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Police officer Mike Ryan was murdered with his own gun A beautiful suspect walked away free after tainting his reputation with allegations of greed and corruption only to perish herself in a fiery apparent suicide For two years Cleveland Homicide Detective John Salvatore Paris has been struggling to clear his friend Ryan s once good name with no success And now a rash of brutal slayings is rocking Paris s city, a plague of terror and ritual sacrifice savage enough to shatter even the most street hardened cop s faith in justice and a rational world Each murder is different yet equally horrific each victim and crime connected only by a strange symbol carved into their flesh.And by one name Michael Ryan.This is probably 4 1 2 stars.Another one of his gripping page turners At the risk of sounding twisted, enjoyable seems like the wrong word to use but I did enjoy it greatly Richard Montanari writes are compelling just try putting one down I generally fall asleep mid sentence. Du 3.5 a 4 c est le deuxi me Roma de Montanari que je lis bien que je pr f rai son roman seven plus C tait une lecture haletante un tueur en s rie qui fait des rituels de sentaria avec ses victimes L auteur jette la lumi re sur le pass de l assassin le pass de ces certaines personnes qui ont souffert qui ont subi des atrocit s dans la vie des tournats les rendant des killers quoique vraiment l histoire tai bien tiss e et je n ai pas l ch le livre les 150 derni res pages malgr les tudes qui m attendentCeci me pousse davantage a vouloir lire d autres livres de Montanari surtout ceux des enqu teurs Kevin Byrne et Jessica Balzano Free Book ♓ Kiss Of Evil ♻ Christmas Is Just Around The Corner The Season Of Peace And GoodwillBut This Year, For Detective Jack Paris, The Christmas Spirit Is Eclipsed By The Hunt For A Sadistic And Twisted Serial KillerWhen An Accused Murderer Is Acquitted On A Technicality Then Found Dead Of An Apparent Suicide, A Spree Of Brutal Murders Terrorizes The Citizens Of ClevelandThis Vicious And Vengeful Killer Tortures His Seemingly Unrelated Victims In Unimaginably Violent Ways, Leaving Them All With A Strange Symbol Carved Into Their FleshWhen Detective Paris Discovers That These Murders Are The Grim Handiwork Of One Maniac Obsessed With The Dark Side Of The Ancient Religion, Santeria, He S Pulled Into A Web Of Danger And Sexual DevianceJack Must Catch The Killer Before He Kills AgainBut On Christmas Eve, Jack Finds Himself Right Where The Homicidal Maniac Wants Him Questioning His Loyalties, Facing An Impossible Choice, With The Barrel Of A Gun Pointing At His Temple And The Whole World Watching Detective Jack Paris returns in the sequel to Richard Montanari s first novel, Don t Look Now Deviant Way Christmas is fast approaching and a serial killer is beginning his work A woman drawn into an online fantasy world is brutally murdered A con artist finds herself cornered when one of her cons goes wrong Someone is watching her and someone is also watching Jack Paris.Another case playing on Jack s mind is that of the murder of Mike Ryan, a police officer murdered two years before by a woman who has recently been found dead, her lawyer determined to give Jack a hard time As the body count rises, Jack is drawn into the worlds of Santeria an ancient religion comprised of elements of Yoruba religion and Christianity and sexual deviance Unbeknownst to him, the killer has an endgame in mind with Jack as its star performer.Relentlessly fast paced with multiple twists and turns, all of the strands come together for a heart stopping finale, neatly tying all the loose ends in what at first appears to be a novel featuring multiple cases, but is revealed to be farcomplicated, with potentially deadly consequences for Jack Kiss of Evil is a masterstroke in suspense, told in gruesome detail and with some surprises along the way a superbly plotted and complex psychological thriller. Addictive I really enjoyed this one and looking forward to readingin the series 4.5 Really gripping, a definite page turner. Second book in Jack Paris series from author Richard Montanari, Kiss Of Evil , is a dark, moody, and complicated thriller A very suspenseful thriller with several continual moving parts, at times it was difficult keeping track of some of the story arc elements Set in Cleveland, two years after Officer Mike Ryan,46, was found murdered Ryan was set up to look like a dirty cop Jack Paris had nailed down the case on Ryan s killer named Sarah Weiss Except the jury had other ideas Blowhard lawyer Jeremiah Cross convinced jury Weiss was set up and acquitted her Ryan s widow Delores and young daughter Carrie are devastated Carrie, wheelchair bound especially upset Moving into the present, Paris is now working on a series of gruesome murders that seemed to be linked to the religious practice of Santeria Jack is also giving local latino newspaper reporter Mercedes Cruz a first hand tour, and valuable insights within homicide department The mad man killer has left four bodies in his wake with Santeria symbols on the bodies Everywhere Jack seems to turn with this case he s stuck looking back into the long distance past Book was a very enjoyable read to be sure Paris, a contentious and sometimes irascible detective with many years in homicide, is a solid leading protagonist Author Richard Montanari s characters are as usual tough customers to be sure Mr Montanari has found that urban edge for his characters that help drive his books at very high speeds Although with this yarn, there were so many moving parts involving some confusing characters that threw me off story a couple times The ending itself was kind of odd as well Overall it s a very good suspenseful thriller I d highly recommend any of author Richard Montanari s books for serious thriller fans His Byrne Balzano series is absolutely fantastic, book after book To date I ve only seen two of his Jack Paris series books Would love to see another book featuring this craggy detective Don t miss out out on any of these reads They are a must for mystery thriller readers 4 stars out of a possible 5 stars good book. In a nutshell Brilliant Montanari is one of the finest thriller writers around today, just as good as people like Kathy Reichs or Harlan Coben He never disappoints and Kiss of Evil is no exception.