist of the book Yeah, we know Brenda hurt a painting You ve alluded to how it happened 12 times already Now we get the full details described in 15 pages and yet I don t feel like I learned anything new There were a whole bunch of other, smaller, flaws as well The author just writes about the setting as though we ve all been there I haven t I don t even know where Nantucket it except maybe that it s pretty far from Connecticut that you need to fly there Caribbean Canada level Up near Greenland In the Pacific No clue The only time I ve ever even heard of the island were those bottled juice drinks they sold at specialty high level stores and breakfast places made by Nantucket presumably from the island but who knows That aside, I figured out it was an island and not just a peninsula or a block of land a while of the way in So why did I give this book 2 stars, and not just 1 Well, the story itself wasn t bad The premise was interesting and the flow wasn t horrendous As an editor I would have cleaned up a bit and changed things and simplified other things, but in general, overall, the book wasn t bad I am still seething over the character depictions very controversial at times and how much mind mud I had to slog through to get to the end of the novel So I ll just try and focus on the beginning and how much lovely that was in comparison to the rest of the book Not sure if I ll be picking this author up again P.S This was a summer read choice for my bookclub, Serious About Books. Looking for something light and summery, I took the front cover and read the back and thought it d be perfect for a weekend at the lake What the back of the book doesn t tell you is that from the very first chapter, the 3 main characters are annoying and never get any better.There is a martyr sister with lung cancer, a selfish professor sister and a poor miserable me friend who escapes because her husband cheated on her then ends up cheating on him The children are brats, the husbands alternate between completely weak and emotionally detached to practically cave men in the way they treat their wives There was not a single character I felt any compassion or sympathy for, including a woman with lung cancer At the end of the book, we found out what happened to each and I realized I didn t care how their stories ended.To be fair, I set the book aside and waited a year to reread it I thought maybe if I already knew their stories, I d have feelings for them Nope still hated it. On a summer vacation in Nantucket, three women arrive at the local airport two sisters and one friend They re all trying to escape from their real life problems Melanie, after several failed attempted to conceive, discovers she is pregnant Right after her husband tells her he is cheating on her with his co worker.Brenda , a prominent professor, has a scandalous affair with an older student that got her fired from her job Vickie, mother to two small boys, has been diagnosed with lung cancer Brenda was an awful woman and I hated her chapters I think my eyes got stuck in my head from rolling so much Melanie was a huge whiner and I was not happy with the direction that her story went Vicki was the most tolerable, but she even had her moments where I grumbled at her.I definitely cannot recommend this one So far, it s my least favorite EH novel I have read. This was the first book I ve read by Elin Hilderbrand, and I really enjoyed it While I would initially classify it as a chick lit beach read, it deals with some serious issues that make it a little less fluff There s the gorgeous Sconset setting, the women and the beach house, marital and family issues But there s also cancer The characters are really well developed, all different and compelling in their own ways Hilderbrand s writing is flawless and easy, I couldn t put this book down. I d like to begin by stating that once I started this book, I truly did not want to put it down The lives of Brenda, Vicki, Melanie, and Josh are so captivating and genuine, making it hard not to become invested The setting is summer on Nantucket, and Hilderbrand s artful use of descriptive language truly made me feel as if I was there, providing yet another reason for why I couldn t put this novel down.While there is a certain, underlying thread of sadness that runs through the story, there are also comical, sentimental, and bittersweet moments sprinkled in abundance I found myself alternating between bursts of laughter and silent tears, and where good writing is concerned, reactions like those are hallmarks of a well told story The characterization is top notch, making it easy to identify with all of the major characters on many levels.Barefoot is a quick and easy read, and perfect for those warm and lazy days Allow yourself to get lost on Nantucket this summerI think you ll enjoy the stay. Let me start by saying I was expecting this to be a throw away book Something I could start, put down if something else caught my attention, and or never pick back up and never regret missing out on if I didn t return to it I think that impression was the fault of the editors, or whoever put the front cover together With the tagline, Three women Three Secrets One long, hot summer and a quote reading, Summer reading fun Twenty pages in, you ll be ready to drop everything and head for the beach yourself I was only expecting fluff.So when I ended up neglecting all chores around the house for an entire day while I devoted all my spare, non parenting time to reading this book that I was hard pressed to put down, I was really surprised This book is, indeed, the story of three women who travel to the beaches of Nantucket for a summer, but it s also about so much than that This is the story of three women who may look like they have it all together from the outside, but who are falling apart at the seams internally Their summer spent together, crammed into a tiny, older than dirt beach house does not make them fast friends, but enables them to work out for themselves how to deal with the hands life has dealt them.I would not classify this as a beach read To me, those are books that are picked up and easily put down I wasn t able to easily put this down I was wrapped up in the characters and their lives and the drama within their lives I wanted to follow through to the end In the end I was left satisfied and wanting to read books by this author, and that s always a good feeling to have at the end of a reading.