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It was taking him a very long whileto set up the camera Enormous pools of a moment kept opening around his handseach time he tried to move them. Every so often my education comes in handy when I am confronted by a piece that does not seize me by the heart and wring it till I weep like it has apparently done for most everyone else One could say peer pressure, or one could admit to capitalism and how a measure of discipline is needed in analyzing any work that is mandated, regardless of personal adoration Besides, this is one of those works that I really need to go back and reread The Iliad and The Odyssey and co for, albeit I dislike necessitating the swallowing of the same old canon for a work that should stand on its own, albeit there s many a confabulation of myth and written and blasphemy tickling my brain that I would so like to pin down to the count, albeit what the hell am I doing in the major of English if I want to forgoreading for reading s sake, so Sometimes the internal to and fro works like these provoke is worth the cost of purely academic parsing alone.What have you written that could strike you blind Not lie or truth but sacrilege, much like that fine line between fanfiction and kindred souls of Pulitzer Prize winners that so troubled a professor when I responded to his offer of The Hours with lack of interest I d believe there was a difference in type rather than quality were the halls not so full of Shakespeare and Milton and those who knew what one should steal in order to enjoy the better legacy of Prometheus Go big, go ancient, go poetic and or historical, go foundering on the threat of military might or the wracking of the very own soul, the mind of a male of red rued means that bypasses death for the photo volcano and finds a refuge, like so many of us, in art Perhaps not from love, or wings, or child on child sexual assault, but from real to representation nonetheless There s reasons why Plato banished the stuff.I didn t like this as much as The Beauty of the Husband A Fictional Essay in 29 Tangos Course, I was reading poetry a lotregularly back then, so I may be thinking myself set on track while in reality dangling preciously off the back of the horse Still, I can appreciate the feeling of the need to pay tribute in whys and wherefores that take wordselves farseriously than the world deems fit to grant Imagine all those objects rising up against their subjects and tearing eyes from their sockets What a riot People, thought Geryon,for whom lifeis a marvelous adventure He moved off into the tragicomedy of the crowd. While I do appreciate the imagery, at times it became annoyingly random Q Well Goodnight Then they said and drove him up Those hemorrhaging stairs to the hot dry Arms To the ticking red taxi of the incubus Don t want to go want to stay Downstairs and read c Q When Geryon was little he loved to sleep but evenhe loved to wake up He would run outside in his pajamas Hard morning winds were blowing life bolts against the sky each one blue enough to begin a world of its own.The word each blew towards him and came apart on the wind Geryon had always had this trouble a word like each, when he stared at it, would disassemble itself into separate letters and go A space for its meaning remained there but blank The letters themselves could be found hung on branches or furniture in the area What does each mean Q VI MEANWHILE IN HEAVEN Athena was looking down through the floor Of the glass bottomed boat Athena pointed Zeus looked Him c Q Q He loved lightning He lived on an island His mother was a Nymph of a river that ran to the sea His father was a gold Cutting tool Old scholia say that Stesichoros says that Geryon had six hands and six feet and wings He was red and His strange red cattle excited envy Herakles came and Killed him for his cattle The dog too c Q They watched each other, this odd pair c Q Pass down an alley then turn a corner and there it is Volcano in a wall Do you see that, says Ancash Beautiful, Herakles breathes out He is looking at the men I mean the fire, says Ancash Herakles grins in the dark Ancash watches the flames We are amazing beings, Geryon is thinking We are neighbors of fire And now time is rushing towards them where they stand side by side with arms touching, immortality on their faces, night at their back c @Download Book ⚡ Autobiography of Red Ì The Award Winning Poet Anne Carson Reinvents A Genre In Autobiography Of Red, A Stunning Work That Is Both A Novel And A Poem, Both An Unconventional Re Creation Of An Ancient Greek Myth And A Wholly Original Coming Of Age Story Set In The PresentGeryon, A Young Boy Who Is Also A Winged Red Monster, Reveals The Volcanic Terrain Of His Fragile, Tormented Soul In An Autobiography He Begins At The Age Of Five As He Grows Older, Geryon Escapes His Abusive Brother And Affectionate But Ineffectual Mother, Finding Solace Behind The Lens Of His Camera And In The Arms Of A Young Man Named Herakles, A Cavalier Drifter Who Leaves Him At The Peak Of Infatuation When Herakles Reappears Years Later, Geryon Confronts Again The Pain Of His Desire And Embarks On A Journey That Will Unleash His Creative Imagination To Its Fullest Extent By Turns Whimsical And Haunting, Erudite And Accessible, Richly Layered And Deceptively Simple, Autobiography Of Red Is A Profoundly Moving Portrait Of An Artist Coming To Terms With The Fantastic Accident Of Who He Is A Profound Love Story Sensuous And