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Pretty good I am, and always have been, a big Go Go s fan It started off really interesting but by the end was a little monotonous and I felt like screaming Either get off the blow or die already [[ Book ]] ⇙ Lips Unsealed ↠ The Women Of The Iconic Eighties Band The Go Go S Will Always Be Remembered As They Appeared On The Back Of Their Debut Record Sunny, Smiling, Each Soaking In Her Own Private Bubble Bath With Chocolates And Champagne The Photo Is A Perfect Tribute To The Fun, Irreverent Brand Of Pop Music That The Go Go S Created, But It Also Conceals The Trials And Secret Demons That The Group And, In Particular, Belinda Carlisle Struggled With Leaving Her Unstable Childhood Home At The Age Of Eighteen, Belinda Battled Serious Weight Issues And Grappled With Her Confusion About Being Deserted By Her Biological Father This Talented But Misguided Teen Found Solace In The Punk Rock World That So Openly Welcomed Misfits Even Though Acceptance Had Its PriceNot Long After Forming, The Go Go S Became Queens Of The LA Punk Scene With A Chart Topping Debut Album, Belinda Found Herself Launched To International Superstardom And With That Fame Came Access To A List Parties, And Even Alcohol And Drugs To Fuel Go Go S Mania Inevitably, Belinda Began To Self Destruct This Spellbinding And Shocking Look At Her Rise, Fall, And Eventual Rebirth As A Wife, Mother, And Sober Artist Will Leave You Wistfully Fantasizing About The Eighties Decadence She Epitomized, But Also Cringing At The Dark Despair Hidden Behind Her Charming Smile Lips Unsealed Is Ultimately A Love Letter To Music And The Story Of A Life That, Though Deeply Flawed, Was, And Is Still, Fully Lived I loved the Go Gos I still love the Go Go s What I wasn t too hot about was Belinda s autobiography While it was quite enlightening to read about her struggles with addiction and weight issues, it seemed throughout the book as if she was striving for sympathy, by piling on and of things that went wrong She glossed over the Go Go s in my opinion and the fact that they were a pretty big part of the 80 s girl groups, that unlike the Monkees, played their own instruments, did their own videos, and wrote their own songs They contributed a lot to the music scene, but it seemed to me as if it kind of played a back seat here, to her own struggles.Obviously, it s her own autobiography, she s entitled However without that band where would she be Just a thought I did enjoy reading about her finding her way out of addiction, and finding a sober lifestyle and a happy family You hope that all of them will make it out, but often than not, that isn t the case There s just something missing from this book I read it and thought She seems self absorbed I m not a fan of self absorption unless aliens, zombies, or cannibals are involved. I fell in love with Belinda Carlisle in the back of a clunky brown passenger van in the summer of 1987, my walkman spinning the cassette of her debut solo album, Belinda On the cover, the most beautiful woman in the world was dressed in all black against a Hubba Bubba pink backdrop, her bob flung whimsically in a way that said I m the kind of girl who tosses her hair I m always having fun To see her on MTV supported this personae In her videos, Belinda Carlisle spun and rolled in the sand, dance flirted on sun porches, made love to a convertible s head rest with her voice a voice that sounded equal parts cigarettes and Tab Her clothes always dangled off bare shoulders, like she had dressed hastily in the morning before sneaking out a bedroom window Never trashy,though What people mean when they say Why, she s a natural beauty In her memoir Lips Unsealed the former Go Go reveals that this was all a front That beneath the tousled red hair and pearly whites, she was a coke head in an internal state of controlled chaos She was on and off the wagon so many times that she should have splinter scars on the backs of her thighs This shouldn t come as a surprise The Go Gos reputation for partying hardy was well documented, and frequently Carlisle s own binges ruined live performances both televised and at sold out concerts and pissed off her band mates In 2005 she snorted her last snort after envisioning herself OD d in a hotel room death by hotel room being popular in the crowd she ran with Consider her old friend with benefits Michael Hutchence of INXS Not to mention that her longtime husband Morgan Mason he of the kissy face moments in the video for Mad About You was pretty much done with her secret stashes and wonky eyed returns from touring Carlisle was a chubby club girl nicknamed Belimpa by her high school classmates in the late 1970s, hanging in the Hollywood punk scene with her gal pals One night, sitting on a curb, they decided to start the band that would eventually become the internationally beloved Go Gos Amount of musicality between them Nada Carlisle told those shrieking sociopaths on The View recently that in those days, it was pretty uncool to actually know how to play an instrument Soon after