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Download Epub ♽ Old Norse Poems ♍ Book Description Old Norse Poetry Encompasses A Range Of Verse Forms Written In Old Norse, During The Period From The Th Century See Eggjum Stone To As Late As The Far End Of The Th Century Most Of The Old Norse Poetry That Survives Was Preserved In Iceland, But There Are Also Preserved Poems In Swedish Rune Inscriptions, In Norwegian And In Danish Poetry Played An Important Role In The Social And Religious World Of The Vikings In Norse Mythology, Skaldskaparmal Tells The Story Of How Odin Brought The Mead Of Poetry To Asgard, Which Is An Indicator Of The Significance Of Poetry Within The Contemporary Scandinavian Culture Old Norse Poetry Is Characterised By Alliteration, A Poetic Vocabulary Expanded By Heiti, And Use Of Kennings An Important Source Of Information About Poetic Forms In Old Norse Is The Prose Edda Of Snorri Sturluson Old Norse Poetry Is Conventionally, And Somewhat Arbitrarily, Split Into Two Types Eddaic Poetry Also Sometimes Known As Eddic Poetry And Skaldic Poetry Eddaic Poetry Includes The Poems Of The Codex Regius And A Few Other Similar Ones Skaldic Poetry Is Usually Defined As Everything Else Not Already MentionedQuote From Wikipedia Table Of Contents Publisher S Preface Introduction The Old Lay Of Biarki Biarkam L Hin Fornu The Lay Of Ingiald The Lay Of V Kar V Karsb Lkr Hi Lmar S Death Song The Lay Of Hervor Hervararkvitra The Lay Of Hloth And Angant R Or The Battle Of The Huns The Lay Of Innstein Hildibrand S Death Song The Lay Of Harold Haraldskv Thi Or Hrafnsm L By Th Rbiorn Hornklofi The Lay Of Eric Eir Ksmol The Lay Of H Kon H Konarm L By Eyvind Finnsson Sk Ldaspillir The Song Of The Valkyries Darra Tharlioth The Curse Of Busla Buslub N The Oath Of Truce Tryggtham L The Riddles Of King Heithrek Heithreksg Tur The Sun Song S Larli Th EndnotesAbout The Publisher Forgotten Books Is A Publisher Of Historical Writings, Such As Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, Esoteric And Mythology ForgottenbooksForgotten Books Is About Sharing Information, Not About Making Money All Books Are Priced At Wholesale Prices We Are Also The Only Publisher We Know Of To Print In Large Sans Serif Font, Which Is Proven To Make The Text Easier To Read And Put Less Strain On Your Eyes Decent selection, crap translation Not worth it unless you re going to bother to read it in the Old Norse English just doesn t bend that way. This collection is a must read for anyone interested in Old Norse poetry It is an excellent complement to The Poetic Elder Edda In these violent, vengeance driven poems, Lee Hollander does an excellent job of maintaining a meter alliteration scheme that closely approximates the original Norse The poems themselves are fragmentary, but provide a dramatic look into the brutal Norse heroic age The only downside to this book is its formatting Parts were obviously scanned from some other format probably something web based with very few formatting corrections The poetry itself is printed in a tacky faux Celtic Nordic font that borders on the unreadable in some passages Avoid this edition 2010 Abela Publishing if you can find it in some other edition format. For those out there who have read the Eddas and am looking for some buried treasure concerning Norse mythology, then this is for you Here you will find further stories of heroes, battles, Odin, Valhalla and Valkyries My only gripe is that the translation is not an easy read Hollander strikes me as a scholar s scholar if the English is not archaic and unidiomatic, then there is something wrong.