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Though it might be interesting to some people i didn't enjoy reading it at all
first of all, it was for school so i was focusing more on getting done with it
and didn't enjoy it also the story itself is so unrealistic in so many ways
and not in a good way .. *Read for school.

I hated this book. I don't know why I have to study this awful book!
It was so unrealistic, and I didn't enjoy it because I was forced to read and memorize it.
And the plot was so weak. [Download Epub] ☦ The Spiders ⚐ The Spiders WikipdiaThe Spiders Discography Discogs The SpidersProfile Japanese Group Sounds Band Formed Inby Shouchi Tanabe The Group Split In , With Several Of Its Members Going On To Have Long Careers In Japanese Showbusiness Sites Geocities Members HiroshiSpiders FilmAlloCin Synopsis Et Dtails Suite Au Crash D Une Station Spatiale Russe, On Retrouve Dans Les Dbris Une Nouvelle Espce D Araignes Mutantes Et Extrmement Dangereuses Une Fois Sur Terre, Les Araignes The Spiders The SpidersAM Pacific, ReleasedFebruary Let It GoBath SaltsNever Spoke Together The Spiders From Mars WikipdiaTHE SPIDERS The Spiders Band Includes John Henderson On Bass And Nestor Arcelay On Drums, Both Longtime Veterans Of The NJ Club Circuit, This Power Trio Has Spent The Last Few Years Developing A Very Loyal Following The Spiders Most Recent Single Video Another Mile Another Mile Was Recorded At Portrait Recording Studios In Pompton Plains, NJ The Single Was Engineered By John Ferrara Mastered By SpidersIMDb After A Soviet Space Station Crashes Into A New York City Subway Tunnel, A Species Of Venomous Spiders Is Discovered, And Soon They Mutate To The Spiders American Band Wikipedia From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia For The Japanese Band Of The Same Name, See The Spiders Japanese Band The Spiders Were An American RB Vocal Group From New Orleans Who Recorded In The S Within A Span Of Two Years, The Group Had All Five Of Their Entries On The US Billboard RB Chart The Spiderss Japanese Garage Punk Boom The Spiders Ko Ko Ko Ke Ko Insane Japan Freakbeat Pop Art Mod Bespoke S Duration Ubupop Vid Ubupopvid , Views Language English Location United StatesSpider Wikipedia Spiders Order Araneae Are Air Breathing Arthropods That Have Eight Legs, Chelicerae With Fangs Generally Able To Inject Venom, And Spinnerets That Extrude Silk They Are The Largest Order Of Arachnids And Rank Seventh In Total Species Diversity Among All Orders Of Organisms That awkward moment when you wonder if it's the spider's venom that has you paralyzed or the content of the book itself!!

Wesadlystudied this as part of the English OLevel syllabus in the Secondary School Certificate more commonly known as Thanaweya Amma. And throughout the year, we were all like "Seriously?!" and “Couldn't they find anything worse?!”
Apparently the couldn’t.
What is even worse, is that it wasn’t written by an Egyptian, but by a foreigner. I was personally convinced that they had written down any name just to convince us that it wasn’t written by a fellow – annoying – Egyptian; I didn’t believe it and I still don’t!
Warning: DO NOT READ THIS LAME EXCUSE FOR A PIECE OF WRITING! (unless you want to torment yourself then please go ahead)
The worst thing you can ever read I really enjoyed reading it Epic story.....Epic.....Epic. I had every right to hate this thing they call a novel :eyeroll:.. and I stand by this right..

Alright.. so if you're just thinking I'm prejudiced cause I had to take it in High School and all.. clearly u've never read it! If that's the case I would have come out hating Shakespear's guts.. and thought Jules Verne is my mortal enemy (I might have not been the biggest fan of The Nautilus.. but I didn't think it was one piece of a nightmare either).

But seriously.. if this is the way to gauge High Schoolers scores in the education scene.. then it's a miracle any of us came out literate at all!

UPDATE on 03 Feb. 2013:
OMG! I just remembered!!!
I tried to convince my teacher to take us to the movies to watch Along came a spider for Morgan Freeman.. it was out the same year I had this book =D.. But she made me swear that this movie is the same as the book.. so I had to back off =D.. *conscience can be a real b****) =D I just want to say that this is the worse 'Thing' that ever happened to literature.

A third grader would have written a better story. Hell, a computer program that can put together meaningful sentences can write a better story.

Our great English education requires this 'Thing' read in high school, the wonderful story of a spider (killer ones of course) that threatens humanity of course and a kid (our hero of course beats because he`s so clever and sacrifices himself and get bitten andantidotes Hallelujah is discovered and given to him and he`s miraculously rescued).

The questions for this magnificent brilliant story goes like this:
Where do spiders prefer to live?
In cool damp places of course.

And state the entire family tree of our hero.

Such Hard philosophical questions.

Ok, Gonna go kill myself now :) if ayaman just tara23 lel 3ankbot bl shebsheb, the whole story would end in chapter two
Another epic fail for the Egyptian education.