they were touring in Europe, and went on to become the first all girl band to write and play their own instruments and land a number one record By then they had shed their punk roots and were producing something a little poppy than they were first comfortable with.Of course, the Go Gos were pretty short lived They were divided between the party girls and the not so party girls, and there was some resentment about their front woman s bigger hotel rooms, and role as spokeswoman Rightfully so While the other women learned their instruments and earned songwriting credits, Belinda Carlisle was completely divorced from the creative process Ms Carlisle went on to get married, develop a solo career that started up here, and progressively attracted less and less interest There were reunion tours with the Go Gos, and drug binges across the globe that included a particularly harrowing experience involving mountains pallets of coke guarded by machine guns There were weepy promises made to her husband, and a brief reprieve from addiction while she was pregnant with her son Add to this a Madonna inspired eating disorder, fueled by seeing how svelt the Queen Material Girl had gotten and comparing herself unfavorably Then there is the time she gets coked up in the bathroom at her son s school Speaking of purging This book is a big one Carlisle puts it all out there, leaving seemingly no part of her life for the sequel This memoir doesn t necessarily paint the newly minted AARP member as a real sweetheart And since she s being so goll darn honest, she fact checks a few of the rumors that have spun about her over the years no matter how inane and forgettable they are to the general public Things like 1 No, she didn t screw David Lee Roth 2 She did not do coke while she was pregnant with her son 3 She wasn t dropped from her label after Live Your Life Be Free because of a public altercation with the then label president These dolled out digs are a little trite, but hey, if she s going to splay her story without romanticizing an ounce or gram, as the case may be , she s allowed a bit of self indulgence She is exactly what you would expect from a 1980s rock star, right down to the part where she cleans up her act and includes the Dalai Lama on her reading list.These days Belinda is living in the south of France She s a spokesperson for a weight loss system Her son is en route for college, and she s still married to the romantic lead from her music videos She was on one of those reality dance competitions She has been sober five years The Go Gos had planned a summer last ditch reunion tour, but Jane took a digger when hiking and her ACL surgery called for canceling.Many years ago I wrote a bloggy love letter to Belinda Carlisle, and said that I didn t really want to know about her real life I wanted her to be that woman skipping through an apartment, singing and tossing her hair Beaming and shiny skinned I didn t want to see her strung out at 8 a.m., Rod Stewart screaming at her for keeping him up all night But that is untrue This book was delicious I ve been having mini Belinda video fests for the past few days, and falling in love with her all over again Let s just say I feel the magic like I ve never felt before. I was at the library and saw this book in the return pile and thought, Hey Belinda Carlisle I was a Go Go s fan, owned their first 2 albums in my record collection Judging from the title, I thought this should be a good read about the Go Go s told by the lead singer herself However.Belinda, Belinda, Belinda You seriously glossed over the years with the Go Go s and wrote a book about a coke alcohol addiction lasting 30yrs Hardcore Why are you still alive And why did it take you 30yrs to get your s t together I had heard the rumors about BC s partying ways, but holy crap She is one lucky girl that was never found alone, dead in some hotel room Although I give her credit for being forthright about her drug addiction and its destruction over and over and OVER again I find it hard to believe that never once did any of the Go Go s bitch slap BC for her self indulgent ways C mon, Jane Or perhaps those cat fights were conveniently left out of the book Regardless, there was no depth to any lesson that was ever learned well into her solo career and beyond Each chapter had a new beginning with the same ol repeated ending I found myself screaming in frustration Please For the Love of God Snap out of it I was annoyed with a woman who became a wife and mother but was too self absorbed to ever give up her recreational lifestyle For anyone Her husband and son are saints.It wasn t until the final chapters that Belinda claimed sobriety and happiness in life, studying meditation and yoga with travels to India Unfortunately by then, she had lost me. This book was extremely scattered Apparently Belinda Carlisle thinks the Go Go s had of a profound effect on music than I thought, but ah well She is deliciously self absorbed, and of course she finds yoga, and spirituality that help her quit her rampant drug use Apparently her husband and son