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This book is amazing and I would recommend it to every Christian our there It s extremely important to know who our Lord is, and this book covered that so well It can be a bit of a hard read, but when you figure out what he s saying, you not only feel super smart because you know what he s talking about, but you also learn so much It s very well written, and a very important read. This is a brief, but classic, work that I read in preparation for a Bible study in which I was involved this fall There are 23 chapters, each only several pages long, that expound on some of the many attributes and aspects of God s nature A statement in the preface encapsulates nicely why it is so critical to study God It is impossible to keep our moral practices sound and our inward attitudes right while our idea of God is erroneous or inadequate In the first chapter, Tozer adds, A right conception of God is basic not only to systematic theology but to practical Christian living as well I found each chapter to be insightful, uplifting, and thought provoking The far reaching implications of learning about God through the combined study of this book and Scripture compel me to think that one would do well to engage solely in the study of God for the remainder of this life It is, of course, an inexhaustible study And I have personally experienced the rich transformation that has been effected in my life as a result of what I have learned thus far Another word from Tozer toward this end, For the Scriptures not only teach truth, they show also its uses for mankind The inspired writers were men of like passion with us, dwelling in the midst of life What they learned about God became to them a sword, a shield, a hammer it became their life motivation, their good hope, and their confident expectation From the objective facts of theology their hearts made how many thousand joyous deductions and personal applications Great book There was a story I learned growing up Five blind men who did not know what an elephant was like found an elephant Since they could not see, they felt around to imagine what an elephant would be like One felt the leg and said, An elephant is like a tower Another felt the trunk and said, No it is like a python Another felt the tail and said, No An elephant is like a rope Another felt the stomach and said, You are all wrong An elephant is like a big sack They could never come to an agreement and quarreled the whole time.I believe we face similar issues when we attempt the impossible task of knowing God Much of our disagreements in Christianity come because we are like blind men, arguing that the elephant is indeed a tower, or a rope or a sack, and much of Christianity suffers because of not realizing that He is inscrutable and unknowable.So then, how shall we know the unknowable First, by humbly admitting that He is unknowable, then being faithful to whatever He allows us to know about Him through special revelation, namely, through the Bible Tozer has written a book in which He attempts this very thing So, it is not perfect However, I believe it is a book in the right direction The god most Christians believe in today is not the God of the Bible The god most Christians believe in today is too frustrated, too heartbroken, too limited, too unhappy and frankly too human That is not the LORD Read this book and pray that God would give you intellectual humility to know a little of who God really is, and who you really are. Nothing is important than a right understanding of God, or thinking rightly about God In Knowledge of the Holy, A.W Tozer states, The Church has surrendered her once lofty concept of God and has substituted for it one so low, so ignoble, as to be utterly unworthy of thinking, worshipping men Tozer is addressing idol worship that many fall into by thinking wrongly about God.It is into this reality that Tozer speaks in his book, Knowledge of the Holy, which is an excellent study of the attributes of God Tozer describes in detail the importance of thinking rightly about God Going so far as asserting, What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us When it comes to our thinking about God, everything is at stake We must think deeply and accurately about God if we are to know Him and worship Him rightly and truthfully.An attribute study is a great way to come to know God deeply and is a great way to explore the richness of the scriptures in a non linear approach The book Knowledge of the Holy, by A.W Tozer, covers some essential thoughts and attributes of God, as well as doctrines, that every Christian should think about As Tozer rightly points out, The study of the attributes of God, far from being dull and heavy, may for the enlightened Christian be a sweet and absorbing spiritual exercise To the soul that is athirst for God, nothing could be delightful As we seek God and seek to have our thirsts for Him quenched, this book, in addition to scripture, prayer, and community, is a great place to start.A thorough reading of Knowledge of the Holy highlights so many truths about God We are plunged into the depths of God s character and nature and are left in a state of awe and worship in the presence of an awesome God While we will spend a lifetime and an eternity seeking to know God completely and to worship Him