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There is a great and fun filled competition going on right now called The Tournament of Books, where a set of judges hold forth on 16 books published in 2010, from which they will pick a winner I am using it as a way to catch up on books I meant to read last year Model Home is one of the contenders This is a first novel by a Los Angeles assistant professor of literature at Claremont College And it was an entertaining, dramatic story, mostly believable but in the end only as memorable as some movie I would get from Netflx and then forget a few weeks later Still, it was fun in a depressing way while I read it Warren Ziller, a successful Midwestern realtor and happy family man, moves his family to Southern California in search of even bigger success and happiness for his wife and three kids He gets involved in a doomed real estate venture, over extends himself financially, and comes way too close to ruining their lives in the process There are lots of great bits Dustin, the older son, aspiring to rock stardom with his garage band and to true love with his perfect blonde California girlfriend Lyle, the middle daughter, who reads like I do, has pitch perfect teen speak, and falls for the Hispanic guard at the gate of their community poor misunderstood eleven year old Jonas, some vaguely portrayed cross between possible Asperger s Syndrome and emotionally disturbed child Truly terrible things happen to all five of these people, but somehow they always have food to eat, a car to get around in, cell phones on which to call each other, medical care when needed, etc If you live in Los Angeles as I do or Orange County or San Diego, you know Eric Puchner is telling the truth, mostly But then again some things don t add up Would the dad who loved his kids so much really be that stupid Would the mom, who seems to be such a nice Wisconsin woman, really be that clueless about poor Jonas I could go on So actually I feel a little ashamed that I got so involved in this story because I now suspect that it was only a slight cut above a trashy novel I think he did it with the writing which is skillful Puchner can do humor, satire, emotion, and description all quite well He has got the craft and he is circling around some good ideas about aspirations, family, happiness and American culture So, fine I hope he gets to publish novels I would read them He has a shot at the literary aspirations he clearly holds. This book will depress the living heck out of you, if you let it There are moments of snickering, but for the most part, it s about a family falling apart at the seams and trying desperately to put it back together again And it s not just falling apart it s fragmenting, then decaying, then pieces are falling off along the side of the road while one family member or other patiently gathers then all back up.The book is told from the point of view of each of the family members, allowing you to really get into the hearts of problems, the depths of the dreams, and the end results of the tragedies You have everything from a band called Toxic Shock Syndrome to a father whose career has resorted to selling knives in trailer parks to a son who runs away and ends up smack in the middle of the craziest Dead Head concert followers I ve ever heard of.No, this isn t a knee slapper, but it IS worth reading.Recommended. @Download Book É Model Home º Eric Puchner S Music Through The Floor Was One Of The Best Received Story Collections In Years His Debut Novel, A Sweeping Yet Intimate Story Of The American Dream In Remission, Viewed Through The Microscope Of A Single Family, Proves Yet Again Just How Exhilarating It Is To Come Across A Young Writer As Technically Gifted And Emotionally Insightful As Eric Puchner The New York Times Book ReviewThe Zillers Warren, Camille, And Their Three Children Live The Good Life In A Gated Southern California Neighborhood, But The Sun Bright Veneer Hides A Starker Reality As Warren Desperately Tries To Conceal A Failing Real Estate Venture, His Family Falls Prey To Secrets And Misunderstandings, Both Hilarious And Painful, That Open Fault Lines In Their Intimacy Their Misguided Attempts To Recover Their Former Closeness, Or Find It Elsewhere, Lead Them Into Late Night Burglary, Improbable Romance, And Strange Acts Of Betrayal When Tragedy Strikes, The Zillers Are Forced To Move To One Of The Houses In Warren S Abandoned Development In The Desert By Turns Tender And Disturbing, Irreverent And Profound, Model Home Is A Masterful Display Of Eric Puchner S Prodigious Gifts And Penetrating Insight Both Into The American Family And Into The Imperfect Ways We Try To Connect Model Home was really depressing, but it was also really well written I wish I knew how to describe it perfectly It was easy for me to picture the characters in my head because they were right off the big screen in one of those movies I wish I could describe perfecly Think American Beauty or The Upside of Anger When life began to go wrong for Warren Ziller, the earth tilted off its axis for his entire family His wife and each of his children unknowingly drifted to a new plane One unfortunate thing was added to another and then another was stacked on top of that while some other disaster was being added from the other side It was like watching a house of cards being built and knowing it was only a matter of time before it all came tumbling down Lately, the smallest things had the power to crush or elate him You ve got your whole life ahead of you, people liked to say In truth there was not much time, a blip, and most of what you did was a mistake And there you have it. WONDERFUL, dismal story of one family s downward spiral during the 1980s in the dusty, dreary outskirts of LA The first half of the book is a broken American Dream, teenagers and parents all angsty and desperate but it s the horrific plot twist that drives the second half of the story into utter bleakness But the bleakness isn t empty there s a heart beating in every character and you know it The writing is a fantastic observation of the dreamy details that make up real life The final, crazy plot twist towards the end really spirals everything into madness and yet plot wise, makes perfect sense The major plot lines, of course, all turn out to be metaphors for the lives of these characters, which is simply great writing.I don t want to give away any of the story, though But if you re looking for an absorbing novel with a stark but heart wrenching view of the world and are good with a melancholy vibe, this one may be it I loved it I listened to the audiobook and there were times I literally couldn t stop listening sitting in the garage or parking lot, unwilling to turn it off Thanks very much to Aeron for reviewing it earlier or I m not sure I would have known about it The first 100 or so pages drew me in I was intrigued by the focus on a normal suburban family trying to hold it all together in the midst of an economic disaster, and I liked how each character had something about them that made them completely alone in the midst