Funny, Poignant, Musical And Tender The New York Times Book Review A Deeply Odd And Immensely Engaging Book Carson Exposes With Passionate Force The Mythic Underlying The Explosive Everyday The Village VoiceA NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEARNational Book Critics Circle Award Finalist What do they think about Floating in there All night.Nothing.That s impossible.Why You can t be alive and think about nothing You can t but you re not a whale.Why would it be different Why should it be the same But I look in their eyes and I see them thinking.Nonsense It is yourself you see it s guilt.Guilt Why would I be guilty about whales Not my fault they re in a tank.Exactly So why are you guilty whose tank are you in Australian goodreader Sean account since nuked, sadly wrote a review of Garden, Ashes a wonderful book on Christmas He said it was his Christmas miracle , saving the day That had made me smile because I had felt that way about Anne Carson s Autobiography of Red It may seem a bit weird to write that now because days after it have needed saving Some kind of weight on the empty place It doesn t matter It is enough to have it when I can have it In the end he gets to fly, to swim I just breathed If you have to know how to look at it then I can look at it refracted through them Just don t stop doing that We are amazing beings,Geryon is thinking We are neighbors of fire.And now time is rushing towards themwhere they stand side by side with arms touching, immortality on their faces, night at their back.Geryon is a little boy and he goes to his mother He stays by her side They are up all night They make dinner They turn on every light in the house Geryon saves the voices his mother makes when she reads to him He keeps them safe by allowing the babysitter to read in voices she cannot get wrong, because they are not his mother s voices She comes home to him when he is awake He must have forgotten to stay awake for her Would it ever be warmer than this Days turn into nights and secrets He meets him Herakles on his red wing tips carrying dust Folding back arms for a hug She still folds his t shirts Mother can hug him noI wanted him to stay in that kitchen with his mother but he couldn t I wonder if she turns on lights without him, or just watches the empty fruit bowl Still life painting without the life subject Geryon always cries when they make love Herakles couldn t wait forever He s so impatient I wonder if he s just waiting to get old When he s old he ll be impatient to be young Herakles hides on his grandmother s porch I imagine he uses his grandmother as something of his own when he wants to shut out He would use her as something of his own, like a secret, when he wants to invite in This is where I live, my family, my end of the sofa Geryon floats Suspenders under his coat, wings kept in, he flies above the land to where the Nazis and Argentinians live He studies volcanoes Mountains with left over ashes and fires to be started kept within Herakles comes back Herakles has Ancash Paintings that look like something from far away When you get up close he is back in your bed I wouldn t want to be in love with Herakles I would be afraid to dance like Angela on My So Called Life to Tears of the Sun when she believes she s finally over Jordan Catalano It s a dance to convince oneself It s a denial and the only thing you can do Don t want to find out if you re wrong Geryon is close to the mountain He could jump in, if he doesn t learn another place He could have made a sacrifice Autobiography of Red was my Christmas miracle when Geryon is okay without Herakles I really needed that No one can kill your red dog or anything if you can be okay with yourself It s something about not wanting anyone else s secret There is no power there any Something about not living in dreams Or maybe it was his new boyfriend sitting up in the cold outside Would you look into the beluga whales and see only yourself in the tank or just wish they could swim and keep on I d put something with wings on top of that Christmas tree and light all the candles for that. I read this book when I was about twenty, and it was the greatest thing that I d ever read Then I purposely avoided rereading it for over a decade after that, terrified that it couldn t be as incredible as I remembered.So recently I did have to reread it, for school And no, it didn t do to me what it did the first time that I read it, and it no longer seems light years greater than any other book in human history HOWEVER, it is still really great and one of my all time favorites, and I d recommend it to pretty much anyone, especially if you have any feeling at all in your heart for classicism I wish it weren t cliche to say that Anne Carson is a goddess Anne Carson is a goddess, and were I ever to build a temple or sacrifice mammals it would be to her. Seldom have I seen a writer so maximize the balance between raw, grated, difficult, emotional pain and beautiful words that make me want to clutch them to my bosom and squeeze them with delight while making burbling noises of pleasure. If this is poetry, then I guess I don t really understandwhat poetry is If it s not about rhyme, or meter, sound, or the controlled use of precise, flowing, poetic language, then it seems to resemble prose exactly, but with arbitraryline breaks,which does not preclude it from being a beautiful storyabout heartbreak,and growing up, one that is deeply moving, and filled with powerfulimagery, just