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Interesting.Not enough for me to tell what I think of it.I thought this was going to be how they met, but they have been hooking up for months.Skyler questioning if Max pretends he s a girl They seem like opposites, but that can be a good thing.Not sure what I think until I read a little. Amusing, but super shortWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS I was amused right from the start when Max is grumbling mentally about losing his stapler when he doesn t even like staples because they re too dang permanent and they leave marks in the paper if they re removed This had me immediately conjecturing about what sort of person I was reading about I love Skyler I love how he cross dresses, I love how sweet he is, I love how he makes Max simultaneously flutter inside and become a protective pit bull He s a great character all around There s chemistry between the two men, which I think is quite an accomplishment in a story that s this short Sometimes I read novels in which I don t think there s chemistry between the protagonists.CON The story is so short that there s just not much to grab hold of It introduces some intriguing conflicts, but it doesn t do anything to resolve any of them.Overall comments This is nice The problem is that it s 327 Kindle locations and took me only about twenty minutes to read The length is enough to establish some likeable characters and show a couple of conversations, but that s all I did like it enough to want to read , though. [Read Kindle] ☩ Only Words (Max & Skyler, #1) ☩ Maxwell Fielding Is A Police Detective Gruff, Stubborn, And A Little Blind To Subtlety, Max Is The Perfect Poster Boy For Stereotypical Masculinity Used To Dealing With The Dregs Of Society, He Never Backs Down From A Fight, But His Attitude Is A Reckless One Max S Lover, Skyler Trent, Is A Dress Designer Who Happens To Be A Cross Dresser And The Polar Opposite Of Max When A Rough Day On The Job Sets The Stage For Disaster, Max S Quick Temper And A Need To Play Knight In Shining Armor Makes A Bad Situation Even Worse After A Very Observant Skyler Patches Max Up, Both Are Forced To Face Some Less Visible Wounds That Are Just As In Need Of Healing Max Needs To Find The Courage To Admit A Few Things To Skyler And To Himself Or He Might Lose Everything Erotic Romance Intended For An Adult Audience All Characters Are Or Older Third Edition, Published January , Word Count , There is a background in this short story that we didn t read, but then it s only 26 pages long, it s almost impossible to have all Max is an average cop not an hero, not a perfect cop, he has his nice and dislike in the police department Plus he wake up from the wrong side of the bed, and nothing in the day made it better So when his lover comes to the precinct to visit, and a colleague says a not so nice thing about him, Max reacts in an even worst way 2 weeks forced leave and another fight in a pub later, Max arrives to his lover s doorstep.Noticed that I said lover and not boyfriend this derives from the background that we didn t read Skyler, Max s lover, is a little pretty thing, a tailor who likes to dress in drag In an homophobic habit, it s for sure the first person to be targeted So Skyler is not so sad about the treatment he received, he is worried about Max s reaction It s months that they are lovers, but still Max hasn t opened completely with Skyler, he still treats Skyler as a lover than a partner They met only at Skyler s home, Skyler doesn t know how to reach Max if not going where he works, when they makes love Skyler has still the impression that Max is considering Skyler as a woman with a dick, than as a man.So probably Skyler is wondering if Max s behavior is really due to his intention to protect him, as a knight in shining armor, or since he is ashamed of who Skyler is Max s colleague was speaking Max s mind, and so he hit a bit to near home Max and Skyler have to have a serious conversation, ones that could change their relationship forever or end it.For a 26 pages long story, this one has the merit to arise a bit of questions and to present two main characters that, even if in a short time, make the reader wonders about them as always, in a short story, I consider this a sign that it reaches its purpose.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 50 3.5 rounded up to 4 stars I liked the introduction to Max and Skyler but I felt like something was missing Very well written short story but because I m greedy, I wanted from these characters. A cute little story Really short I think that if it had been longer, developed, it would have been perfect I liked Skyler, the gay cross dresser, and I liked the depth of feelings Max had for him Because of the shortness of the story, though, I felt like I was missing a lot Need to read the 2nd story in the series. Skylar is completely adorable Max Well, Max needs work So wish this had been longer, with some backstory, because it is difficult to see what Max brought to the relationship His treatment of Skyler made me want to shake him He may redeem himself. commentary on the series as a whole Quick, fun reads that are nicely complete in and of themselves. I read this stunning little trilogy of shorts from the incomparable Jaye Valentine writing under his pen name of Acer Adamson.The trilogy revolves around the meeting and eventual relationship of Skyler A cross dressing stunningly beautiful man cum seamstress and Max a police detective When they meet Max thinks that Sky is a woman and is stunned to realize that quite the opposite is true But rather than run, Max gradually begins to acknowledge that he has been a closeted gay man most of his life and that it is foolish to try and defeat the likes of Skyler These two characters are so wonderfully drawn both quirky and so very endearing This trilogy Only Words, Any Excuse and Every Minute is worth every one of it s stars I highly recommend it This short story is really just a few scenes put together that gives a glimpse into the relationship between two complete opposites The context to their relationship and background on both the men is missing which makes this both a fun short story and an incomplete look Due to the feeling of being dropped into the middle of the book, it is almost as if this is of a day in the life of Max than a fully realized story, but that doesn t take away from the enjoyment of the characters and their interaction Even within a few short pages the characters come alive with energy and vitality with a concise prose without embellishment or errors.The scenes involve Skyler visiting Max, his gruff cop lover at the police station that inevitably leads to an altercation when one of the asshole cops decides to make a comment about Skyler s appearance From there Max s bad day spirals even further down when he get into another fight while trying to drown his sorrows at a nearby bar Unfortunately Max finds no port in his storm as even Skyler has a go at Max for his actions both in the fights and towards Skyler While Max can t seem to catch a break on this bad day, it s not all bad as he confronts problems and issues he has been adept at hiding.Max strikes me as a typical cop with the preference to avoid all problems and bury any conflict than actually address any sticky personal problems Although it s not said explicitly, the implication is that Skyler is Max s first foray into dating other men and Skyler s propensity for cross dressing gives him almost a feminine appearance that could allow Max to pretend Skyler is a woman Additionally Skyler wants Max to admit if there is than just sex to their relationship, an area the taciturn Max would rather not delve into but doesn t put up too much of a fight Max finally owns up to both his feelings and the fact that he s in a relationship with another man, no matter how pretty Skyler may be.Skyler for his part is a peacock with his feminine appearance and flouncing off with slammed doors He s charming, thoughtful, caring, and a surprisingly calm influence on Max s riled emotions He offers incredibly sensitive and insightful commentary when talking about the words that started the initial fight It may have sounded cruel, what your sergeant said but it wasn t entirely inaccurate What Skyler slid the needle through Max s skin It could be argued that I am skinny, that I am little, and though I loathe the word and its connotations, I am a faggot I didn t say I liked it, Maxwell I m simply saying that if you re going to be upset with someone to the point of harming them for something like that, your bitching would have credibility if you didn t turn around and do the exact same thing The title is clever in that while comments said are only words some are important than others and need to be said Max and Skyler s interactions are sexy, fun, and delightful showing that life with either of them will never be dull I hope any forthcoming stories are able to delve deeply into their dynamic and the history and future of their relationship The concise and tight writing with fully developed characters within the constraints of a short story create a wonderfully unique tale that I easily recommend.