rightly, we can know God and worship Him now To quote Tozer one last time, To our questions God has provided answers not all the answers, certainly, but enough to satisfy our intellects and ravish our hearts These answers He has provided in nature, in the Scriptures, and in the person of His Son How marvelous it is to wonder at His greatness and to think rightly about our God Another of Tozer s gems A description of a selection of God s attributes It is popular now to talk of God in terms of being a god of love This diminishes Him by making him into a god of one dimension God operates with an infinite number of attributes many we are most likely unaware of and all simultaneously and equally By limiting Him we reduce his influence on the world and our lives. A.W Tozer begins chapter one saying, What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us This is or less an agreeable statement, however, the view Tozer takes of God is in many ways an antithesis of who God is The most profound offence is his neglect of the love of God While for Tozer everything else such as God s Justice and Omnipotence is a scriptural certitude but when it comes to the sentence God is love, suddenly Tozer becomes a 19th century Bill Clinton debating the meaning of the word is Not only is this not literal in his eyes but not authoritative on God s character God s love is, rather than his essential nature revealed in Christ, one attribute of God of equal, and dare I say contingent, importance to Tozer s own concepts of justice, omnipotence and sovereignty While repeatedly expressing the unknowability of God s infinitude the book is replete with instances of defining these supposed essential and unknowable characteristics of God God has his own standards but THIS is what real justice is God s sovereignty doesn t just mean he is ultimately all powerful No, he has to know everything or be less than glorious at least in Tozer s view of glory Further, and this gets into the nitty gritty of some of Tozer s argumentation, Tozer at one point actually seems to discourage doubt and encourage a blind faith His argumentation often comes from faulty human logic with choosy scriptural backing and following from this doesn t seem to make much sense of obvious questions of contradiction How is mercy related to justice How is calvinist sovereignty not mutually exclusive of love While these topics are whole books in and of themselves we, the readers, deserve to be let in on the fact that these are massive and ultimately disputable topics We deserve to be treated not as if our questions and doubt are some heresy but rather a sincere and earnest searching for the knowledge of the holy a knowledge distinctly lacking from this book. The Knowledge of the Holy is a wonderful classic by A W Tozer, where he deals with the Divine Attributes of God, such as The self existence of God The self sufficiency of God The immutability of God The eternity of God The wisdom of God And His faithfulness, love, mercy, grace, holiness, sovereignty, that He is all knowing omniscience , all powerful omnipotent and ever present omnipresence This is a marvelous little classic worth reading and meditating over Add it to your library This was a great book I loved the whole premise of keeping God exalted above all, and our main concern When you get focused enough and in love enough with just who God is and what he s done for you, you become truly satisfied We as humans could definitely use that reminder of God often Just forgetting the world and following Christ with everything you are Hard to keep in mind constantly. Having never before read A.W Tozer, I didn t know what to expect when I started reading this book, and if I expected anything I m not sure that this was it The Knowledge of the Holy The Attributes of God Their Meaning in the Christian Life is a study in the unstudiable It is a scrutiny of that which is inherently inscrutable It is therefore I think doomed from the start, for the knowledge that it would convey is inexpressible and the wisdom it would impart is far beyond man s understanding In fact, the book is filled with confessions of this very sort which made me wonder why such a futile project was attempted with such earnestness.According to the text, Tozer believed that the failure of the church in the 20th century was largely due to a failure to properly conceive God Tozer spends about 20 short chapters discussing the attributes of God The real God, Tozer declares, is marked by His Majesty and this majesty is evident from His infinite nature Whether speaking of God s power, His righteousness, His faithfulness, His knowledge, or any other attribute which is part of the nature of God, the real God is in all things unlike the things of the world in being infinite The real God, Tozer claims, had been disconnected from the name of God so that when the church spoke his name it no longer reflected the actual God of the Heavens but rather some enfeebled and unmajestic conception of man.This is actually a subject that I as a computer scientist take a great deal of interest in Names are fundamentally important to the study of computer science In computer science we are made aware of the distinction between the name and the thing that is named The name of a thing is not the thing itself, but rather only a pointer to the thing A name