that I felt distracted by the form, driven to constantly questionwhy it is written in this way perhaps in imitation and homage to the original work of Stesichoros,but then why forsake all of the basic elements of poetry, that make it sing, and give it power One of those books that everyone else loves and I just did not get, oops Autobiography of Red has so many things I find relatable and should have likeda main character who experienced abuse in his childhood, a queer love story, and a plot that features the importance of art Unfortunately this novel in verse did not resonate with me I wantedcharacter development and asubstantial plot Perhaps I do not get poetry or I have been spoiled by my favorite gay novels, including A Little Life and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Even though I did not love this one I am glad others did. Sometimes a journey makes itself necessary Anne Carson Autobiography of RedAnne Carson s Autobiography Of Red took my breath away I don t think I ve felt this way about a book since I first discovered Virginia Woolf I was stunned by Carson s poetic novel.Autobiography Of Red is packed with so many emotions, perhaps the most glaring is Geryon the protagonist s continual struggle with loneliness and loss From an early age, Geryon must deal with a great loss that would devastate any child the loss of a parent While Carson doesn t provide much insight, it s implied that Geryon s mother and father are not together Every second Tuesday in winter Geryon s father and brother went to hockey practice Geryon and his mother had supper alone Not only is Geryon without a father figure in the household, but also, it seems that Geryon does not see his father at all, as the brother does This would be difficult for any child to cope with.This creates a feeling of loss and loneliness that permeates the entire house Geryon and his mother eat supper alone while their mother works, Geryon and his brother are babysat Autobiography Of Red is full of moments when Geryon completely experiences loneliness In a loss of innocence and trust, his brother molests him and there is nothing he can do nothing about it he s afraid to go to his mother, and his father s nowhere to be see this leaves Geryon feeling evenisolated and alone When Geryon and his mother are alone in the house, they turn on all the lights in every room even in the rooms they have no intention of being in Why Well, it s a defense against desolation Turning on all the lights makes them feel less alone Fear is equated with darkness in this world In this world even the empty fruit bowl is equated with loneliness.But, Geryon s journey is also a journey of self awareness, discovery, and acceptance The entire novel concerns itself with the battle between inside versus outside physically, spiritually, sexually, literally, and metaphorically Geryon s early life is built around his inner world rather than the world around him He is the opposite of most children.Geryon s world changes drastically when he s becomes a love struck adolescent Like all of us, puberty alters Geryon s outlook in magical ways After befriending, and falling in love with Herakles, Geryon begins to live outside of himself even the scenes shift from inside to outside When Geryon visits Herakles house they spend their time outside on the lawn or the back porch Together they take road trips together As Geryon becomesinvolved with Herakles, he inhabits the outside world Our hero is no longer lonely Subsequently, when Geryon and Herakles separate, we initially see Geryon slide backwards into his old self He returns home to his mother Their home is now filled with tension With Herakles no longer in the picture, Geryon experiences a crisis like none he s ever known before He now needs to know who he is This is a far cry from the inner world Geryon experienced as a boy before he came to begin accepting himself Now that he s aware of his desires, and sexual orientation, he can no longer hide himself from the world.Years later Geryon comes across Herakles on a trip to Argentina Herakles new lover Ancash forms the third point of a love triangle The novel ends, ambiguously, with Geryon, Ancash, and Herakles stopping outside a At last, Geryon is transformed He s less self loathing, less depressed, not fully satisfied, but having experienced and learned so much from philosophers and photography and lovers, from receiving whooping from Herakles current lover, Ancash, to accepting himself for who and what he is, he finally chooses to live.In the end, I have to agree with Alice Munro This book is amazing I haven t discovered any writing in years so marvelously disturbing. An arresting novel in verse about art, desire, and abuse, Autobiography of Red blurs the line between the mythic and the mundane The work charts the brief life of a marginal figure from classical myth Geryon, the red winged monster slain by Hercules as part of his tenth labour In plain verse, Carson invents a modern, tragic backstory for Geryon, framing him as an abused child who, as an adult, becomes a sensitive photographer and the much wronged lover of Hercules Across dozens of fast moving chapters, the author considers the redemptive powers of art and questions what it means for two men to love each other The project sinteresting than affecting much of the imagery is understated, bordering on dull, and the storyline s not that intellectually stimulating While this is her most famous work, Carson s written much better.