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Woah Psychosis safari is everybody in this story a fruitcake I picked this up as I ve always liked Peter James and I have to say, I was a little disappointed that it wasn t a Roy Grace novel,however,I soon got into the story and as long as you take it in the spirit it s written you ll find it a quick and enjoyable read The main reason it s only a three star for me,is that the characters are just so unrealistic.If I ever needed therapy I hope I don t get this guy.Probably the most neurotic, love struck wierdo I ve ever come across in a book You re constantly shouting in your head for him to man up and get a grip The police officers are intelligent one minute and thick as pigs pooh the next and the psychic Nazi briefly flits in and out of the story making you wonder why he s there Probably because James couldn t come up with any other link with the killer All in all a reasonably satisfactory read with too many flaws to make it good read. I read this not long after it was first published and then picked it up again recently when I saw it in Asda for a bargainous 1 PJ is one of my favourite authors and this book is no exception As usual his villain is completely mental, and at times makes me worry for PJs mental state for coming up with him Some elements of the story make me cringe surrounding the relationship with his mother, not to mention one of the sex scenes which descends into something out of an unlikely bodice ripper , but in the case of the former, it adds a certain something to the character and although it doesn t excuse what he does, it somehow makes him and his actions a little understandable.Another interesting element of this book for me was that it introduced Glen Branson, the policeman from PJs later written Roy Grace series, although it s clear that at this point he was a stand alone character in this one book, rather than someone to be revisited in a series Unfortunately it looks like someone has gone back and rewritten this book to tie in with the character as written in the new series because once or twice the names change Glen s wife changes from Ari as it is in the later books to another name can t remember what it is This doesn t detract from the fantastic storytelling though, and would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers that have a little bit extra and that can quite literally, scare you silly #FREE BOOK õ Denial Ù Traduction Denial Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso Traduction Denial Francais, Dictionnaire Anglais Francais, Dfinition, Voir Aussi Dental ,deal ,dial ,denim , Conjugaison, Expression, Synonyme, Dictionnaire Reverso Denial English French Dictionary WordReference Denial Traduction Anglais Franais Forums Pour Discuter De Denial, Voir Ses Formes Composes, Des Exemples Et Poser Vos Questions Gratuit Le Procs Du Sicle FilmAlloCin Le Film Est Bas Sur Denial Holocaust History On Trial Crit Par L Historienne Deborah Lipstadt, Qui 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Champions,Rainbow Six Siege Champions,GuildwarsChampions,Online Casino Newcomer Denialfilm Wikipedia Denial Is ABritish American Biographical Drama Film Directed By Mick Jackson And Written By David Hare, Based On Deborah Lipstadt S Book History On Trial My Day In Court With A Holocaust Denier Denial Wikipedia Denial Of Fact In This Form Of Denial, Someone Avoids A Fact By Utilizing Deception This Lying Can Take The Form Of An Outright Falsehood Commission , Leaving Out Certain Details To Tailor A Story Omission , Or By Falsely Agreeing To Something Assent Denial Denial , Denial ,denial ,denial ,denial ,denial ,denial Peter James has now offically taken James Herbert s place as my favourite British writer of horror thriller fiction As described, this book was a taught, engaging, gruesomely disturbing story about grief and anger, and in the villain s case, revenge Having only read one other of his books before this being Alchemist I already had high expectations for Peter James, and while Alchemist took about 100 pages before anything really got going, Denial begins straight away on a high note, and is consistently good throughout, even if it does lag a little in the middle section The writing was solid, and the story works very well as a page turning thriller All things considered, I am very glad for having read this book it was a fucking farcry from the last thing I suffered through and that is really what it s all about On a grounded basis, this was superior to many others books of the genre, but having said that, I did still find it a little boring at parts, and there are a few downfalls I should point out As I said before, there are moments in this book where the pacing stops up, and James gets a little overly descriptive with his settings, which for me at least, results in my attention switching off a little, and I find myself reading the words but not really taking them in a little like The Bible The pacing also suffers with the constant switch between various characters, and some of them Detective Glen Branson, especially seem to be doing nothing of much use until the closing section of the story There were a little too many similarities between this and other famous films, such as Sunset Boulevard with the failed actress s obsession with her diminished fame , Psycho with the creepy, somewhat pitiful hold that the warped mother has over her son, and even Silence of the Lambs , with the villain referring to one of his victim s as it , whilst keep her locked in a pitch black cellar, and watching her with nightvision goggles That last paralell was a little too much But to be honest, all writers nay, all creative persons in general have to find their inspiration from somewhere, so these similarities to other major films can be forgiven, as they have been The last thing I must criticize is the relationship between Michael Tennent and Amanda Capstick, and the terribly unfitting sex scene that occurs between them I found this relationship cheap and lazy, and their love for each other was established not through any emotional journey whatsoever At just around page 100, they make love in one of the most drawnout sex scenes I ve read Now I like gratuitous sex just as much as the next person, but I also think there is a time and a place, and in this case, the sex just felt corny and weird and was too large a shift from the otherwise gloomy tone of the novel But whatever, the sex scene is pretty hot, so it s not that bad Anyway, that s my take on Peter James s Denial It s a great story by a great writer, and while I only rated it three stars, I think many other people would love it, so check it out. I have to say, this was the first book by Peter James I d ever picked up, and it was after reading the first chapter while doing a food shop at Sainsbury s I decided I had to finish it I really couldn t put it down, and I became so immersed in its universe, that when certain events happened near the end of the book, I felt too many emotions that no other book has achieved for quite a long time All the characters felt real, and their struggles were well felt throughout The pacing is well done, and the book is very action packed, and keeps you on your toes As the plot unravels, it draws you in completely, and you can t help but sympathise with all the main characters Overall, I think this is a brilliant book, and I m now looking forward to the other Peter James book I bought at WHSmith I made the mistake of reading some other people s reviews before I started this book and normally when that happens I am swayed into thinking with the consensus but not this time I did not have any problem with the fact that a person who has known one of the main protagonists of the book for such a short time should lead the search for them I do not live near my family and it would probably take them weeks to even realise I was missing just because we are not in contact that much So the fact that someone who was falling in love should be so instrumental in the search was not that surprising to me I thought that most of the characters were well fleshed out and well written As is usual with male written crime there was only one non beautiful female character but at least she wasn t the villain which is something I liked this book in general the villain was scary and the plot was pretty fast paced and I don t have any complaints. A brilliant early piece from Peter James a piece that introduces us to Glenn Branson who is a regular feature in the Roy Grace series Tense throughout with lashings of violence which is something I really do enjoy in books, call me morbid maybe I read this on holiday over a few days and I loved this book This wasn t the normal Roy Grace series story I was used to I have read all 13 books as it was prior to the time with DI Grace I was skeptical at first, as it was concentrating on DC Glen Branson I particularly liked Branson though, in the DI Grace series, as he is a cool film buff, hulking black man, and so I devoured the book eagerly to find out who he developed from The best thing about this book isn t the investigation of the crimes, but the perpetrator himself who is completely maniacal and insane but he chooses to believe he is completely sane and everything he does makes a twisted sense Thomas Lamark is a wonderfully, brilliant and obscure individual and the book centers around him and his motivations behind a bonkers revenge plan that rapidly spirals out of control and crumbles around him when his pawns refuse to follow his precise plan. 90 s 3 3,5. I found Peter James books earlier this year and can t get enough The Roy Grace series are first class and each one better than the previous, if that s at all possible I m now working through the earlier books and must say Denial, as clich d as it sounds, is unputdownable I read it in a night with eyes on storks..Try it you ll see what a mean Totally suspenseful till the very last page.