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3.5, rounded up for being brazenly different It s a first contact story that would make an amazing anime, if only the animators would unleash their imaginations to override the disappointing alien descriptions in the book After hunting an answer for 3 4 of the book, the final meeting was quite a let down in terms of visuals, even if the ideas were great It needs an artist eye, not a writer s.What I liked Hard SF where science is plausible, fact checked and NOT written like a fucking manual Intriguing premise, flawlessly led to completion No plot holes Some amazing images, at times I even felt that sense of wonder I thought I lost a long time ago The aliens as idea.What I didn t like Utilitarian writing style Cardboard characters even the main hero is focused on a single thing, exploring the alien mystery, her life is as monotonous as can be The aliens as execution.All in all, highly recommended if only to see how to craft a great plot that s actually plausible and might lead some kids towards science. I can understand why some people might dislike this book But if you loved Arthur C Clarke s Rendezvous with Rama I m sure you ll love this book as well.I was a bit shocked to discover the reduced number of reviews on this book, the countless criticisms and 1 and 2 star ratings surrounding this story That s why I felt I should give my honest opinion about it.This book narrates the first contact between humans and an advanced alien intelligence It depicts Aki Shiraishi as the main character, a scientist consumed by questions Are the aliens like us Will they care Can we coexist What can they teach us The things that I really really liked The pacing of the narrative the short chapters organized as journal entries and the reduced amount of unnecessary scientific jargon makes this book very easy to read.As Ursula Le Guin put it every science fiction novel is a thought experiment This book is definetly that, it has a different take on how the encounter between two distinct civilizations would play out It is unexpected and that s what I liked the most about this book view spoiler What if the aliens are so advanced that they don t rely on emotions or communication or even individuality As a species, we either ascribe conscience to the higher human emotions like empathy, compassion, care or we think that aliens will simply try to destroy us all But what if they simply don t care What if they are so advanced that they stop perceiving other life forms around them hide spoiler This book wasn t overwrought with human emotion which was there but not pandered to It emphasised the larger picture.and yes it was a large stretch to make Aki present in every significant contactbut it did keep me as the reader engaged in the story And I loved the larger storyour insignificance and the very embarrassing low level that we exist on in comparison to other intelligences. I wasn t really thrilled with H suke Nojiri s Usurper of the Sun I love good first contact books, and I usually really enjoy Japanese science fiction The book felt really flat, with a lot of telling and not a lot of showing The book does have a really good first contact premise the aliens send a much smaller, lighter probe at higher speeds to disassemble a near sun object Mercury, in our case and use it to build gigantic solar powered lasers to transfer energy to their ship and power down its engines It s been done before by Vinge, Asimov, Stross Hell, I did it for one of my novels In this case, the laser platform is so big it blocks out enough of the sun and threatens the Earth s ecosystem, and the human beings have to fight the platforms Our heroine, Aki, has spent her whole life studying them, and ends up on two different missions, one to the platforms, and eventually one to meet the aliens themselves And that s where it gets disappointing.There s a story about the filming Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, you know, the one about the whales, in which director Leonard Nimoy fought tooth and nail with the money people at Paramount to not have subtitles for the conversation between the aliens and the whales The suits said that people would be mad they didn t know what the aliens and whales talked about Nimoy thought that for the sake of the plot the audience didn t have to know, and that just as whalesong is mysterious to us now, the relationship between the aliens and the whales should remain mysterious to us then I agree with Nimoy.Unfortunately, Nojiri doesn t There s an agonizing chapter toward the end of the book where the aliens basically give you an infodump I won t reveal any spoilers, but it really let out a lot of the air of the book Let s just say, you know those anime where the antagonist comes out and explains it all to you and it still doesn t help Yeah that.The characters are pretty lifeless, mostly cardboard set pieces intended to convey information The book has very few twists, and it mostly reads like And then this happened, and then that happened, and then which is also pretty dull In a lot of ways, Usurper reminded of Jack Campbell s Lost Fleet series, which sells and sells to someone, and the author tries to handle relativistic slower than light space battles