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I enjoyed this book It s a warts and all account of a guy taking on a new, extreme sport which is Ironman For those of you who are not sure what this is, it s a long distance triathlon where competitors swim 3.8K, cycle 180K and then run 42.2K a marathon It s not particularly well written but I the guys an athlete sportsman not a writer One thing it s convinced me never to try is an Ironman I ll stick to sprint and standard distance as I haven t got the bottle If you like sport and are interested in the psycologogy of a fit but ordinary guy trying to achieve self set goals you ll enjoy this book. A fun book and good motivation for anyone training for or considering the big one one should bear in mind when Reading this book that conehead or Darren wasn t really your couch potato slob before he started triathlons None the less a good quick read that had my laughing aloud in several places What a bloody awful book This is extremely badly written Darren Roberts comes across as an unfunny dick Yes, we get that you think your coach is old it s not funny to write something about a Zimmer frame or tartan blanket every time you mention him Same with Manchester and drearyness and we really are not interested in your wedding picture It s a real shame, this could have been so much better Boo This book tells the story of a man who signed up for an Ironman and didn t know what he was getting himself into While I haven t raced Ironman, I was once a beginner triathlete I rarely went than a few pages without thinking yup, I made that mistake It was written with a lot of tongue in cheek humor and a good read for anyone that is thinking about participating in triathlon or already in the sport. it is a relaxing and sometimes fun read, some nice anecdotes, but that s about it i m afraid |Kindle ⚖ How Triathlon Ruined My Life ♶ A Feast Of Ideas, Practical Suggestions And Background Information On How You Can Improve Your Mood Instantly, And Get On With Living Your Life These Step By Step Suggestions Are Diverse, Enjoyable, And Not Tied Down To Any One Discipline Start A New Life Today