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@Kindle Î Assault on Yavin Four (Star Wars Missions, #1) å Assault On YavinWookieepedia FandomLego Star Wars MOCAssault On Yavin SB Like And Subscribe Check Out RavenBricks Follow Me On A Instagram Sbstuds LEGO Lego LEGO Star Wars Star Wars Yavin LegoYavin Battle Of Yavin Wookieepedia FandomStar Wars MissionsAssault On Yavin FourAssault On Yavin Four Littrature Star Wars UniverseAttack On YavinWookieepedia FandomAssault On Yavin Four Star Wars Missions,by It Has Been A Short While Since Luke Skywalker Destroyed The Death Star, Sparing The Rebel Base On Yavin Four But The Empire Isn T Prepared To Accept Defeat Just Yet Join Luke, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, And The Droids As They Fight To Prevent The Evil Forces Of Darth Vader From Finding And Destroying The Rebel Base Star Wars BF Galactic Assault On YavinFORGOTTENChevelle Will It RUN AND DRIVEMILES Vice Grip Garage EP DurationVice Grip Garage Recommended For You New Assault On Yavin Four Windham, Ryder Free An Imperial Cruiser Has Landed On Yavin Four, Threatening The Rebel Base, And The Reader Must Prevent An Assaultat Any Cost Galactic Assault On YavinYouTube Next In The Series Subscribe Because It S Free And You Can Take It Back If You Don T Like My Style Of Content I'm just reading these and not actually playing the game. The story was interesting enough but the writing is a bit stilted. Basically it reads like a rough draft. Due largely to the fact that it's a children's book and is packing quite a lot into a short time frame. The game mechanics look a bit awkward but acceptable, though you don't seem to have much in the way of choices. I feel silly reading these. It's kind of odd that it's a game. The person who I got this series from didn't mention anything about a game. Oh well, the mission was still interesting and I like how it's in second person.