were not enough to do the trick I read this after seeing an interview with her, and kind of thinking she seemed cold and detached, and this book left me with no different of an impression of her. If you are a Go Go s fan and or a Belinda Carlisle fan, you will enjoy her autobiography entitled Lips Unsealed Although her book is marketed as a memoir, I believe it to be autobiographical In an autobiography, the author discusses one s entire life from birth to the present In a memoir, the author focuses on an aspect or a snapshot Belinda focuses on three main points of her life her musical influences and coming of age as a Go Go, her alcohol and drug addictions that haunted her for most of her life, and her family Overall, it s an interesting read Belinda s courage to share her demons and her story with millions of readers is admirable I recommend this book it s not just fluff and photographs that some celebrity autobiographies memoirs are made of In this read, she s got the beat Couldn t resist. I liked the stuff about the LA punk scene in the early 80s But the tales of the 300 a day coke habit for 20 years were really repetitive, as these things tend to be Still, there were some especially impressive feats in cocaine intake For example, JOHN BELUSHI cautioned Belinda about her drug use That s right, John Belushi And also, Rod Stewart scolded her for partying too hard and keeping him up all night Rod Stewart And also, she did coke in her five year old son s elementary school bathroom after dropping him off for the day While this latter admission probably took a lot of courage to put on the page, overall, her writing seemed guarded and superficial In any event, I m glad Belinda now embraces yoga not drogas. The early chapters reminded me of M tley Cr e s The Dirt, from the perspective of an all female band from the same era This is the best part of the book, from Carlisle s early childhood and family issues through the formation of the Go Go s and their subsequent highs and lows There are plenty of fun tidbits for music fans to gobble up in those early chapters her writing style is at about a high school freshman level, but it s accessible and expresses her sunny, SoCal party girl personality well.Too soon, however, the story devolves into Carlisle s struggles as a pampered solo artist, her uninteresting affair with an LA Dodgers outfielder, and her rather storybook marriage to an heir of Hollywood royalty There are some confessions having to do with illicit drug deals in foreign countries and rock bottom coke binge moments, but by the time she reaches her inevitable sobriety and starts talking about chanting Buddhist mantras for hours every day, you get a sense that you ve already finished the part of the story anyone would find interesting besides Carlisle herself It s fascinating to read about a young, hungry rocker clawing her way to fame, then fighting the demons that come with that success It s decidedly less so to read about a middle aged, wealthy, famous pop singer contemplating spiritual awakening from the comfort of her villa in the South of France.Definitely worth reading for the early West Hollywood punk scene stories, but the later chapters do drag a bit. Just to give a quick background I grew up with Belinda Carlisle s music, but I never knew she was the lead singer for the Go Go s In fact, I can t say I ve ever heard of them before reading this book YouTube, here I come I only know Belinda s music from when they were hits on the radio in the late eighties early nineties, and I was in high school then She always seemed like a straight shooter and that was my perception of her all these years Now after finishing her memoir, my view of her has changed drastically On the one hand I would like to say that I appreciated her honesty and openness with this autobiography But the truth is, after reading it, my reaction to it was pretty much whatever I have no sympathy for drug addicts, and I don t care for the stories of recovering addicts as those in my opinion are mostly recounts of how they destroyed the lives of their loved ones, and then after they ve gone through the difficult process of recovering, everyone is supposed to just forgive and move on My opinion might sound narrow minded and harsh, but I know of too many families and children who have suffered because of a loved one s drug habit and the lies and deceit that go hand in hand with it This is just the way I feel about it, and all this memoir represented to me in the end was pages of name dropping with loads of spiritual and angst filled BS in between to fluff it out.Why I m giving it a three star rating is because of its overall entertainment value It kept me captivated while making the journey alongside this rockstar from her difficult childhood to fame and fortune In comparison to Shania Twain s memoir which I also recently read, this book has less emotional baggage and isn t as emotionally draining to read as Twain s autobiography, From This Moment On Overall, I d say this is a worthwhile read, even if only to see how the other half lives.