as scientifically and accurately as possible, but which also has rather cardboardy characters and a droning, saw it from a million miles plot structure.Maybe it was the translator, but I don t think so There are fine ideas in this book, two of the best of which are introduced and then are just ignored It s an okay book, but that s all, just okay In the hands of a great storyteller it would be awesome, but presumably a great storyteller would have better and modern ideas. This is a new book in Japan Foundation Library Knowing nothing at all about the book was not an excuse for me to not borrow it in fact, being new book as the main reason I borrowed it It looks like a good book and I haven t yet read sci fi by Japanese author.Usurper of The Sun had interesting story but VERY slow pace The incredibly slow pace almost made me abandon the book but my curiosity got the better of me I continued reading with a lot of skimming.Aki Shiraishi was a high school student when she first spotted a tower on Mercury Her discovery made a lot of scientist interested with it and the tower made Aki became obsesses with it Over the years, the tower grew into a massive ring around Mercury Being so close to the sun, the ring caused sun blocking The earth with its lack of sunlight was facing human extinction.The scientist tried a lot of method to destroy the ring but the ring had its own defend mechanism The world created UNSDF United Nation Space Defend Force which then sent a ship with four crews to figure out a way to destroy the ring Aki was chosen as the Ringologist But destroying the ring didn t solve the problem because the Builders the alien who made the ring were coming to our solar system.Like I have said above, the story is very interesting but Kousuke Nojiri wrote it in a boring way with too many scientific phrases I like detailed sci fi story like Crichton often wrote, but Crichton has a way to make science interesting Kousuke Nojiri lacks of ability to keep the science interesting Although I skimmed than half of the book, but I still managed to follow the story He needs to learn to make a gripping story where each page is important to be read.Continue reading Usurper of the Sun was a fantastic book that moves from the joy of discovery of an anomalous astronomical object discovered by the book s protagonist though supporting characters in a common goals in understanding the object s purpose,it s origin,and the intelligence behind it What unfolds is a look at what humankind considers intelligence and what may lie beyond or parallel to it while discovering all along we may not have all our questions answered in first contact with alien species or consciousness Fascinating read This is the first book I ve read with heavy science fiction elements, I did enjoy the story but I found the characters to be very poorly developed, often the narrative would be a little bogged down with scientific description and so character relationships are barely touched upon I found Aki and Mark s relationship to be a big offender of this, it s not developed much at all and yet Aki frequently reflects upon it nostalgically as though the reader is supposed to understand her feelings.I also feel the themes could have been explored further, the mystery of the Builders, the state of the Earth after the ring is constructed, the idea of A.I and the other degrees of intelligence, all of it could be expanded upon and delivered to the reader in a interesting manner than how it s been written in the book I expect the writing is a victim to the short length of the novel, detail in all areas is sacrificed.Overall, pleasant but underwhelming. A short but interesting sf novel of First Contact, and dealing with intelligence s so far above our level, and so different, it s almost impossible to communicate with them My rating would normally have been a bit lower due to characterizations that were a bit shy of being truly 3 D, but because the book was originally written in Japanese, I gave the author, and translator, the benefit of the doubt I appreciated the concise writing style, taking a good idea and NOT turning it into grand space opera very much appreciated {Download} ⚞ 太陽の簒奪者 [Taiyō no Sandatsusha] õ The Mysterious Builders Have Brought Humanity To The Edge Of Extinction Can They Be Reasoned With, Or Must They Be Destroyed Aki Shiraishi Is A High School Student Working In The Astronomy Club And One Of The Few Witnesses To An Amazing Event Someone Is Building A Tower On The Planet Mercury Soon, The Builders Have Constructed A Ring Around The Sun, Threatening The Ecology Of Earth With An Immense Shadow Aki Is Inspired To Pursue A Career In Science, And The Truth She Must Determine The Purpose Of The Ring And The Plans Of Its Creators, As The Survival Of Both Species Humanity And The Alien Builders Hangs In The Balance The overall story is a fascinating one an alien ring being constructed around the sun for no known purpose is blocking light to the Earth but the execution falls somewhat flat The characters in the book are all very flat and impersonable The author nailed the science but just couldn t manage to fill the story with anyone I cared about Still, compared to a lot of recent scifi, the story was thought provoking and kept me reading.