of their ostensibly happy family I think that s something that a lot of people can relate to.But toward the middle, the characters started to move into completely implausible directions, and then the major plot twist in the middle, which I wish I had never read and could strike from my memory, was just completely ludicrous I mean, yes, I suppose these things happen in real life, but in the context of everything else And the events that led up to the twist Come on The second half of the book was totally and completely depressing I don t mind depressing and sad, in fact, I even like it when it helps me wallow or grieve about something in my own life that I ve been needing to deal with But this was just depressing in the way that walking past all the young adults wasting their lives getting stoned at the Haight Street entrance to Golden Gate Park is depressing I don t need to read a book to get of that. Do you remember the movie Million Dollar Baby It started out as a pretty kick ass movie about a female boxer and then all of a sudden became a pretty depressing film about right to die politics Well, Model Home kind of does the same thing It starts out as a slightly uncomfortable, but laugh out loud hilarious look at a quirky family in a financial crisis Then, it becomes a harrowingly depressing look at how a family deals with a tragedy And by tragedy , I do mean tragedy And by deals with I mean falls completely apart I love Puchner s writing I was a big fan of his previous book of short storeis , but I felt tricked when this was over If I had been in the mood for something this depressing, I might have rated it better If I had known it was as depressing as it is, I might not have read it all. In this odd little gem, we witness the evolution or devolution of an American family At the start of the novel we meet Warren, a husband who is lying to his family about their financial situation, and his unhappy wife Camille Then there is Dustin who is your typical teen, Lyle who is dating the Mexican guard in the families complex and Jonas who is just plain odd Midway through something awful happens to the family What drew me into this book was the quirky and interesting characters I wanted to find out what happened to them even after I read the last page This was an excellent read Benjamin Franklin once said, Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days I often think of this when reading a book like MODEL HOME Sometimes it s the characters and sometimes it s the plot, but no matter what its redeeming qualities and this book has some , the novel wants to drive you away.So, what s that smell in the case of MODEL HOME Depression, chiefly The book is a relentless downer But if it s art, why should that matter True, but it does Justice is no blind than the book reviewer, and you do your best, but still sniff what s that funky smell Author Eric Puchner brings us the All American family in the form of the Zillers feckless father Warren, corny mother Camille, daring rocker Dustin, sad experimenter Lyle a girl, thank you , and chiefly ignored Jonas They have moved to Southern California from staid Wisconsin, and each chapter features one of these protagonists with the exception of the weird waif, Jonas, who is saved as a plot device of sorts to be used later in the book and God save us from characters that tick via a plot device Like most dads in our modern culture, Warren is one hapless screw up of a loser and lose he does, in the form of the family s finances The resulting train wreck takes no prisoners, as author Eric Puchner saves a vial of doom for each and every Ziller.At about the halfway point, the novel goes from dark too claustrophobic as an explosion leads to Dustin becoming a burn victim Cut down in the prime of life, the lad turns into the metaphoric equivalent of King Lear on the heath, spewing anger, bitterness, and gall Alcoholism and guilt move in to this MODEL HOME, the smell of singed skin now blending with the smell of 3 day old fish Here, with visions of NO EXIT dancing in his head, the reader begins to scout for escape routes None seem evident Husband and wife are torn asunder Daughter Lyle goes looking for love in all the wrong places Everyone ignores Jonas And Dustin rots away, both inside and out.Despite the full eclipse covering any semblance of optimism, Puchner DOES offer occasionally brilliant bits of writing He trained as a short story writer, and he shows an attention to detail that gives one pause at times For instance, Lyle is drawn to this obviously shallow but beautiful girl she works with named Shannon When Lyle takes her plain friend Bethany to a party and they see Shannon there, Bethany does not understand Lyle s fascination, but Puchner clearly does Bethany did not understand Lyle s persistent friendship with Shannon Lyle had tried to explain it, but the truth is she did not understand it herself It had something to do with Shannon s beauty Not just the long, flattering, irresistible shadow it cast, but the loneliness hidden inside it like a pearl Coming out of this book, I feel thankful for the fresh air read new book , but I can at least admit that Puchner is worth a second look Here the depressing topic was like an anaconda, squeezing the very spirit out of this book at least for subjective old me Under less dire circumstances, Puchner s writing might just take wing and fly So maybe I ll go to the housewarming to the next house Who knows Puchner just might nail it with positive vibes. I loved this book and it is not typically the kind of book I would be drawn to Two things drew me to it The first being the cover, which showed typical Southern California tract homes and second the summery of the story which told of a family from Wisconsin who relocated to the same area of Southern California that I did also from Wisconsin at the age of 12 What kept me reading with at times but each character seemed to have his her own strenghs and individuality that kept me totally enthralled I liked it so much that I am tempted to go and find this author s short story collection to read as well and I generally only read short stories on airplanes when I can find nothing else that is how good I feel this author is The book also looks at parenting and how we help and hurt our children without meaning to I really felt that that was the theme of this book though few others seem to mention it It is easy to love children too much or too little and to give them too much or too little and this story certainly illustrated this When at the end Warren the father talks about his son Dustin he realizes, In his own particular way Warren had devoted his life to helping him But perhaps he d needed something else, a devotion strong enough to refuse him In that way I felt it was the parent s story instead of the three kids and as a parent myself it really told of the strugles one has doing what is best right for our children The picture of the author certainly made him look too young to have this kind of understanding but he hit it right on the head at least for me Great, great book can t say enough