is valuable only in as much as it continues to point to the right thing A name can become misaddressed, so that it no longer points to the thing it is supposed to And, a name can become detached completely from anything, so that when we try to dereference it we find the name empty of meaning So it is in fact a very real worry that we might still hold on to the name, but find that the name has no power because it no longer addresses the thing that its name is supposed to associate it with A name that doesn t point to the thing that it labels, has lost referential power and like salt without saltiness is good for nothing Nothing is worse than asking directions of a null pointer Tozer is certainly right that the name of God can become lost If it was not so, then God would have never warned us against using the name lightly But if the address of the namespace of God becomes lost to us, the fault is not with God God cannot be made null The fault lies with us, in that we have made His name null within our namespace But the problem herein is that if Tozer is right, and that the chief problem is that we ve lost the address of God and our prayers are thereby null and ineffective, clearly no effort on our part can reinitialize that pointer God must give us his address if we are to use it.Which creates quite a conundrum, because how can Tozer expect to by any of his writing reinitialize the pointer to God If Tozer is right, then all of his intellectuality and all of his logic, intelligence, and study is completely vain even by his own account All of the attributes of God are far beyond our understanding Any conceptions we have of God are necessarily limited and therefore in some measure a false understanding We cannot hope to contain the infinite within our finite understanding.Perhaps it is for this reason that Tozer does what is I think the most fitting and valuable part of the work he begins each chapter with prayer It s not so much that I think Tozer says anything that is false I think he does a fine job reminding the reader how big God is Or rather, I think he does as fine of job as any mere human can do speaking about the infinite to another mere mortal This is to say, not very well at all really if the purpose is anything other than a philosopher s game From Tozer s writing how can we come away with a pointer to God If the problem is really that we don t imagine God big enough and don t hold him in awe enough, then what are we to do or how could we ever have any hope of Salvation If only those that have sufficient intellect to hold the infinite in their understanding shall be saved, then we are all doomed for there is not a one of us so bright that our own strong right brain can save us.The truth is that we cannot be saved through the completeness of our doctrines, our studies of theology, or the correctness of our thoughts The problem isn t so much that I disagree with Tozer it is that I think he gets it completely backwards The loss of the namespace of God isn t the cause of the failing of the modern church, but a symptom of it It s not that we are not right with God because we lack a proper conception of him, but rather we have not a proper conception of God because we are not right with God Tozer is I think trying to treat a symptom rather than a cause.At times Tozer s work is shockingly anti intellectual, even to one such as myself, who can be sneeringly anti intellectual, and yet I wonder if it doesn t go far enough I don t think there is a thing here which will be convincing to anyone that needs convincing on these points I don t think there is anything in the text that will convince the reader of anything he is not formerly convinced of On a purely intellectual level, I don t think there are very many Christians who have forgotten the Majesty of God, or His infinite grace, mercy, faithfulness, or love It s not that we ve forgotten how big he is when we engage in these sorts of intellectual conversations it is that we just don t feel it really There is vast difference in the knowing of something in your head, and the knowing of something in your heart The one enables you to speak eloquently on a subject, and the other empowers you to actually live as you claim to believe.On the speaking eloquently or correctly on the subject of the unbounded matchless character of God, I think Tozer can be some help But this is really not much help at all What I need is some help in getting from a cold leaden too intellectual heart filled with worldly wisdom, toward really feeling the presence of God But such an instruction manual if anyone could provide it never seemed to be in Tozer s ambition I can t say whether or not merely thinking the right things was enough for A.W Tozer, but it doesn t work too well for me. `DOWNLOAD BOOK ↶ The Knowledge of the Holy: The Attributes of God: Their Meaning in the Christian Life ↠ The Knowledge Of The Holy By Popular Evangelical Author And Christian Mystic AW Tozer Illuminates God S Attributes From Wisdom, To Grace, To Mercy And In Doing So, Attempts To Restore The Majesty And Wonder Of God In The Hearts And Minds Of All Christians A Modern Classic Of Christian Testimony And Devotion, The Knowledge Of The Holy Shows Us How We Can Rejuvenate Our Prayer Life, Meditate Reverently, Understand God Deeply, And Experience God S Presence In Our Daily Lives