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Thought provoking narrative, somewhat rambling but interesting Describes a challenging time. @Free Book ⚟ Once Upon a White Man: A memoir of War & Peace in Africa · Once Upon A White Man War And Peace In Rhodesia And Zimbabwe This Book Provides Intriguing Insights Into The Dilemma Faced By African Born Whites Trapped By Modern Political Revolution The Author S Carefree Youth Is Replaced By The Perils Of Combat When He Becomes Entangled In The Front Line Of Rhodesia S Vicious S Bush War Wounded, He Is Airlifted To Safety Just As A Deal Is Struck That Will End White Rule And Give Birth To Zimbabwe However, The New Nation Struggles To Embrace Democracy And Before Long Robert Mugabe Is Dragging The Place Back Into Chaos With His Homeland Again In Flames, Graham Now Races Desperately To Save His Family From Ruin Review The Author S Attention To Detail Is As Good As That Of Any Best Selling Autobiography He Remembers Things That Both Racists And Leftists Would Rather Forget The Culture Of Humiliation And Violence That Made Rhodesia Unsustainable, And The Ugly Silence Of World Opinion That Made It Possible For Mugabe To Get Away With Genocide And Ethnic Cleansing Even Though I Ve Never Been To Africa, This Book Tore Me From My Political Views And Made Me Think Seriously About The Goals Of Humanity Avery Morrow I still enjoy reading Zimbabwean and typically Rhodesian memoirs, and this one was fine but not the best It seemed a bit like the author was attempting to capitalize on the popularity of other white Zim authors But still, I did enjoy reading it, and this is someone who fled the country long after many of the other prominent authors did though he doesn t take advantage of that by describing what it was like to live there during those times, rather than just visiting like many others late 90s and early 00s I wish he would have, but the narrative in general seemed a bit shallow sometimes He described the foot patrols he was on during the war in detail, and his exploits with women or lack thereof but didn t really get into the details of what it was like to live in Zimbabwe, particularly in Harare I imagine that may have been because the author seemed quite removed from the daily goings on of typical Zimbabweans though I suppose he admits that readily enough Either way, still worth a read, but I would definitely recommend other Zim authors first. Once Upon a White Man is a splendid autobiography giving insight into Rhodesia Zimbabwe s troubles during the past decades It fills an information gap because not much is known about how local Whites had seen those times and offers a refreshingly different view than what Western media had reported all along It s not a White man s self justification however, as the author presents the conflict in all its gray shades where no party is entirely innocent in the ultimate downfall of Zimbabwe Atkins presents Whites as the backbone of a functioning society, but he also shows their inability to adapt to the changes of time he approaches Blacks with true compassion doing a remarkable job at avoiding paternalism and condescence , but he also speaks about their brutality and lack of moral integrity Historical events are spiking among personal memories and anecdotes, and every page is imbued with deep love to Africa and Africans, beyond the racial barriers.Finally, I was impressed by the author s ability to describe his native land Sometimes it is lyrical in a way that appeals to every sense, saturating the reader s mental nose, palate and ears, while at other parts it s just plain words like it was early August and winter was barely over that made me realize what a different world Atkins Africa is All in all, it s an fascinating autobiography that feeds the mind and casts a spell on heart and senses. My guess is that this book was conceived as follows One day, one of Graham Atkins friends said to him Hey, Graham, you were present during an interesting time in Rhodesia s history Why don t you write a book about what you went through, from the beginning until you left So he did.His publisher then said, this is very good, but you should add some background on the early history of the country, so that people can see where it all came from So he did and then the publisher published it.This book is the story of the history of Rhodesia, and how it became Zimbabwe It is told in the first person from the author s perspective There is also a section at the beginning that talks about how Rhodesia was founded.The writing seems to be quite honest and the author appears to want to tell it like it was Overall it is well written and does the job it set out to do.The only negative criticism I have is that the author seemed to indulge himself in the telling of some events that, although of interest to him and his friends, had no bearing on the historical tale that was being liad out I didn t really care that he and a buddy started to steal a train, although I m sure it was great fun for him Fortunately, there were not all that many of these incidents in the book.A decent read.