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Not one of my favorite Wycliffe novels and I m usually a fan Nasty little story I feel for the murdererbut a sordid business all the way round. Another of those British mystery novels without a lot of mystery in them we knew who the killer was pretty much right from the get go That said, however, it was still an excellent read I enjoyed following the two tracks, of killer and of cops, as they slowly converged. This is a really nice book in the Wycliffe series one of the best that I ve read so far Even though the killer is known early on, the reader actually sympathises with him and feels that the killings are justified I was actually disappointed that he couldn t finish off the last one.Wonder if the book would have been interesting if Burley had disclosed the background incident towards the end, rather than beginning with it. Enjoyable but fairly light mystery thriller A teenage girl school trip turns into a bullying incident with repercussions years later Simple for mr wycliffe to solve and no real tension in the tale but good none the less. An almost perfect holiday read So much development of character and storytelling since the previous ones I read Seems to me that Colin Dexter and Susan Hill to name two have quite a debt to pay Things they did later and got credit for are worked in beautifully here. Slow, predictable easy on the brain Interedting to reflect on the adage old sins cast long shadows Wycliffe is altogether a straightforward character than his tortured brethern Serralier, Resnick, Linley et al and the tale is somewhat lessened by that This was a bit dated bit obvious but perfectly good read. Not one of Burley s best No mystery, really This one was pure police procedural. Loved the book Gentle read, complex characters and a good plot. `Read ☠ Wycliffe and the Schoolgirls ☔ Two Very Different Young Women Have Been Murdered Within The Same Week One Was A Nightclub Singer, The Other A Nurse, But Both Were Strangled In Their Own Homes In Strangely Efficient, Remarkably Similar Attacks The Press Is Quick To Assume There S A Psychopath On The Loose, But Detective Chief Superintendent Wycliffe Suspects The Truth May Be Somewhat Complex When Another Attack Is Aborted For No Apparent Reason, Wycliffe Is Certain That This Is No Random Spate Of Murders But With His Superiors And The Media Uninterested In His Theories, Wycliffe Knows He Will Have To Work Alone To Find The Killer As He Searches For A Link Between The Victims, His Investigations Take Him Back In Timeto A School Trip, An Isolated Hostel, And A Cruel Joke On A Lonely Student